Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday turned dark quickly--and then it rained later in the day. It is still cold and raining right now--42 degrees--and that is the expected high for the day.

Karma soaked up the rays while she was able--hehe! She was just finishing a good stretch here--unusual to catch her without her feet curled up--hehe!

After Caroline left--the big doings for the day was washing clothes all afternoon. Finished another book. These "chick lit" books from Caroline are cute and a very quick read. I am on the third "princess diary" book and, come to find out, Caroline told me there are about a dozen of them!! They do bring me back to high school days--hehe!

The first book Caroline lent to me was called Death by Inferior Design. Was kind of like a mystery show and a design makeover program combined into one--hehe! That was the first in a series, too, I guess. I can't imagine they are all murder mysteries?? Who'd want to hire her--hehe!

Leah cancelled Craft Night tonight until they are done with ValleyCon. They are way too busy with all the preparations. Didn't surprise me. Usually they are scrambling to get things finished before that weekend--hehe! And they are adding on to the booth now, too, this year. Leah said she and Dagan will be stopping by tonight to pick up more of the booth. Something must not have been working with just using the sections she and Chuck took with them. I think there were four sections and they took two? I wasn't paying that close of attention, to be honest. I hope it isn't raining when they come. Has been stopping or letting up for short periods of time--been a fairly light rain. Glad it is rain and isn't snow yet!

Stay warm! :)

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