Monday, November 28, 2011


Karma greatly appreciated the sunny morning yesterday. :)
We're supposed to have another sunny day today.
Pre-dawn this morning!
I love how the deep orange-red underside of the clouds looks like the softest blanket.
I baked zucchini bread yesterday...
...and got out the Doodle Book. ;)
I wanted to try out this freehand building of a mandala from the center point that I saw someplace on youtube. Kind of cheated. Used the protractor to make a circle so that I knew where to stop and where the center was to start. Was nice to not have to worry about lines being perfect. I think I have a toe in the water with this loosey-goosey drawing thing.
Funny. Even when I was little I focused on staying inside the lines and coloring perfectly and with even smooth pressure in my color books. Maybe I have grown up with my feet inside the box and my head outside the box? ;)
28 degrees in Fargo.
That prairie sky is turning gold and blue as we speak.
There should be a new lesson in the mandala class today...and I'm not done with last week's. Oh well. I think she might be going to show us more about doodles this week and then I can just doodle on this one I've been working on.
Do you believe it is almost December!
Where did this year go?
Well, have a really sweet Monday.
See you tomorrow! :):)


  1. I got up and was reading my blogs in bed (as is my habit) and wondered where you were when POP! Up this post came. I like your freehand mandala, Rita, you've learned quite a lot it seems. Your zucchini bread looks delicious, BTW. :-)

  2. Good Morning Rita. Your photos are great as usual.

    The mandala is very pretty; love the colors.

    I hope this week is good to you and you are pain free.


  3. I think I would struggle with the loosey goosey drawing thing. But yours definitely looks great.

    Zucchini bread sounds wonderful.

    It is dreary here and that makes it feel colder than it really is. Twenty eight..... *shivers*

    Have a great week.


  4. Your zucchini bread looks scrumptious! We made cranberry nut bread that exploded in the oven for some unknown reason. We followed the recipe, and had made it before, but somehow the chemistry of it was wrong. It made a mess but was worth a good laugh!

  5. I'm so bad at drawing, I can't even doodle, lol!! Seriously!!! But I love looking at yours - so colorful!

    Counting down til Thursday and my pre-order. I'm really not big on patience either!!!

  6. Your Mandalas are Magical!


  7. Djan--That's funny! You were looking for me and pop! The freehand mandala is nice because I can play with it sitting anyplace and don't need rulers and protractors. ;)
    Thanks! Too bad it has wheat in it. I don't know how you are doing it, lady! But I commend you. :)

    Beth--Thanks on all scores! I hope you have a really good week, too, and are feeling fit as a fiddle! :)

    Deanna--Loosey goosey is a struggle for me, I tell you--LOL! I wish I could send some of the sunshine your way. Or some warm zucchini bread! ;)

    Carolyn--OMG! I wonder what happened to make it explode? Now that would make me laugh, too. We must have a similar sense of humor. ;)

    Jeannie--With the regular mandalas you can get by with very little drawing skills because you use a protractor and ruler for most of it and then just color and doodle. Much easier than I expected it to be. The freehand...takes more drawing skills, but I just turned a blind eye and had fun. :)
    Now I am looking forward to you Thursday order, too. *big wink* :):)

    Iggy--Thanks so much, sweetie!! Hope you are feeling fine and doing well and staying warm! :)

  8. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Your mandala looks really neat! I love that you used different colors - just enough to make it pop. I love the dots, especially the blue dots against the black lines. You know I was always really careful when coloring when I was a kid too. I remember coloring certain areas with heavy lines on the dark lines and then coloring lightly inside the space. I was doing that in kindergarten. It would actually make my stomach squirmy to see the other kids go outside the lines! My kindergarten teacher who lives nearby was telling me how I used to try to teach the other kids how to stay in the lines.

    You know I went in there and watched the videos I had missed but then I got really tired and went back to sleep. Now I'm awake at 11am and I'm okay with that because it is day time!!!!! When she was showing how to start drawing a new mandala - that very first one she did gave me an idea! I sketched it out in my notebook so I can try to do that first part again without the changes she made after the compass. I can't wait to try my idea.

  9. Your zucchini bread looks delicious!

    I love your freehand mandala! I must admit that I prefer working on freehand mandalas as I find it more zen-like if that makes sense. I used to always be pedantic about colouring inside the lines too. I still haven't done last week's lesson. YIKES! Thank goodness we can work at our own pace.

    DAY 29 here!! I think we might just make it, Rita ~ :)

    Btw, lovely photos as always.

    Serena xo

  10. What wonderful sunrises you have!!! Hope you have a great Monday, too!

  11. Donna--Another neat colorer--LOL! I didn't like the lines to show so I colored in small circles and blended as I went. OCD much? ;)
    I haven't even seen a new lesson for today yet and it is 4pm my time. So there's certainly no rush on catching up with the mandala classes. Must be Tuesday in India by now--hehe! ;)

    Serena--The zucchini bread really is good! I haven't made any since last fall, I don't think. :)
    Your freehand mandala that you made even before we had classes was so beautiful! You have a very steady hand, my dear.
    You may have been a most careful colorer before, but I am loving the abstracts you have been doing lately! You have the touch with them. :)
    A couple more days! Yes, we'll make it! :):)

    Carol C--I know I am always looking for a good one if I am up before dawn. Who knew a night person could become a sunrise addict--LOL!
    I guess I could wish you a great Tuesday by now. Getting later in the day--LOL! :)

  12. Absolutely love the sunrise pictures! So gorgeous!! Interesting about using a protractor to help make the shape of a mandela, I wouldn't have thought of that!! I am like you, I can't believe it is almost December. This year has indeed flown!


  13. Dear Rita,
    Your photographs of the sunrise always please me mightily. I'm grateful you share these with us because I'm never up until long after the sun rises.

    The freely-drawn mandala exudes peace. I like the filigree of it.

    And I especially liked this line from your post: "Maybe I have grown up with my feet inside the box and my head outside the box?" I think that may apply to me too.

    Rita, I notice that you are no longer putting a quotation at the end of your posting. I'm wondering why. They often spoke to me just when I needed to hear their wisdom.


  14. Betty--The protractor is invaluable for all the circular stuff in the mandala class, too. I'm so glad I had one already...and that I could find it. Pays to be organized--LOL!
    This year has just flown by so quickly--whew! But in a good way, I guess. :)
    Have a great week!

    Dee--I'm so glad you love the sky pics as much as I do!!
    Filigree. I never would have thought of that, but thanks so much! I like that. :)
    LOL! Makes a funny visual--feet in and head out--but it feels true in many ways. I can see where you might feel that way, too, yes!
    I only quit putting in the quotes for November because that takes a while to do and I knew I was rather overextended this month. I can get back to doing that again in December when things calm down here. I'm glad somebody misses them!! I like good quotes, too.
    Have a bold week!! :):)

  15. What an awesome looking sky! So gorgeous! :)

    It was 67 degrees while we were in Williamsport this afternoon. Too warm for this time of year, but it sure made it easier to be out and about. We're to get snow showers on Wednesday, though, so your cold air must be heading our way.

    I love zucchini bread. Yours looks very yummy. :p

    I wish I could doodle as well as you do. Looks so cool.

    I'm off to bed now. I've had a long day today. (can't blog, no time) Hope you're still sleeping well. Have a great Tuesday!

    P.S. I miss reading those quotes, too.

  16. those sunrises are just beautiful, and the zucchini bread looks so good I am putting it on my list to make tomorrow... have a great day xx

  17. AliceKay--67!!! Whoohoo! Like summer again--wow! And then snow. Figures--hehe!
    I'm glad you liked the quotes, too. I can start them again in December. :)
    I hope you are sleeping well and work doesn't get too crazy! :):)

    Tracey--LOL! I hope you do have some zucchini bread smelling up your kitchen tomorrow! Yummmm! Have a happy Tuesday! :)

  18. What a lovely description of the clouds:)
    The wavy mandala is very organic and beautiful too. Thanks for all the advice about video uploads.
    It is not happiness, but happy activities that wears me out.

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Gwen--Thanks back!
    LOL re: happiness activities!! So true.
    Have a great day!! :):)

  20. I love that bit about growing up with your feet in the box and your head out of it. :)

    I know... How did we get so close to December already?

  21. Tori--Thanks re: in and out of the box. ;)
    Yes! Next thing we know it will be New Year's Eve!


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