Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Duane wasn't expecting to be photographed, but this picture captured his kind face quite well, I think. We had a nice visit and interesting conversation, as usual. Thanks, Duane! :)

Karma slept the entire time on the chair.
Sunny again. Supposed to get into the 50's today!
I was out in the garage digging around in boxes yesterday looking for the little plastic cups that went with the wooden playpen I gave to Lois. I thought about them afterwards, emailed her, and asked her if the plastic food cups had been in the bag, Nope! I looked and couldn't find them. They may have accidentally been given away with the rest of the things that were picked up--or I won't find them for a very long time. They weren't in with the bird things in the garage. So, I sent Lois a link to the website of the company that hand makes the playpens.
They were such nice people. I am sure they might sell the food cups separately if she contacts them. I felt badly that I had lost the cups, tho. :(
Anyways, I am glad I am able to get some sleep--no matter when, I guess, right? I am beginning to feel better already. Ahhhh!!!! :)


Serena Lewis said...

Great that you have a nice visit with Duane. :)

I'm sure they will be able to supply Lois with replacement cups so try not to fret too much about it.

Rita said...

I just feel badly because you hate to give something away and then they need to buy parts for it. But--they are getting a really wonderful playpen for the cost of some plastic cups. So, you're right--don't worry about it. :):)