Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving pre-dawn was amazing!!
Today was absolutely dull by comparison, so bear with me.
I was deeply enthralled. Shut off everything...
...and sat in the dim light...
...taking picture after picture.
These are just a few.
A plane took off from the airport...
...and the golden sun rose...
...into a perfect blue sky, white cloud day!
Was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day that got up to 57 degrees!!
Yesterday and today I have been coloring my first mandala that I made from scratch using my good set of Cretacolor AquaMonolith watercolor pencils (that I got on sale but I always thought were too nice to use and that's why they are like brand new even though I have had them for like 9-10 years--LOL!).
Colored in the yellow. Here I am over halfway blending with the paintbrush and water. Let it dry.
Colored in some blue...
...and blended with water. Let it dry.
Colored in some purple, blended, and let dry.
Karma found my up-down-back-forth-coloring-painting-drying routine unbelievably boring.
Colored in the green. Took a darker blue, colored in around the edges for depth, and blended with water. Only three blue sections done here.
All the blue done and the green blended. Let dry.
Took a darker purple and did the depth shading thing. And a darker green...ditto.
Here's a close-up of the shading.
I really like this so far. Much better than the last one, I must say. Probably just because it is cleaner and neater--ROFL! ;)
I am really thrilled that I am sitting here posting this right now!
I woke up and my laptop wasn't connected to the internet. I knew Dagan and Leah were headed over to his dad's today for the whole weekend, so I was lucky that Dagan talked me through how to reconnect it via the phone before they left. I just needed to pull a lot harder than I had been to yank out the plug for the router or whatsit-thingie. I was afraid I was going to break it. Anyways, I would have missed you all this weekend! But now I'll be around...whether you like it or not--ROFL! ;)
I think I forgot to tell you that Dagan's dad's pathology report came back good--hasn't spread. Doesn't sound like he'll even need chemo--tada! So, a very happy Thanksgiving for them this year! Thanks to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers and good wishes! :)
Oh! And I think I found out what is upsetting Miss Karma's stomach. Every time one of the little pieces of dried up fern frond drifts down to the floor...she eats it! I bumped it and several floated down into her eager little sharp-toothed mouth. She gobbled them right up! And then she was erpy again. Never threw up, but a bit gaggy and moped about for a while. Just proves that she isn't as smart as she thinks she is. And this little revelation means that I will now have to race her for dead fern parts. ;)
I feel like I have forgotten something but I guess it can wait until tomorrow. I am soooo happy the McLap is functional again!! Fargo Happy Dance!!
Have a great weekend!! :):)


  1. It's great to see you post today, Rita. I was a little worried when I woke this morning and saw no post from you as you had mentioned not feeling too well. I'm glad you were able to sort the internet connection. YAY!

    Now, as for that sunrise...SPECTACULAR!! I would have sat in awe too.

    Your mandala looks fabulous! I haven't even watched the second lesson yet where we create our own mandala from scratch. Maybe today but I'm currently dealing with killer lower back pain so it will depend on how long I can cope sitting at the computer.

    Karma is as cute as ever!

    So glad that the pathology results were clear and no chemo is required. Definitely something to be thankful for.

    I hope you manage to beat Karma to those fern fronds. I think you'll be in for quite a challenge.

    Enjoy your weekend too...and I'll 'see' you tomorrow,

    Serena xo

  2. Dear Rita,
    I'm liking this mandala, but I have to tell you that I really liked the first one too. I liked those little dots you put around the edges.

    I do so understand about Karma and the ferns. Having lived with thirteen cats, none of whom were plant eaters, I'm daily surprised that Maggie gnaws away at the leaves of all my house plants. She leaves them in tatters!

    Those photographs are lovely. Thank you for sharing such wonder.


  3. The photos are stunning. You seem to be blessed with exceptional sunrise events in your area. The mandala is coming on nicely. I have not tried one yet but I believe they are addictive. Enjoy your weekend

  4. The sunrise photos are gorgeous. What a glorious feast for your eyes!

    I am glad you got your computer up and running again!

    I hope you feel lots better today Rita.


  5. Beautiful photos and loving your progress on the mandala :) Awwww bless karma - I used to have to do this with my old dog and the popcorn machine (which would spit out not only into the bowl, but in all directions), so I'd have to run to get any kernels before Penny would gobble them and burn her tongue lol bless them x

  6. Serena--I would have been really bummed out if I had to go without my laptop for the whole weekend! Especially when I'm so close to actually posting and doing art every day this month--LOL! ;)
    That was one of the best sunrises in a long time. The clouds are what make it and these were on fire!
    She didn't get the second video up until Thursday. Making your own mandala should be right up your alley. You have already made some freehand! I can hardly wait to see what you come up with. I love that I just start and never know what I am going to do. Forces me to be freer and looser. Makes me feel like a kid with fingerpaints! ;)
    Guess what finally went off in the mail today? ;) ;) Only took a month--ROFL!

    Dee--I promise I'll have some dots and squiggles and who knows what on this one in the end, Dee. ;)
    I've also had many cats who never paid one lick of attention to plants. But then a few who couldn't leave them alone.
    It was a feeling of wonder as I sat here in the dark, quiet room and watched the display. Have a super weekend! :)

    Gwen--I can't see the sunsets from here. I have been surprised at how gorgeous the predawn skies can be! I've become more of a sky person than I already was after moving here and having such a good view of the horizon. ;)
    Yes, the mandalas must be addictive. I can feel it taking hold already on my second one. Fun to make them. Fun to color them. And fun to doodle all over them! ;)

  7. That was neat you took the time to just watch the sun come up and take pictures of it! And what great pictures too! Good news about Dagan's father!! Very thankful about that! The mandela came out great!!!


  8. Beautiful pics... have been looking forward to a regular fix of them all month, and I love your mandala... and that you hoard art supplies... I get like that too. they just look so nice in their box don't they xx

  9. Beth--It truly was a feast for the eyes! :)
    Thanks so much! I think I am a little better today. :):)

    Jenny--LOL! I can just picture you scrambling to pick up the hot popcorn kernels before the pup could get them! What we do for our pets. ;)

    Betty--I couldn't resist! That sunrise was mesmerizing! Glad I didn't sleep through that one--LOL! Thanks on both counts! :)

    Tracey--Oh, I am so glad you like the sky pics. I always hope they don't bore people. They never bore me, though--LOL!
    So funny! I guess I might not be the only one. I had a smaller, cheaper set and I'd always think--oh, I'll save the big set for something better or for next time. Duh! It was about time I used them--ROFL!! They're no longer perfect in the box now. Not so intimidating. :):)

  10. The sunrises at your place are amazing! The oranges with the smokey clouds is- is- is just amazing! Thanks for showing the colors step by step. It is fascinating to see how each color changes as a new color is put next to it!

  11. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Those sunrise pics were quite beautiful!

    Glad the news about Dagen's dad was good news. I'm sure they were very thankful for that this holiday season :)

    Poor Karma, cat's are just too darn curious for their own good.

    Happy Weekend Rita!

  12. LOL...well, you should be receiving a letter from me any day now and IT took a month from the time I started writing it to the time I sent it. We are so much alike. LOL

  13. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Oh what beautiful sky pictures! I haven't seen a pretty sky here in quite a while.

    Your mandala looks beautiful. It reminds me of stained glass. I love the colors you are using! Beautiful!
    I still to do some catching up in that class.

    Krazy Karma. The things pets will eat. Whenever I take Blue across the street to the park I have to be extra careful. She has learned that people have picnics over there and drop food. One day someone had fried chicken and had tossed the bones all over the ground even though they are large barrel trash cans everywhere. I had to pry a chicken bone out of her mouth and she wasn't letting go! Another time someone put a little pile of dog food on the pea gravel and she snarfed that up and now she thinks the pea gravel is food. She got really sick once and backed up and I thought I was going to have to take her to the vet but she ended up passing a bunch of pea gravel and then was fine. Poor thing was miserable.

    Well I wasn't feeling well so I went and laid down about 6pm and woke up at midnight. pooh on that. I'm going to try to get back to sleep soon. I was trying to trick myself into staying tired by reading my kindle which usually makes me sleepy and then I can all back to sleep. Well I got up to use the bathroom and sat it on the counter and knocked it off on the floor. So now the screen is frozen and only parts of it is changing when I try to shut if off. I'm really worried that I broke it :O(

  14. Carolyn--Thanks so much on both counts! I think I am addicted to both skies and mandalas now--hehe! ;)

    Angela--Thanks! You are finding out about curious cats, too! LOL! ;)

    Serena--That's too funny! Well, it's been a busy month for both of us--LOL! I'll be checking my mailbox! :)

    Donna--If you download the videos and such you can just do the mandala class whenever you have time to get around to it. No problem.
    Poor Blue! None of my dogs were ever careful about what they ate, either. Must be a dog thing. Although, I have to watch Karma for anything stringy-looking--like rubber bands! So, cats can end up at the vets for swallowing objects they shouldn't, too.
    Oh no! I'd be just sick it I had a Kindle and dropped it! I hope it will be okay!! Bummer! :(:(
    And I hope you get back on day hours soon! :)

  15. Those sunrise pictures are so exceptionally stunning, and that's saying something, since you have had some beautiful ones before. 57 degrees? That is simply amazing.

    And great news about the cancer not spreading. I think I also remember reading somewhere that some ferns are poisonous to critters, but I don't remember which ones.

    I would have missed you very much if you weren't posting, so I'm glad you are connected again! Hugs to you, Rita, and pets to Karma...

  16. Photos are awesome and love your mandala ~ wonderful healing energy in mandalas especially when you create your own ~ "Good to have you vist" ~ love company ~ namaste ~ enjoy the weekend ~ Carol ^_^

  17. Djan--I know you are one of the people who loves the sky pics. This was a stunning sunrise--and I've seen some nice ones. ;)
    Yes, I had mentioned that ferns are supposed to be toxic to animals. Karma never seems to get that. She still eats the japanese beetles (orange lady bugs), too--and they make her throw up. Duh!
    I would have missed you, too! *hugs back*

    Carol--Oh, I like the idea of wonderful healing energies in making my own mandala!! Nice! You have a good weekend, too! :)

  18. The view from your window is amazing! What a joy it must bring to you.

    I'm glad you figured out what is upsetting Miss Karma's tummy.

    I really like this new project and... shame on you for not using those pencils for 10 years! I hope you get much enjoyment out of them now and continue making beautiful art.

    Have a wonderful day.


  19. Deanna--And to think I was so annoyed with the view when I first moved here. I was used to looking out at trees filled with birds and squirrels. It seemed so empty. Now I love the expansive view! LOL!
    I know! I kept grabbing my cheaper, smaller set...but now I am so glad I finally took the plunge and am using the big set. Dumb, I know. ;)

  20. Your sunrise pictures are amazing! Wasn't the color absolutely brilliant and vivid? When sunrises like this happen, I drop everything too. Need to focus on the gift that has been presented - however brief - and taken in the incredible beauty that extends so far in all directions.

    Your mandala is lovely. The colors you're choosing work so well together.

  21. Awesome sunrise shots! I know what you mean about taking photo after photo. I did the same thing Thursday morning, but they're a little different from yours. Will post them when I get a chance. The sunset skies around here
    Thursday evening were similar to your sunrise shots. Never saw the sky as beautiful (scarlet and purple skies) as it was on our way home from the hospital that evening. I was driving so didn't get the shots I wanted. (Terri missed them because he's not as fast with the camera as I am)

    I really like this mandala, too. Love those colors.

    Poor Karma. I hope she doesn't eat any more of those fern parts.

    Great news for Dagan's dad. I wish him continued healing and good health. My dad is coming from the hospital sometime today. He's not home yet, tho.

    I'm glad you're able to be on the internet this weekend. It's no fun without you here. :)

    P.S. My reading and commenting is taking longer than normal because I'm watching a football game on TV while sitting at the kitchen table. Still can't type on this laptop. :\

  22. Ann--I know! It's easy to drop every thing and watch because those sunrises only last for a very few minutes. Up here I can see them for 180 degrees--really cool! As long as they don't build in my view--LOL! :)

  23. AliceKay--I'll be waiting to see your sunset pics! :)
    Oh, I thought your dad was home already. Well, he's probably home by the time you read this, though. That's good! :)
    I had a terrible time switching over to a laptop at first. The keyboard was so flat and different. I got used to it, but I can't type on my actual lap. I have a "readers" table that tilts and I use that. Works like a charm.
    Have a good evening and get some restful sleep. :):)

  24. Great news about Dagan's dad, I hope he continues to recover well and is able to manage his health with little help from the drs so to say!

    Loving the mandalas, they are so awesome, wish I had the patience!


  25. Even later to the party here! Your photographs are gorgeous, but more so the fact that you are so appreciative of these ever changing scenes beyond your windowpanes. So many of us forget to look at the sky, so warped up are we in the doing of life. Such a pity! I think your latest Mandala is coming along very nicely and Iam glad to hear D's Dad's good news. What a relief for everyone, him especially.

  26. Desi--Yes, Dagan's dad was very, very lucky!
    Hey, you have lots of patience! ;)

    Desiree-That's so true! We so often forget to really look and see what's around us. But you take the time to look closely at the beauty around you, that's for sure! I just love seeing the careful pictures you have taken from the places you visit. All of us should have such a photographer's eye. :)

  27. Looks like someone was sending YOU some energy Thursday morning - and it lit the sky!

    The mandala looks awesome - I think some of that morning "charge" "rubbed off" into it!

  28. Iggy--It really was stupendous! The skies since then have been such a disappointment with their grey, blahness--LOL! ;)
    Thanks re: the mandala! :)

  29. Silly Karma!! No eating the ferns!!!

    So glad your internet didn't poop out!

  30. Jeannie--Karma doesn't seem to connect what she eats to an upset stomach later--LOL! Funny how lost I am now without the internet when I never ever thought I'd even have a computer. Well, I never thought I'd have a cell phone, either--LOL! ;)

  31. ummmmm...your gorgeous sky pictures have hypnotized me...and now i can't remember anything else you wrote about....

    oh yeah...karma's upset's good your found the source! dried leaves? if you could only train them to blow off the porch as soon as they fall off the plant!

    you're really having fun with the mandalas!! they're beautiful! i love the way you shade the colors!!

    glad to hear...your son-in-law's (?) dad got a good report! yay!

    ummmmm...what else....
    oh! milo sends a MEOW to karma!! :)

  32. Laura--You're so funny!
    I can tell you're not from around here. The fern is inside and not on the porch--LOL! It would be a frozen fern by now. Just giving you a hard time. I'm just not good with ferns and they are always losing leaves/pieces of fronds...and...confession...they usually die. An ivy or fern may as well write its obit when it comes to my house. I just love them, but can't seem to keep one alive for more than a year or two max. (Don't tell the ivy.)
    It's my son Dagan's dad. My ex of over three decades. Another lifetime. ;)
    Meow back to Milo from Karma. Have a great day! :)

  33. That's great about Dagan's Dad!

    Silly Karma; ferns are for decoration, not for dinner!

  34. Tori--Dagan's dad was soooo lucky! :)
    Nope, no more ferns for dinner for Miss Karma. ;)

  35. Yes, he was; which is good news!


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