Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The sun greeted us in the morning yesterday and today. Nice!
Dagan and Leah came last night. We got the garages switched in a couple of hours. They hadn't eaten, so I put a small Simek's Lasagna in the oven while we were outside. We were done before the lasagna! :)
They brought their old camera for me! Leah gave me the basics on how to take pictures with this new fancier Cannon with the pop-out face. :):)

I did take pictures--really! Chuckle! But then last night, after Dagan and Leah left, I couldn't figure out how to get them out of the camera and into the computer?? My computer didn't seem to recognize the new hardware? So, these pictures today are all with the old camera. Hopefully I'll have the first pictures taken with the new camera for you tomorrow because Leah said she is coming over tonight for Craft Night!! :) :)

Also--Dagan noticed that I have one tire that is a little low on PitaPaseo, so Leah was thinking we might take the Paseo to a gas station tonight so she can put some air in that tire--and we need a couple things from Sportsman's for making more cat toys, too--hehe! Leah will call when work slows down--late afternoon or early evening probably.

I forgot to get an "after" picture of the new garage last night, too. Was fun learning how to use the new camera, but I wasn't sure what I was doing. Hopefully the pictures will be much better, right? The viewing screen is so big on this one! Awesome! I told Dagan and Leah that it was similar to when I went from my small TV to the big one--chuckle! Looked like it took action shots!? Obviously, my old one didn't capture movement well--you saw the action shots of Miss Karma--hehe! I can hardly wait to see what the pictures actually look like! Oh--and what they look like when you click on them to enlarge them in here, too? :)
And--I decided to switch out the red chair for a while--go from the bobble chair to a glider rocker--so we switched the chairs last. Look familiar, Ruby!!??
This chair was given to me from my dear friend, Ruby, many years ago. Then Dagan and Leah had it for several years at their apartment in Moorhead. They brought it back to me when they moved. Karma had to check it soon as the scary company left--hehe!
What a total chicken she is! She is jumpy for a while after people leave. Every noise has her on alert!
And she gets all cuddly--needs to be reassured. I have never owned a scaredy cat--hehe! She never got properly socialized or independent, I guess--living alone with me and with my being home almost 24/7--her world is small. She feels safe and secure with me, but is nervous when people come over. Taking pictures is the only way the rest of the world gets to see the Karma I know and love--hehe!
Well, everybody--have a bright shiny day!

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