Saturday, October 04, 2008


Sunny morning yesterday--and again this morning, too. 46 degrees at the moment.

What a difference a day makes, eh?
Here's the stack of books Caroline brought over for me to read. :) I think they call these Chick Lit, don't they? Light, fast reading, anyways.
CashWise came yesterday!
This is what the monthly groceries looks like.
Put all of that away--happily! And washed clothes. That took up my day yesterday. Was a good day. :)

I hope Dagan and Leah aren't freezing at the cabin with their friends! That cabin has no electricity, but I think it has a fireplace or a wood stove? Seems colder than normal for the beginning of October.

I never heard anything back from the office. I guess I'll have to go back on Monday about the garage door--keep nudging them. Next time maybe I should bring with all my paperwork on all my health issues? Good idea. People seem to like to have paperwork--black and white proof. I can give them that. Maybe that will help them convince the owners? I'll have to dig around this weekend in my semi-messy files--hehe!

Anyways, another sun shiney morning--cold, crisp, and clear!! Winter is definitely approaching in this part of the world. :)


Serena Lewis said...

I hate putting groceries away but it's one of those jobs that have to be done. :)

Rita said...

Karma has even gotten bored with the empty bags--hehe!