Thursday, October 02, 2008


Three men from New Life came to load their truck. The first man who tried to open the garage door couldn't do it. A second larger guy got the door open. Poof! It was empty! Took them only a few minutes!
There are a few more things that will also be heading to specific places--hehe! I swept out that whole corner of the garage. :)
Then I called Leah. She had decided she couldn't take the time out to do a craft night this week because they were going away for the weekend (annual event at a cabin) and she still had to bake, wash clothes, and pack. Leah brings a ton of baked goods to this thing every year. But--we could shop till about 5pm. We will get together for Craft Night next Wednesday night.
We were gone from about 2:30-4:30pm. I needed to come home at that point. We went over to the Sportsman store--and, believe it or not, we spent most of our time there--hehe! I don't think they get too many customers looking for help as to how to tie up feathers for cat toys instead of fly fishing lures--ROFL!! I'll take some pictures today of what we found--and you'll get an idea of what we'll be doing on Craft Night next week. :)
Then we went over to PetSmart. Leah bought a "Da Bird" cat toy (for the best stick--hehe!) and I got some more cat grass seed. Went back to my place and Leah fixed up my homepages on the desk computer--tada! She brought back the old Dell laptop, too. Dagan had cleaned out the brains of it--so it was all ready for Caroline to pick up.
And--Leah brought over a surprise!! A new turntable! We've been using the old wobbly one I bought for under the sink when I left home about 40 years ago--complete with the stains from the assorted can rims from over the years. You can see (upper right hand corner of picture) how the quality has changed over the years--for the better in this case. When I bought mine, it was a really good one--hehe!
So--here's the new turntable in action! We have loved having a turntable on our craft/painting table! When I moved here I bought these drawers that you pull in and out for under the sink. Leah installed them for me--was the first time in my adult life that I wouldn't be retrieving the bottles and cans that fell off of the wobbly, jerky turntable. And--Murphy's Law--they'd usually fall behind the turntable, of course.
Anyways, now we have a bigger turntable, with a rubber grip bottom, that moves as smooth as silk! Awesome!!! Thanks, Leah!!! Isn't she the best?! Always thinking.
We keep small items for drawing, painting, gluing, cardmaking, folding, cutting, taping--you name it--at our fingertips. This one has even more room! So exciting!
Also, I finished that last ink traced painting. Not happy with it at all. It went into the recycling paper bin--but here it is.

At least I've been getting some practice using the various size 8 watercolor brushes I purchased a couple months ago. I am trying to learn how to mix my own colors--but I never seem to be able to get near the colors I see on the original paintings. So--I am thinking it might be time to take out the set of oriental paints I bought from Haiying. :) They may not work as well on the western watercolor paper--who knows? Won't hurt to play, though, right? :):)

From being on my feet for over two hours yesterday--pretty shot today, of course. (Have plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, too.) Not in shape to sit at the computer very long today--have had to write this in sessions, of course. (I'm just a smorgasbord of health problems, aren't I? hehe!) But it is a sunny morning--a beautiful day! :) Karma is sun bathing. The birds are singing. It's a nice, nice day. Hope you have a nice day, too. :)


Serena Lewis said...

Your painting looks pretty good on my monitor screen, Rita. I think the turntable is an excellent idea for craft tools! I might look out for one myself. :)

Rita said...

I had trouble with the large leaves and the bird--didn't like the way they turned out. Don't really know what I am doing yet. I'll keep practicing. :)

This new turntable is awesome--so smooth! Very handy for brushes and pens and all that small clutter. Keeps it in one place and yet close at hand.