Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well, I just couldn't take it any more. No alarm last night. Slept over 11 hours! Didn't get up until almost noon. Forcing myself to get up--even for over two solid weeks--did not help me to be able to sleep any earlier at night. Just made me extra sore and extra tired. It felt soooo wonderful to sleep! I guess there is just no use fighting it when I get that night insomnia stuff. I can be so tired I can't see straight and be unable to sleep any earlier than my body decides to--period. I can make myself get up, but I can't make myself go to sleep. If I go lay down I just lay there and toss and turn and can't fall asleep. Makes no logical or physical sense. (Probably makes some kind of hormonal sense--hehe!) Thank goodness I don't have this all the time now--and it does seem less severe. I had times where I could not sleep for up to 36 hours at a stretch! So--it seems much better. But--I guess I shouldn't try to fight it when it arrives, eh? Can't say I didn't try!
Anyways--look what I woke up to at noon! Snow! The first snow this year!!

Yesterday in the mail I received some rice paper from Ann. This is for a sketchbook I am going to make for a gift for a friend of Ann's. Same kind as I made for Ann, but smaller. Exciting!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time might remember Ann sent me a bunch of paste paper she had made but wanted to get rid of when she was cleaning out her craft stuff. Well, she asked me to try to find some pieces large enough to use for the covers for this sketchbook! Then it will really be something special from Ann--fantastic idea, Ann!! I should have thought of it myself. The only way we might not be able to use the paste paper for the cover is if it is just too thick to fold well. But then, if that is the case, we certainly should be able to use it for the inside of the covers. Somehow--it will work. :):) A very personal gift. *grin*
Oh--I forgot to tell you that Lois told me (when she was here to pick up the wooden playpen) that Miss Gracie ended up down in Minneapolis as a companion bird to an elderly cockatiel. Lois told me the cockatiel's lifelong buddy died and the bird was so lonely. Gracie is the perfect companion bird!! She loves the company of other birds--any other cockatiels--and really doesn't like people much. Now when the older bird dies, they'll need to companion bird for Miss Gracie--hehe! Anyways, Gracie is very well and happy!! :):)
I have pictures of Karma, but I'll save them for tomorrow or later. It's not like you don't see pictures of my "companion cat" often enough--ROFL! Have a good day! Seeing snow gets me in the holiday mood--my very favorite time of year!! I am already humming Christmas carols! :):):)


Serena Lewis said...

WOW, the snow looks so nice! We never get snow here but I do remember the snow in Wyoming..there was so much of it and it hung around for a LONG time. I hated driving in the stuff....especially the frightening black ice.

What IS paste paper? I wonder if it's what we call 'butcher' paper because butchers use it to wrap up the customer purchases. It's also used in children's kindys and preschools as a poster paper for painting on. Would that be the same thing as what you are talking about? Though it's not really thick paper and you said that paste paper is thick?

The sketchbook will be lovely, I'm sure.

WTG, Miss Gracie!

Rita said...

Did you visit Wyoming or live there for a while? Black ice is really scary--yes! We have that here, too. Dangerous!!

Paste paper--I think it is called that more for the technique than the type of paper you use. You know how when you hang wallpaper you spread the wallpaper paste with this comb-like tool?--well, with making paste paper you use combs or sponges or whatever to texturize the ink or paint that you have first put on the paper. Hard to explain and I don't know enough to be an expert on the subject.

If you go back and look at March 14 and April 4, 2008 you'll see the assorted papers that Ann sent me. And on March 19 you can see a card I made--using her paste paper for the front of the card. The paper is thicker because of the ink/paint that is used on top of the paper--and sometimes you can use a medium to thicken the paint, even. I need to find out more about it, myself. I hope that helps a little? :)