Saturday, October 25, 2008


This seems to be the popular Halloween thing to do the past few years--at least in apartment buildings. Instead of cutting out the faces on the pumpkins they draw on them with magic markers. Less messy.

Therefore, they can buy very small pumpkins, too. :):) Not long until Halloween--this coming Friday. I have to go and pick up some candy this week.
Sunny morning--37degrees. Says it might rain this afternoon again, tho. Been such a dark and rainy fall. :( I guess you really appreciate the sun when you see it then, eh?


Serena Lewis said...

I've seen this mentioned on a few other blogs too where they are painting the pumpkins instead of carving them now. They look nice painted, don't you think?

Rita said...

It is much less messy, you don't have to deal with candles, and you can use much smaller pumpkins, too! Yes--I can see why it has gotten popular. :)