Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!!
I forgot how much I used to enjoy shopping in the middle of the night! The empty roads, the quiet--lights change for you if they are red, all the green lights stay green--you get to park near the door, not many customers (just stacks of boxes to navigate around)--no waiting in the checkout line. It was wonderful!! Good old times back again! :)

I needed milk and candy for the trick-or-treaters. Decided to just go over to the 24/7 WalMart at 2am. I am all set. Used to go grocery shopping in the late night hours when I lived in Minneapolis. I am not sure there are any grocery stores up here that are open all night. Have never checked, I guess. But I figured WalMart was probably still open all night. Yup! Anyways, I enjoyed my night excursion! And the little cart that Leah got me doesn't make hardly any noise at all either, rolling down the hallway at 3am--hehe! Thanks, Leah!

Miss Karma usually sits in the hallway and observes the few children who come to the door. She catches on that they don't actually come inside--so then they had been interesting. Cat TV at close range--hehe! I wonder what she'll do this year since she's so moody and unpredictable about visitors? Hehe!

Well, Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate this strange holiday--hehe!

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