Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The strange, grey, misty morning did eventually give way to blue skies. Before it did, I was fascinated by the fast moving clouds revealing glimpses of the white sun, looking more like a moon. Kind of mystical, don't you think?
I took these three pictures one right after the other as fast as I could because the sun would disappear into the clouds within seconds. Gives you an idea of how fast the clouds were racing across the sky.

I played with another art journal page spread in blues and greens.
While it was still damp I sprinkled some table salt on them...
...and left them to dry.
Here's Karma watching TV from her chair. I never read A Wrinkle In Time--was watching the movie on Netflix Instant. Not sure why Karma found Alfie Woodard so interesting.
Not for too long, though. Karma conked out and was sawing logs through the rest of the movie--LOL!
Dagan has today off so I am calling him later to come and jump PitaPaseo when I'm up to leaving the apartment. He'll be sleeping in, anyways--so it will work out perfectly because it takes hours to thaw my bones. Wish me car luck. ;)
I hope all of you who haven't been feeling well will feel better very soon.
Hugs! Hugs!
Happy holidays to those in the United States.
Just be well and happy, everyone!! :):)


  1. Hoping for the best with your car. Maybe a new battery would help keep the charge? Seems you are sleeping better lately, so that's good. I'm feeling fit as a fiddle myself and slept like a log last night after a night awake from our terrible windstorm. It blew up to 70mph here!

  2. Good car luck to you on this beautiful day.
    The blues and greens are so pretty.

  3. I loved reading A Wrinkle in Time... not sure if I've ever seen the movie.

    Good Car Luck!

  4. OH i LOVE love LOVE that misty foggy cloudy magical morning moon!!

    have a happy gobble gobble...feel well...and 'meow' to karma!

    OH, and what does the salt do to the paint? what effect?

  5. I loved a "Wrinkle In Time" - Madeleine L'Engle wrote some interesting stories - I think I've read five of her books.

    Hope the Pita runs!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving day!!

  6. Djan--I forgot to say I slept about the same hours again last night. So nice! Sleep is a healing thing. So glad you've been sleeping well, too. We've had winds like that here. You hate to try to be outside walking in those gusts! Hope you plan a nice, relaxing day tomorrow. :)

    Rubye--Thanks, lady! I've already been playing more today with the art journal. Just had to try out that last template I bought. ;)

    Nikki--I might have understood more in the first part if I had read the book, but I don't know. I was wondering about it, but it had a good message in the end. :)

    Laura--I thought you just might like that moonlike sun. It was sure an odd sight! :)
    When you add the salt while the paper is still damp enough it makes these crystal-like splotches on the paper. Just a cool effect. :)
    Happy gobble day!! Give Milo a neck scritch for me. :):)

    Iggy--I realized lately that I never got to read all these children's classics that everybody talks about. I just don't remember a lot of children's books in my house. Just those horrible, but fascinating, old Mother Goose tales and Grimm's Fairy Tales. My mom read me Shakespeare once I hit school age...and then quizzed me as to what I thought the passages meant. I know, strange family--no wonder I am strange--LOL!
    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  7. Does Karma really watch the tv? As it actually watches the pictures? haha our dog looks up when he hears a sheep or another dog or something but just goes looking around the back of the tv to see what's there - has no idea its from the thing moving on it. I love the salt pages, I've tried using this technique previously but never come out as well as this, may give it another go one day. Thanks for sharing, Jennibellie x

  8. Lovely photos! Wow! Don't ya stand in awe? ~ Lovely fun art and of course, Karma just delights me every time! ~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family ~ Hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^

  9. I hope your car starts right up!!

    The salt pages are very pretty!! You are really keeping up with everything.

    I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day for you Rita.



  10. Jenny--Yes, Karma will actually watch TV on occasion. I can understand her watching nature shows (she especially loves bird programs), but just people talking? Maybe it's something in their voice? She watched Keira Knightley for quite a while in some movie I was watching a while back, too. Wasn't good, but I kept it on longer just for Karma till she lost interest. (She can never last the length of a movie--about 15-20 minutes is her max.) Oh, the mysterious Karma mind--LOL!
    I have found that technique usually works better with chunkier salt, but I just grabbed some table salt this time. It's mostly in hitting it at the right wetness or dampness. :)

    Carol--Yes! I don't know as I have ever seen such a strange sky and sun. It was really cool! :)
    You have a great Thanksgiving, too!! :)

    Beth--Thanks! I'm glad there's only a week to go, though--LOL!
    You have a nice Thanksgiving, too. Forget all worries and enjoy the day!! :):)

  11. Dear Rita,
    I like what salt does for the journal pages. Depth. That's what I see. The creation of depth.

    Thank you for the good health wish. I'm feeling "fit as a fiddle today." Or, as my mom used to say, "fine and dandy, like sugar candy."

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Rita. One of the things I'm grateful for this year is finding your blog and you.


  12. The combination of blue and green - and the many shades and variations of colors you created - are lovely! I remember sprinkling salt on a watercolor painting I was working on many years ago. The result was unexpected and much different than I thought...but I really like what such a simple item (salt) could do to transform paint. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  13. I'm thinking that Ms. Karma has such a cute personality! I'm sure she is such a delight to have around you! Liked the pictures of the sky; that was amazing how fast the clouds were moving! I hope you got the car started and that you enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow, however it is celebrated!


  14. Loved the cool pics of the sun peeking thru the clouds. Amazing how beautiful those little things in life can be.

    I thought I heard a cat snoring away. :)

    And I hope the PitaPaseo cooperated.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Yes, very mystical and moon-like.

    Another set of nice background pages, Rita...wonder how they will turn out after more layers.

    Karma looks so darned cute watching TV. My dogs don't show an interest...Cody will jump up beside me on the couch and then promptly snuggle down for a nap. He will only lift his head if the movie has a lot of thunderous background noise...he needs to make sure it's not a real thunderstorm because you know how much he hates those.

    Good luck with PitaPaseo. I hope all goes well.

    I had a fairly rugged day after my migraine last night but that's fairly normal.

    Happy Holidays to you!

    Serena xo

  16. Dee--Yes, depth and texture!
    Love your mom's saying! That is so cute!
    I am thankful to have connected with you too, this year! You have a lovely Thanksgiving, too! :)

    Ann--Salt is one of those unpredictable, barely controllable things you can do with watercolors. Watercolors themselves are a bit wild and have a mind of their own. That's what first fascinated and frustrated me about them. They force me to loosen up--LOL! :)
    Have a great T-Day! :)

    Betty--Karma makes me laugh every day. She's not a passive cat (despite her sleeping 90% of the time--LOL!) and is very opinionated. Yup! She's good company. :) It will be just she and I for Thanksgiving, as usual. We have nice holidays together.
    I know--those clouds were racing across the sky! I took the three pictures in probably less than three seconds! So cool!
    Have a great holiday!!! :)

    AliceKay--LOL! Karma does have this soft snore. Makes me laugh! She also mumbles in her sleep sometimes. She's such a hoot!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :)

    Serena--I added some to them--a template again and some more radiant rain spray. I am enjoying doing the backgrounds a lot. :)
    Karma will wake up for loud noises she doesn't like, too, like Cody. But Karma's are fire alarms and sirens. ;)
    I'm glad you are feeling better. I've had a headache for days, but not a migraine, thank goodness. Have a wonderful day, my friend!! :)

  17. Anonymous1:06 PM

    OOooo pretty blues and greens... my favorite. I call them dragonfly colors. Karma looks so comfy in that chair.

  18. Donna--I love that! Dragonfly colors! Add purple to that combo--yes!
    Karma thinks that is "her" chair because I am always in my tiny lounger, so she has taken over the glider rocker. :)

  19. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Oh yes, purple goes nice in there too :O)

  20. Karma is so photogenic!!!

  21. Jeannie--Don't tell Karma. It will go to her head. ;)

  22. Movies are much too long for Karma to stay awake through; she needs her beauty sleep, after all! ;)

  23. Tori--LOL@Karma needing her beauty sleep! ;)


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