Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I never got a shot of the new garage all finished. Had my chance yesterday when they called about my garage door opener. In order to program it they needed me to back my car out.
Here the maintanence man is testing it. So exciting!
And here's the garage with PitaPaseo parked inside.
It's a little narrower than my old one. Good thing I have a tiny car, eh?
Yesterday Haiying's order came, too! The seal is "the joy of still and quiet" or "the joy of quietness". I thought that was so appropriate for me in many ways. My life is very quiet and tremendously more "still" than it ever was--hehe! That inner calm, stillness, quiet, and peace is what I have aspired to all my life. I try to go to that peaceful place of calm and quiet when I paint, too.
Haiying enclosed this beautiful orchid card! Inside she has stamped the seal and written what it means. Got some more colors of paint, the little white and blue water pot (to add water a drop at a time to the ink/paint), and an ink stone. I wanted to have a clean, new ink stone before I ever buy colored ink sticks--should have a separate ink stone. :)

This is definitely not a traditional way of using Chinese watercolors. I have put them in my western porcelain palette.
I have been so listless, but hope to find some extra energy one day soon to do something creative. Not getting much sleep the past couple nights again. So, the past week and a half--just doing all the regular daily stuff you have to do is challenging enough for now. Having one noodle day after the other lately. This too shall pass. Always does. No matter how long it takes, right? hehehe!

Anyways, today Caroline comes to clean. I need to get dressed and gather the trash together. :):)


Serena Lewis said...

How exciting....a garage door that actually works for you...YAY!

What a lovely card and seal ~ :)

Sorry that you've been feeling low energy-wise. Hopefully, your sleep pattern will settle down again soon.

Rita said...

Haiying is a talented free spirit! You can check her out on YouTube.


She cooks, paints, brings you with on her travels, and shows you what she has for sale. :) It was because of Haiying's videos that I got interested in Chinese brush painting. She lives in Australia, too!