Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On the news I heard that we had several streets flooded in the Fargo-Moorhead area yesterday. No surprise! I snapped a couple of pictures on my way to the office building yesterday. There is water sitting everywhere. The grass is saturated plus!! Water sits almost an inch deep over the sidewalk in several spots. Here's the small playground I told you about by the office building. Looks like a pond!Obviously this land the complex was built on is similar to the fields I look out across from my windows--almost marshy. I've been watching them fill in the small actual pond that was out in that field for the last two years. Dump trucks filled with dirt come and go in the summertime. A small grater trudges and tills across the land when it is dry enough to do so. They want to sell more of the vacant land to construction companies, so they are trying to fill it in--but then the water saturates the land like this regardless of all the man-made plans. They sure should continue to sell the land for the construction of buildings that have no basements, eh? Been mostly apartment complexes and small factory or business buildings that have been going up on our side of the road. But across the road there are houses--lots of new houses. ?? I wonder if the land is drier on that side? Hope so. I wish they would have left this land alone, actually. The things we do in the name of progress, eh? Sad.
I am really glad we had rain, tho! West of us they had snow! In Wibaux, Montana they had 15 inches of snow!!
Anyways, I got an assigned parking spot for the winter. I could have had one closer to the door, but I won't be using it every day. Some people have more cars than they have garage space--college students, or need the garage for storage (people who have lost their homes, etc)--where mine is more for company than anything. So, my spot is #18. I picked one that has a small tree in front of it so that we can find it when the numbers are covered over with snow and ice. :) The assigned parking starts on October 15th.
And Leah emailed me yesterday and said that she and Dagan were planning on coming over after work tonight to switch garages!! TaDa!! I will be glad when that job is done. Dagan and Leah sure will be, too. :) Perfect timing. Supposed to be no rain today. There is even sun this morning!

Then--I took these for you, Serena! You wondered how my cat could use a toy box for her little private duties--hehe! The toy box came unassembled. Before Leah put it together--my multi-talented daughter-in-law cut a hole in one end for an entrance. So, you can't see that there is a cat box inside and it can sit right in the hallway. :)

So--going to be a busy day. Later.... :)


Serena Lewis said...

AHA!...so THAT'S how the cat box works...lol Thanks for answering my question, Rita. A clever and neat idea!

I share your sentiments on developers leaving the land alone. Unfortunately, what some see as 'progress' is often just causing problems down the track for our environment and we see signs of that everywhere today.

Rita said...

Leah is so smart in coming up with alternatives!
I agree about the land. We are doing more harm than we think we are. :(