Thursday, October 16, 2008


Warning! Warning! Woman on the loose with new camera=lots of pictures--hehe! These first two are with the old camera--of the new camera from Dagan and Leah. Look at the huge picture screen! Wow!
Has a front lens that pops in and out...
...making an interesting noise and action. Karma might be difficult to sneak up on for a while--hehe! Until I figure out how to operate this camera better.
There will be ways to sneak up on her. I can have the camera on for a minute before the screen automatically goes black (sleeps) and another minute before it shuts itself off. Yes! It shuts itself off! Cool! Plus, she will get used to the sound of this camera, too. :)

Anyways, Leah came over last night. She showed me a lot about this new camera and all its do-dads. I can take close-ups and....wait for it....short little videos!!!! If I can get a cheap tripod and figure out how to actually accomplish this feat, maybe I could make some little "how-to" videos of my own for YouTube? You never know, eh? :) I had no idea this camera could take videos! Wow! Not sure what the quality will be or how long--probably only a couple of minutes--but it is an exciting prospect!

Anyways, we figured out how to get the pictures into the computer now--have to have the camera on the viewing mode. So--here are the pictures from Tuesday night of the new garage and Dagan and Leah putting the shelves together--again--for the second time in just a few weeks.Break time! Thanks to Leah we all have the same thermos for water--hehe! We all use ours all the time, too. At one point all three thermoses ended up right in the same spot--and we all went "uh-oh"! Leah's doesn't have a tag on the bottom of hers, but Dagan and I--had to look inside to see the shape of the ice cubes. Dagan and Leah have an ice maker--hehe!!
Some of the garage "stuff" piled about.
I just cannot part with my bird cage and playpen. Just can't imagine living the rest of my life and never, ever having a bird again. A lot of people get all wistful and mushy over babies--with me it is probably more over birds and kittens--ROFL!!
The glider rocker (that we brought in the apartment) came in handy for me to sit in out there.
Those boards are really heavy! I am amazed at how sore and exhausted I can get doing little or nothing--hehe! I was just watching them--deciding which boxes should go where--pushed the bird cage and playpen over--carried some very light things with my good arm--but somehow my body managed to demand imaginary credit for all the hard work Dagan and Leah did--chuckle!
Takes two people to deal with these shelves--but they really are the best!! Hold so much!! I'll have to get an after picture next time I am out there. I forgot. But it looks pretty much like the other garage when we got done--except there is actually a car in the garage now!! TaDa!!
Okay--now--last night--Leah stopped over at the Sportsman's Warehouse to get some more thread, etc, on her way over for Craft Night. They just happened to have a class on how to make your own flies for fly fishing that very night! Fate!! I got to virtually shop with Leah for half an hour by phone while she waited for the class to start. Never say never and never say always, right? Who would have ever thought Leah would be attending a fly-making class? ROFL!!! But it was perfect--and meant to be. She was the only "student" there besides the employee who told her about the class. She learned a lot of helpful techniques...bought more feathers and such, too! Here's our total stash now!!
And she brought pitas!! An opportunity to try out the macro setting--hehe!
Last night she made a couple of toys--one for Karma and one for Chuck and Michal's cats who are staying with them right now. :) Left close to midnight--and I didn't get to sleep until after 3am! So, I am dragging today. It has taken me almost two hours to write this blog--with breaks, of course. But--happy, happy me!!
I have a lot of pictures!! So--more tomorrow on how Leah actually made these toys!! :) I got lots of practice with the new camera--close-ups and everything! Karma may have gotten a new toy--but so did I--ROFL!!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Great to hear your new camera is getting a good work-out....lots of goodies for us to see. :)

Rita said...

I really like being able to take close-ups easier!! :)