Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have never seen a pumpkin like this one they added to their little collection outside their door a couple days ago. The continents are cut out of blue paper and pinned on to the "world". They drew in the islands. How clever! I love it! Makes one stop and think about all of us here on this planet--which is feeling smaller all the time. Not that we all celebrate Halloween, of course--but this creative little pumpkin is like a nod to humanity! Makes me smile every time I walk by. Kind of sleeping around the clock--but feeling better day by day. Regaining a little energy and my eyes don't burn anymore--tada! :) Back to being on crazy hours--bed at 5:30am and up at 3pm. Never thought I'd ever hear myself say I miss being on days and having regular hours--oh well. Maybe will have a daytime routine again one day? Until then my hours will be whatever they will be--and I shall be grateful for sleep. One never realizes what one takes for granted until it is gone, right? Have a good evening. :)

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