Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Three days growth!
No wonder I have to trim it.
Decided to look on the package--duh! No wonder this cat grass doesn't act like regular grass! It is actually barley, oats, and wheat--no wonder--no wonder! Mostly oats. Duh!

Well, I finally got to the video and link that Leah had sent me a while back: The Story of Stuff. Most interesting! Definitely worth your time!!

And I joined Freecycle, too. What a great idea!!

You can see if there is a freecycle group going in your area--or you can start one. If you have something to give away--you list it. If there's something you are looking for--you list your request for what you need. All free! People email you if they are interested in what you have to give away. You email if you are interested in something that's listed. Simple!

This is a perfect idea for me. I am always trying to find somebody who can use something I don't need any more. They just come and pick it up! And if I am looking for something in particular--same thing. I just joined--and you can choose to get the digests (about 25 listings at a time in one email) instead of each separate email. if you want. Everything from furniture to clothing to pets--all kinds of items--new and used. Great idea!

Rained all day yesterday. So dark I had to have a light on inside here during the day. Caroline comes today. Sun is supposed to come out this afternoon. Have a good day! Watch the video and check out freecycle!!! :):)


Serena Lewis said...

Thanks for the links, Rita. I remember seeing something like this on one of our current affairs programs once. It sounds like a great idea.

Serena Lewis said...

The cat grass sure does grow quick ~ :)

Rita said...

You'll have to let me know if they have the freecycle groups or something like it going in Australia! :)

The cat grass dies quickly, too, tho--hehe!