Monday, February 19, 2007


It was a weekend of TV and movies and being curled under a blanket. Was just plain cold in here. Had the heat on full blast and it was really chilly. The heat seems to have slowed down the past few days and then the wind was coming in my direction this weekend, too. The howling made Karma jumpy last night and that could have been what put a quarter in Miss Gracie, I suppose--hehe!

This morning--no wind my way. The morning sun warmed it up in here a bit. Much better! :)

Was a good weekend to have Cinema Paradiso: Director's Cut:

Director Giuseppe Tornatore's sentimental tribute to moviegoing of days past celebrates its 12th anniversary with an additional 48 minutes of footage. Spanning three stages of a man's life, Cinema Paradiso tracks the relationship between a boy, Salvatore, and the cinema projectionist, Alfredo (Philippe Noiret), who inspired him to become a film director.

With the additional minutes it was 2 hours and 50 minutes of subtitles. Perfect for snuggling under a blanket all afternoon. Was pretty good, too. I enjoy seeing how different life is in foreign countries--and this covered several time periods, also. I was amazed just by how the crowd behaved in a movie theater! hehe! The ending was not what I expected--but, being American, we seem to be less compassionate about betrayal by loved ones. It was a good ending, tho.

Then I had to watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters last night, too, of course. You just never know what they are going to do next on Desperate Housewives! Had another death last night, Orson's formerly dead wife--now really dead. And now his mother is paralyzed and cannot speak--so glad--hehe! Wonder if that will last, tho? Always something happening on Wisteria Lane!!

And then I watched Brothers and Sisters, which I started watching because I love Sally Field. There are enough story lines going on at once that, if you don't find one very interesting, you're bound to find one that does keep your interest, I guess. You never know what they are going to do on that show, either--but it is much slower moving than Desperate Housewives. My aunt and I watch them and compare notes via email! hehe! Makes me almost feel like we are watching it together. :)

It is really a mystery as to why I cannot access any longer--just like that?? I don't get any of the team emails anymore, but I see that I get mail from people I used to chat with--but I cannot open them? Not on my desk computer or my laptop? It's been weeks! Just is strange. Everything else is working just fine on both my computers? I had Dagan check and he could get to their website on his computer--no problem. It is a mystery of cyberspace. Maybe next time I go over for painting at Dagan and Leah's I will see if I can get to my homepage from their computer--and at least leave a little note to tell people what happened to me? But who knows if I can access my own homepage from their computer, either? Strange!

I need to take some more angel pictures, I guess. I am out. :) I'm sure I must have some more around here. Smaller ones. ??

Have a good day. Hope you're warmer than I was this weekend--hehe!

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