Monday, October 13, 2008


Well, it is supposed to finally clear up a little this afternoon--to partly cloudy.
Karma and I did another Gilmore Girls marathon yesterday and finally finished!!
I actually cried at the end--happy ending tears--hehe! Such a cute show! Happy, sad, frustrating, silly, touching, comfortable, heart warming and heart breaking. Stayed up late to finish it! Yawning as I write--hehe! I've been setting the alarm so that I won't keep sleeping later and later--because I have been staying up later and later the past several days. I sure don't want to lose my being on days routine. :):)
I have my yearly forms/paperwork (proof I am poor enough to live here--hehe!) to bring down to the office today. Going to ask them about assigned parking for the winter. They usually already have that set up by now? Those are my big plans for today--hehe!
Oh! Oh! A hint of sun! I see a glimmer of sunlight through the clouds!!
Obviously I wouldn't fare as well in some place like Seattle, Washington where I hear it rains so much of the time. Maybe they get a warmer, more inviting rain? Or briefer showers instead of days and days of gray? Or because you have grown up with it there you are just used to it? No wonder they drink so much coffee--hehe!
Of course a lot of people wouldn't want to live up here with all the snow and freezing cold in the winters and the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes in the summer--chuckle! Different strokes, eh?
Well, I'll be glad to see a few rays of sunshine today if they show up.
Happy Monday!


Kathie said...

Happy Monday to you, too!
Blessings from Costa Rica

Rita said...

Hi Kathy!
Glad you had such a great visit and are back home. (Beautiful afghan!)