Thursday, October 23, 2008


It was raining all day, so Dagan and Leah couldn't move the rest of the booth out of my garage last night (open truck). They stopped by briefly last night, tho--with a gorillapod! Leah had ordered me one from

She sent me a picture earlier in the day of her camera hanging off of her water bottle! Cracks me up! Looks like a little camera robot, doesn't it? :)

I asked her how she got the shot without her arm in it? I didn't know I have a ten second delay on my camera, too. Leah showed me how to do it--set it on my desk--at the last second, Dagan hung the gorillapod in front of the camera. Worked great!

I want to experiment with the gorillapod for making how-to videos! See if I can manage to figure out how to make a video in the first place--and then--how to post them on YouTube. Apparently, you can make videos longer than you can send in an email (Leah found out). I rarely see any videos on YouTube over ten minutes long. Maybe that is why?
Definitely a new challenge. Don't get too excited, tho. I may fail at being able to learn this--like I did on making my own rudimentary website. I got stuck--on basics. Got some help several times--but just couldn't figure it out. I did manage to get the writings posted, tho. Dagan was my host, but he had no home for months and then hasn't gotten it back online yet (I just looked) since they moved into the townhouse.
It's possible I might be able to get some help from Chuck now that they moved back to Fargo. He knows something about making websites and has actually constructed one!
Chuck is in the process of changing his completely because it had Saint Cloud in the title. Anyways, the other people who had tried to help me in the past had never built a website before, either. But Chuck can't see what I am trying to do until Dagan gets it back online--funny! And I totally forget about it too--it has been down for so long. I am reminding myself right now. I will email Dagan. :)
Anyways, I was soooo tired yesterday that I was in bed at 9pm--and I did sleep for almost 8 hours. So, we'll see how it goes. :) I have been back to reading before I go to bed--in silence or with some relaxing music. And I keep setting the alarm for 8am. Obviously was up long before the alarm today--hehe! At least the insomnia comes and goes more now. For a year or two the being able to sleep came and went--hehe! Progress. How long can menopause last anyways? ROFL!
Oh--I realized that I had put up the WRONG LINK for freecycle! Not that didn't have a lot of good information on links to lots of free groups online, but the correct link is:
Sorry about that! You just type in your town or area and can find out what is happening near you. I love getting the digests. Just reading them is uplifting. All these people giving things away--restores my faith in people, you know?
Well, have a great day! We are supposed to see a little sun today, I think. :)


Serena Lewis said...

My nephew has one of those gorilla-pod thingies and I want to get one for my camera too. They would certainly be very handy.

Rita said...

The young techie folk know about these things--hehe! Leah had seen it in her Think Geek catalog. :)