Thursday, November 17, 2011


Another orange sunrise.
Quite beautiful.
Caroline was nice enough to do some extra things for me yesterday. Since I had leaking under the kitchen sink, I had her pull out the two baskets and wash it all down under there. Looks all nice and clean now. She even vacuumed Karma's cat bed! Tada!
During the night I picked a mandala, found some graphite transfer paper, taped them down onto a watercolor block, and traced the design.
How disappointing was this? I could barely even see it! And I had pressed pretty hard. Maybe graphite paper gets old? Shouldn't.
Anyways, I had to sit and kind of sketch it all in with my pencil. A messy project as I got pencil lead all over the side of my hand and smeared it all over the place--LOL!
Luckily I wasn't too concerned with this first mandala because the top sheet on this watercolor block was a bit messy to being I pressed on.
To start with, I used my set of 24 Staedtler Watercolor pencils, picked out a few round watercolor brushes, and started. This is as far as I got. Took a lot more time than I had thought it would because of the tracing issues. I felt like I accomplished something, though.
Maybe seeing all these orange sunrises drew me to the yellow and orange today--LOL! I am already discovering how coloring makes a huge difference. You can accentuate whichever shapes you want. :)
This is a practice run. I am finding out how to draw or trace the mandala on to the watercolor paper and which brushes work the best. I just did pretty basic colors on the orange and yellow, but when I continue I want to try out blending some colors like our teacher showed us in her video. Maybe even some doodling, too! We don't have another lesson until Monday so I can take my time. Fun-fun-fun!!! I am so glad Serena told me about this mandala class!!
I didn't get much sleep so--nope--not on days yet. I plan to catch a nap sometime before Leah comes over after work. If I do anything else in the meantime, it will be getting started on the Christmas cards. It would be nice if we could finish them today. :)
Sunny morning. A balmy 8 degrees. I'm glad I got all the laundry done already and made some food I can nuke for lunch. Therefore...I can nap whenever I am able--tada!!
Wishing you a comfortable day filled with gratitude. :):)


  1. so beautiful... I do love the sketch and the colors.. I can definitely see the overflow from the beautiful sunset.

  2. another beautiful sunrise!
    I really need to start keeping my camera with me to catch the beautiful times in my life.

    Loving the Manadala. Next time you hear of a free class, let me know before it starts so I can join you! *smiles*

    I hope it's alright...asking after the fact...I'm sharing part of the comment you left me on Create to Heal about using a timer to learn my limits. I thought it was a great tip and wanted to share it on my other blog,

    hope it's alright with you, I'm so glad you shared it with me.


  3. The mandala is beautiful. I love the colors in the beautiful sunset.


  4. I like that shade of orange you used on your manadala!

    Looks like your "new" hobby is keeping you busy. :)

  5. Beautiful sunrise pics, Rita!

    I have bought new transfer paper before and have been very disappointed with the results. Some are good while others just aren't worth the effort because you can barely see the lines if at all. WOW, the addition of colour really adds a punch, doesn't it?

    To transfer mine to watercolour paper, I will probably outline the mandala lines in graphite (2B pencil), then I'll turn that side onto the watercolour paper and rub away. The graphite should hopefully transfer. There was a short video posted of this process on the pages where everyone shows their mandalas.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the too!

    I hope you manage to have a nap.

    Serena xo

  6. Beautiful!!!!

    I love mandalas and was looking at incorporating them into my work with the elderly.

  7. Oh love the sunrises!!! Gorgeous....I am always drawn to those rich colors..Your mandala is awesome......Cant wait to see all you create!! I am soooo jealous LOL.........

  8. I like the way the mandala goes one way and then the other. It's beautiful, just the way it is! :-)

  9. Beautiful sunrise pics. Love that orange color.

    Your mandala looks nice. Sorry to hear it didn't transfer over as well as you had hoped. (but it looks nice with the orange)

    Hope you were able to grab a nap before Leah arrived.

    It's colder here tonight, but that 8 sounds frigid. Not ready for that stuff here just yet.

  10. I didn't sleep at all well last night and so am right there with you this evening. I remember tracing mandalas many years ago and enjoying it. Happy sunny day tomorrow!

  11. Rita, I´m so happy to know you´re enjoying my Mandala Free Class
    Your Mandala looks beautiful, well done!
    Everybody is wellcome and can join the class anytime.

  12. That mandala is coming along! I like the colors you chose with the green and orange! Very nice complimenting colors! Burr on the 8 degree weather but what a gorgeous sky to capture in a picture!


  13. Anonymous11:13 PM

    That sunrise is just beautiful. I guess I don't have to tell you that I never wake early enough to see the sunrise LOL. You know me and my lateness.

    Glad you got some extra chores done. It's always so awesome to have help :)

    Hope you enjoyed your nap!

  14. Rita that sunrise is just beautiful... joined willowing today and going to have a look at the mandela class that a few of you are doing so looking forward to getting stuck in....hopefully tomorrow... then again maybe tonight if Matt decides to watch the golf he taped... see you tomorrow xx

  15. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Your mandala looks great. I still have to go check out the new video. I slept all day and then got up and did some laundry and spruced up the house a bit before my prince came home. It was sooooo sooooo cold out! I drove my car out of its cozy bed in the garage and it wasn't happy. I heard these popping/goaning noises as I went and the warm air quickly became cold! I drove all the way across town to the airport and it still wasn't warm in the car. It was about -35. The Wendy's sign was flashing like crazy and I bet a bunch of people either get the munchies or have an epileptic seisure! I know I was thinking.... MMmmmmm mandarin chicken salad!!! But I went on past and picked up my tired prince. He's tucked in bed now. I had all the bedding clean and ready for him. Oh and want to know how dumb I am!??!?! Well I forgot to change my pain patch yesterday! That is probaby why I'm hurting more today! duh! Chris always helps me because it is supposed to go on my back and in a different place each time. I have it on now so hopefully I feel better soon! Happy mandala painting!

    Donna Bo Bonna

  16. I love how you match your mandala to the sunrise.
    It is good when art means something to the maker!
    Thank you for your very interestung comment.
    Gwen xx

  17. The mandala is very pretty.

    Caroline sounds very sweet. You are lucky to have her.

    I plan on making my own Christmas cards this year. Now to just find the time!

    Beautiful photos!

  18. Well, the good thing is that with the fact you had to trace the lines to make them clearer you got some practice in with drawing them; so that's sort of a positive thing, right?

    Glad you're having so much fun! :)

    That was nice of Caroline to do a couple of extra things for you.

    Hope you got a nap in and had fun with Leah.

  19. Dear Rita,
    I truly see in your photograph of the mandala with the lime green and the psychedelic orange that the colors you choose and where you situate them will bring out different aspects of the mandala. This fascinates me.

    I'm looking forward to your next posting on this process.

    I'm so hoping that night sleep and day wake happen for you soon.


  20. Guadalupe--Oh my! So glad you stopped by! I am enjoying your mandala class a lot. I'm glad people can join at any time. With your templates and videos they could do it at their own pace, too, I would imagine. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

    Betty--Thanks! Glad you like the colors. Not sure what I will do next, but I am having fun! :):)

    Angela--I was always a night person until I got fibro and my sleeping patterns went all haywire...what patterns, I should say. Now I sleep lightly and wake often (pain) and have seen more sunrises in the last few years than I had seen in my entire life! LOL! :)

    Tracey--Oh cool! Now I'll get to see what you make with the mandala class, too. :) I've been enjoying it way more than I even thought I would. It's like more controlled doodling--LOL! Hope you have time to play with it this weekend! :)

    Donna--Glad the hubby made it home okay. I must say that being housebound I don't miss being out in the super cold in the when your tires freeze and it is too cold for the car to warm up. Now it is only here and there for appointments and such.
    Glad you got your pain patch changed. Hope you slept well. :) Rita Bo Bita

    Gwen--Thanks! So glad you stopped by. I had to check out your blog. You're welcome! Hope to see you again soon! :):)

    Deanna--Caroline is a sweetheart! If I have any kind of odd cleaning project for her, she has never said no and does it with a smile. What more can you ask, right? (So I don't ask often--hehe!)
    Yup! Christmas is around the corner. I hope you get a chance to make your own cards. It is fun. Simple or elaborate, when they are handmade I think you are giving a little bit of yourself, you know?
    Have a super weekend! :)

    Tori--Yup! I got in some drawing practice--LOL! It's all pretty loose, so it's not stressful or anything...just fun! :)
    I did get a nap and we had a good time and we finished the Christmas cards!!
    Stay warm!! *hugs* :)

  21. I just lost the whole first half of my responses and have to do them all over again. Oh well. Sorry if they're shorter than they would have been.

    Christine--Hello! It has been so much fun meeting new people through the AEDM. Hope to see you again. :)

    Wendy--You can still join the mandala class if you wanted to. It's only twice a week for three weeks and it would be pretty easy to catch up over the weekend. But if I hear of any others, I will let you know. ;)
    You can repeat anything I've said. I'm a pretty open-book kind of girl, anyways. No problem. :):)

    Beth--Thanks so much! I hope you have a quiet, healing weekend. *hugs* :):)

    Iggy--Figures you would love the orange the best--ROFL!!
    I can't believe I have been keeping up so far this month. Seems like I am either online or doing something creative...and little else. ;) Keeps me out of trouble. :):)

    Serena--This was the terrible kind of transfer paper. Let me know (blog or email) how your method works.
    I am enjoying the class a lot! And I did catch a nap, thanks. :):)

    Amy--Hello! Thanks! I've worked with seniors before and that's a great idea. You could either have them make their own or have some pre-made and ready to color. Hope to see you again! :)

    Reba--This has been fun. I don't know what colors to use next, but I love that it feels like it doesn't matter. Just free to enjoy the process. :):)

    Djan--I picked that one because of the feeling of movement--one way and then the other. I may ruin it with more coloring, but it's the process that is such fun...and you can always make another one. Even use the same pattern. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

    AliceKay--I did get a nap and it is cold here and snowing a little. Stay warm!!! :):)

    Rubye--Sounds like we both have had restless sleep lately. I did again last night (or this morning, I should say). I wish you peaceful, healing, calm nights of restful sleep, lady!! :):)
    This class has also made me want to keep an eye out for more of the mandala coloring books. It's relaxing to play once in a while. ;)

  22. Dee--Coloring the mandala is kind of like finding the shapes in the clouds--LOL!
    Yah! I thought I was getting closer and far. Maybe will get back on days by next week...who knows.
    Have a great weekend!! :):)

  23. I started to do the graphite method I mentioned but felt it was going to mean double outlining so I ended up using SARAL transfer paper which worked a smudges at all. :)

  24. Serena--I'll be danged. Saral wax free transfer paper was what I used that I could barely see. ?? It wasn't the transfer paper that smudged and made the mess, though. It was me drawing the whole thing back on with a mechanical pencil--LOL! Maybe I need to be even more aggressive with the tracing and press really hard? I'll see if I can try that next time. Maybe use a stylus instead of the pencil? Thanks, Serena! ;)

  25. Sounds like a very productive time then. :)

  26. Tori--Yup! Sure was! :)


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