Sunday, November 06, 2011


When the winds were gusting and flailing the loose mesh screen about on the porch Miss Karma was fascinated. I moved the chair over next to the door so she could watch in comfort.
The most interesting part of the display for Karma was the carpeting. It is only tacked down by the door and on the opposite end of the porch to hold it in place. When the wind is gusting just right the carpet poofs up and down...obviously as alive as her plastic shower liner toy--LOL!
The wind finally shifted direction, the dryer flap silenced, and I finally slept! Nine hours!! Ahhh! It was sumptuous!
I noticed this white, fluffy, mold-like substance on the catnip leaves a while ago--been spreading and growing. I tried to take a close-up and discovered that my camera's focus is not working. Not in regular or macro? Dagan was using it and possibly changed something? Would only seem to focus at one particular distance. Have to have the kids look at it on Wednesday. Maybe no video making till I find out what is going on? I might give it a go and see, though. ;)
Anyways, I had been plucking leaves that showed this mold--until it was useless. I finally cut them all off this afternoon and tossed them out. :( Not sure what it was? Wasn't on the other least not so far. Time will tell, eh? I'll keep an eye on them. If anyone knows anything, please let me know, okay?
My "art" project today was working on the Christmas cards.
Started by stamping the sentiment on the inside so that any boo-boos won't be much of a loss. (We recycle scraps for papermaking.)
In sessions--I stamp, lay them out, and then leave that batch to dry well, because I am using pigment ink that takes longer to dry thoroughly. I'll do some more tomorrow as we are doing about 80 of them. The assembly line has begun. :)
Was a dark, rainy day today. I did get to sleep in the middle of the night instead of morning, so that's a plus. Tomorrow I will be up early, call the office about repairs, and hopefully will see the UPS man carrying a big, heavy box!! :):)
Chat again tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy Rita! I have a cat but have never owned a catnip plant, sorry can't help you out there... Your weather sounds a lot like what we are having here in Idaho. Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Cute pics of Karma. I've never grown catnip so not sure what that white stuff might be. Probably was a good idea to cut it off and dispose of it, just in case it might make Karma sick.

    9 hours?? I'd give my left arm to get that much sleep. ( I lied...but darn close. LOL)

    Your Christmas cards have a nice beginning. :)

    Have a good day tomorrow. I hope all goes well with the maintenance repairs and inspection this week.

  3. Karma looks cute looking out the window; clueless about the plant, I'm one that seems to have a brown thumb; hoping someone else will have wise words about it. Seems like it was a good day to get a start on your Christmas cards!


  4. Karma is just so huggable, isn't she? I'd love to cuddle her. She seems to have the sweetest nature. I think your catnip has downy mildew. Your card making looks as though it's coming along steadily. Can't wait to see more. Hope Dagan will correct the settings on your camera so we can zoom in for a better look next time. Great news about the nine hour deep sleep stretch. I do hope your repairs go smoothly and with minimal disturbance. Big hug xoxo

  5. Karen--Yes, a puttering whirlwind lately--LOL! ;) Have a good week! :):)

    AliceKay--Yah! I couldn't give any of it to Karma anyways. So away it went.
    Nine hours was wonderful! And I only was up three times. I wish you could sleep that long, too! :)
    Have a great week! :):)

    Betty--Karma was so fascinated by all the movement on the porch--LOL! CatTV. :)
    I think I have a green and brown polka dotted thumb. Plants take a decided risk moving in here with me--LOL! ;)
    It did feel good to get going on the Christmas cards. Have a happy Monday! :)

  6. How great is it that you slept for 9 hours?!! YAY! Too funny about Karma watching the carpet poof up and down.

    Maybe Dagan switched it off auto-focus...he will be able to fix it tho.

    re. the mildew, I found this link for you to check - . It appears that milk OR bicarb. soda (baking soda) mixed with water will do the trick. Read all the responses to make your choice.

    It looks like you're all set and organised re. the cards. Well done!

    I hope the UPS guy brings your order!!

    Enjoy your day,

    Serena co

  7. Desiree--LOL! Well, Karma is only huggable to me and only when she feels like it. She is very opinionated and generally likes her space. But when SHE wants to cuddle she is very demanding about it and gets miffed if I don't accommodate her--ROFL! She's generally sweet to me, but she has a definite wild, devilish side, too. Other people usually only see her cranky side in real life. She doesn't care for other people much at all. They only way anyone gets to see the Karma I know it when I take pictures--hehe! ;)
    Downy mildew--I will google that so maybe I won't get it on the next batch I try to grow. Thanks! :):)

    Serena--I needed the sleep. I am not about to get much at all now before morning Monday as it's already 3:35am. *sigh*
    I'll find out with the camera. It won't do close-ups like it normally does. Wish I was smarter about these things. But I don't want to mess anything up, I wait for them to come and look at it. Leah actually knows more about the cameras, I think. They prefer I leave things alone--LOL! ;)
    Oh, I'll check the link you gave me. Thanks!
    I hope the order comes, too!! Be worth staying awake for--LOL! :):)

  8. It does look like mildew to me, too, Rita. I think maybe you should just pitch the entire plant before it spreads. Karma is a handful, I'd say, from your description. A one-woman cat. :-)

  9. I love the pictures of Karma. She is gorgeous!

    You have a very good start on your Christmas cards, they are looking good.

    Have a wonderful day!!


  10. Don't you just love those guys in brown?!? Hope your big, heavy box shows up today.

    And hooray on 9 hours of sleep! Yea!

    I have no idea what that moldy stuff is, but I think you did the right thing by cutting it all off.

    Karma is easily entertained, lol.

  11. Beth--Karma's like a big teddy bear! :)
    You have a wonderful day, too. Hope you're feeling well, too. :)

    Deanna--I sure hope the box shows up today, too! Always fun to see the UPS man!!
    Yes, and I hope it hasn't spread to my herbs! So far, so good!
    Karma and I are both easily entertained--ROFL!!!
    Have a great day! :):)

  12. Djan--Yup, I cut the whole planter down to the ground. I don't see anything on the soil in the planter, but I am going to watch and leave it for a while and not replant anything...and see if the catnip grows again. Who knows?
    Yes, Karma is the very first one-person cat I have ever lived with. The first anti-social one. The first one to hiss at other people. The first one to have a cranky, bossy side. The first one to act like the many stories I have heard about cats...instead of all my previous cats who ran to the door to see who had come to visit. :)
    But she is also the most unique, has the biggest personality, does weird things, and is the most bonded to me of any cat I have ever had. She can be the sweetest, purring, 20 lbs of love you ever could imagine...and then as pissy as hell over something or another...LOL! I love her dearly. :):)

  13. Just popped round to read all the comments I'd missed. So pleased I did! Also wanted to say I think your mildew is powdery, not downy ;) It looks more like a powder to me now that I've looked a bit more closely. I hope you can eradicate it, although from what I hear, it's a bit of a blighter. Karma certainly sounds like a little character! I must say her looks are deceiving :)

  14. Desiree--I know! Sometimes there are a lot of conversations going in the comments--LOL!
    It wasn't was kind of puffy. Actually a very pretty white. Well, it all went into the trash--the whole planter full of plants. I'll watch carefully because it was right next to my herbs.
    Yes, Karma's looks can be deceiving--LOL! She's such a grump and hisser with other people that Dagan and Leah think she always looks mean (ears back). I think that's why Dagan took the picture of her sleeping! That is great progress!! She was actually sleeping when they were in the room. In fact, she used to hide under a table or run in the bedroom when they were here. So she's been being a little bit friendlier...well, tolerant, shall we say. If they walk past her she still hisses--LOL! She loves me, though. ;)

  15. LOL @ Karma!

    9 hours? That's a great sleep! :)

  16. Tori--Karma was parked with her arms over the wooden arm of the chair staring out into the porch intently. She must have sat there for over an hour. I think she might have dozed off--LOL!
    I do the best when I get at least 8 hours of sleep since I got fibro, but it doesn't happen all that often. So then sometimes I crash for even longer than 9 hours if I have been going with less sleep for a while. It's wonderful--yes!! ;)

  17. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I love the pictures of Karma looking out the window!

  18. Donna--Karma loves to sit sideways in those chairs hanging over the hard wooden arms to look out the windows. Must be related to her liking hard pillows--LOL! She'll fall asleep like that! :)

  19. Cats can sit very still for very long periods of time... They must be the best meditation experts in the world! ;)

    I know that one. For a different reason, obviously, but it still works the same for me. A "good" sleep for me is anything over 6 hours, though I do best if I can get the 8 hours. Sometimes though I'll go days with almost nothing then just curl up somewhere and not move for anything up to 12 hours. That's really rare though. So good when it happens mind... Especially if - by some miracle - it happens at night!

  20. Karma must think that "tree branch" she sits in is really comfy with its cushion for her rump. Such a softy Sabre Tooth Cat she is.... :)

    Ahh.. the big box from UPS!! the pen cabinet!!!

    And awesome! You got 9 hours of blissful sleep! That probably felt wonderful!

    Hmm, sounds like one of the camera settings might of been changed - shouldn't be too hard to find it but - they (the settings) are often heirogyphical and if you don't speak shutterneese, they are pretty dense.

  21. Dear Rita, just a quick note to thank you for this beginning to the Christmas-card-making-process.
    I am so eager to journey with you and to discover the vision in your head as it becomes reality.


  22. Tori--Cats have a lot of patience when they need it. ;)
    I have had times where I have collapsed (from lack of sleep) and slept 10-12 hours, too. It's better to get regular sleep, of course. :)

    Iggy--LOL@tree branch!!
    I wish I didn't get up so often when I sleep (pain and needing to get up and stretch) because then maybe I could by with less hours. ;)
    Nope, I don't speak shutterneese--LOL!!
    Glad you're feeling better!! :):)

    Dee--This is a very, very simple card this year. After doing the red and white die-cut snowflakes...whew! Needed easy, peasy this year. ;)


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