Monday, October 20, 2008


Good Morning!
Sunny and 30 degrees in Fargo.

That doesn't stop Miss Karma from spending this morning on the porch. Made me clean the porch door glass, tho, after I took this shot thru the rain-spattered door--hehe!
Yesterday I read the second of the Princess Diary books that Caroline lent to me. Watched a horribly haunting movie called An American Crime--based on a true story from the mid-60s. They used the trial transcripts to write the movie. Was very well done, but is disturbing and you will be thinking about it for some time. Human beings can be as amazing in their evil as they can be in their goodness. This is a glimpse into very personal and shared evil.
Based on a shocking true story, director Tommy O'Haver's grisly drama centers on Indiana housewife and mother Gertrude Baniszewski (Catherine Keener), who imprisons and tortures a 16-year-old girl in the basement. When Gertrude takes in boarder Sylvia Likens (Ellen Page), she has no idea that her life will soon become a horrific nightmare. The supporting cast includes Bradley Whitford as the prosecuting attorney at the ensuing trial.
I even went online and looked up additional information. The movie made it simpler than it was, of course. And didn't even show it as bad as it actually was. Shudder! That poor girl! I wouldn't advise watching it if you think you'd have a hard time with human cruelty. Think Lord of The Flies with an adult orchestrator and a prisoner. The ending was very muddled. I think they meant to show her imagining she got away before she died--but they didn't make that very clear--to me, anyways. That is why I looked it up online. Anyways, it is a movie that will stick with you--in a shuddery way. You pray that in letting people know about things like this that they will be more likely to report suspicious behavior they see or things they hear.
So, I had to watch some funny shows after that--hehe! And finish reading the Princess Diary book.
I am tired. Still trying to catch up on my sleep. Won't watch any more disturbing movies later at night--not helping--hehe!
Anyways--have a great day!


Serena Lewis said...

I like watching true stories too, Rita, even if they do leave an impact on me afterwards. I haven't watched the movie yet but how sad for the young girl. It makes you wonder what makes some people tick that they could do such horrible things.

Rita said...

So sad! Seems like the poor girl almost went catatonic from the abuse. That would be the smart thing to do if you can't get away, I guess-- to mentally/consciously just leave! I always wonder about the whys, too--what makes people do what they do--because people always have their "reasons".