Saturday, October 11, 2008


My two books came that I ordered from OAS (Oriental Art Supply)! 100 Flowers and 100 Birds by Yang O-shi. They are approximately 12 X 8 inches and have beautiful colored pages. These are painted spontaneous style and certainly feel like reference books--100 Flowers is about 235 pages and 100 Birds is about 217--they're heavy! They have English translation for everything--which is a big plus for me, obviously. The flowers and birds are all oriental, of course. Each flower and each bird are shown step-by-step and also within a composition--or two! I got a little carried away with the photos, but here they are!! Enjoy! Have a great day!


Serena Lewis said...

They sure look like handy books to have.

Donn said...

Thanks for showing them. I will definitely have to get the one on the birds.

Rita said...

Serena--only if you like Chinese Brush painting, eh? hehe!

Donn--I hope you like the book you ordered as much as I do. I'll be waiting to see your bird paintings! :)