Thursday, October 09, 2008


Leah took off the middle contraption, moved the hinge, and now the cover works! First time have been able to shut the top in over a year--TaDa!!
I didn't feel confident enough to go with and shop--still not sure what these pills are doing or not doing yet. Leah set up the clamp and we made a list. Leah went to JoAnn's, Target, and Lowe's--and called me on the phone for any questions she had. Karma knew something really interesting was happening--but she fell asleep waiting in the chair while Leah was gone.

I forgot to get pictures of Leah working on the cat toys!! Duh! She made a couple of new ones and re-did a couple that had a different connector so I could use them on the "Da Bird" wand. She left around 11pm and I didn't get to bed until almost 1am. Very tired today, but had such a nice time!! :):)
Sun is out this morning--41 degrees. Have a great day!!

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