Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here's Karmawhen she was begging for the latest toy that was drying up on the lamp chain--hehe!
I grabbed one of the first toys Leah made... get a close-up of the black plastic stuff she smoothes over the threads. Works really great!
And, since the can it came in had a cover that wasn't air tight, we poured it into a mason jar.
As long as it doesn't dry out--will last us a long time. They sell this stuff so that you can coat your own tool handles--like your own plier handles. Which is why Leah knew about it, of course--hehe! She windowshops through hardware stores like I do office supply stores--hehe!
I have been getting the FreeCycle email digests now. I saw that a lady wanted some blank cassette tapes so her son could use them to tape stuff for his grandmother who lives in another state. I had some to spare, so I emailed her and she will come this afternoon and pick them up. She said she gets off work at 4pm and I told her to call me for directions. She lives in South Fargo too. So this is my first time participating! Fun!!
And---I actually slept last night!! TaDa! Possibly could be past the worst of this bout of insomnia? I hope! I hope! Sun is peeking out this morning--45 degrees. Have a beautiful day! :)

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