Saturday, November 12, 2011


Karma must have been awfully tired, too.
She fell asleep pawing the side of her bed and didn't even notice me walk up to take a picture. Out like a light! ;)
I slept for 8 hours during the afternoon and evening. Forgot about the dehydrator. The raspberries are dry as a bone. Little crunchy sour balls--LOL! Still taste okay, though.
But the "raisins"...well half of them were nice and dry like we'd like them, but the other tray wasn't. So, I have put them back in for a while and also added in the apple crisps which weren't crispy enough for us. In fact, I need to check them as soon as I am done posting.
Leah read that the degree of moisture left whatever you dry, after you store it that moisture will distribute evenly in the container. So, some of the apple crisps were nice and dry and crunchy. But after I stored them, they all became moister and were no longer crunchy. So this dehydrating business is a bit tricky. We'll get the hang of it, I'm sure.
During the night I worked on the next two-page spread in my art journal. First I wet the pages and used some watercolors. Really buckles!
I let that dry.
Then I found my Mod Podge, added a couple pieces of green tissue paper, and let that dry.
I decided to fill my bottles of Radiant Rain sprays so they would have a deeper color. (You kind of mix your own with water.) I used the bare branched trees mask this time. On the left page I used walnut ink spray and on the right page I used some Bamboo Green Radiant Rain spray. My bottles haven't been used for a long time, were kind of cloggy, and I wasn't sure where I was spraying--LOL! Got green shiny mist all over my left hand. :)
Anyways, that is drying right now.
I don't know what I am doing, but this is fun!! :):)
Yesterday I slept from 12:30-8:30pm, but I'm not sure I'll last till noon today. We'll see. When I am tired enough, I am off to lalaland...don't care what time it is. ;)
What I am doing right now...well, before I deleted them from my recordings I rewatched the Nova program on string theory and I am now rewatching "The Fabric of The Cosmos: The Illusion of Time." I have to let these theories sink in a bit to get my head wrapped around them the best I am able. Fascinating stuff!
Have you ever had dreams of other time periods?
I've had them all my life. But the past maybe ten years or less I have started to have what I call "time jumping" dreams. Like say I am dreaming I am riding in a car and suddenly I am riding on a horse drawn cart in another time period with other people. I never find this unusual while I am dreaming--LOL! For some reason the time jumping usually happens when I am moving--walking, riding in/on something, or driving.
Do you ever have a sense that somebody in a dream from another lifetime is actually somebody you know in your present life? Even if they don't look the same? Or really reminds you of somebody you know?
Or have you dreamt about something that actually happened later?
Do you fly? Or have any other skills you don't have in real life?
I dream about being able to just run, leap, and kind of float-fly. Dreamt that since I was a kid. But when I got up over the trees I would start to fall to earth (remember I am afraid of heights?) and I'd get that horrible falling sensation and wake up. A few years ago I suddenly learned how to land. ?? Haven't had flying dreams since then...not that I can remember anyways. And I have often dreamt about being able to read people's thoughts and/or just have knowledge about what they really feel. Hard to explain. Kind of like soul knowledge.
Anyways, I was just thinking about the time jumping dreams and all of this while watching Nova because they're talking about how time could be all right there--past, present, and future. It often is when I dream. :)
Absolutely fascinating stuff!!
Well, got to go check the raisins and apple chips.
Have a good Saturday and sweet, interesting dreams!! :):)


  1. Oh my gosh! I remember Mod Podge!! Haven't seen nor heard of the stuff in years and years!


    KarmaKat is exhausted from being box, packaging, and new furniture Inspector Karma...

    Those raisins at least look like raisins!

  2. Your dreams are fascinating. My dreams usually center around losing my purse which would be a tragedy as half of everything I own is in my purse. lol I also dream frequently of when I was a small child.

    Have a great weekend Rita!!


  3. I have had flying dreams quite often. They are sometimes related to skydiving, but instead of need a plane to be in the air, I just lift off the ground.

    There have been people in my dreams who recur occasionally that I don't think I've met in this lifetime. Perhaps they are the personification of my guardian angel, I think.

    You got eight hours of sleep, that sounds wonderful. I was awake most of the night last night, thinking about the state of the world, which is never very restful. :-)

  4. Yeah I've had a few flying dreams, especially when I was little (I used to think I could really do it too lol) lovely pages, really like the effects, what fun, thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie :) x

  5. Karma looked so cute and content sleeping! Good for you getting that eight hours of sleep! Bet it felt good!

    Interesting dreams you have; I don't think I've ever dreamt in a different time period than where I'm at right now. I know a recurring dream I had when I was younger was crossing the street at night, trying to get across it safely but seeing a car's lights heading my way. Now I just seem to relive my days in my dreams.

    Interesting about the consistency of foods in the dehydrator; I'm with you; I think you will get the hang of it; trial and error techniques I'm sure!


  6. Iggy--Ha! The crafters still use good old Mod Podge! It is still around. :)
    Karma is the inspector, that's for sure. I don't think she usually sleep as soundly when I'm awake. So when I am catching 3 hours a day for so many days, I wear her out--LOL! ;)

    Beth--I used to have dreams of trying to get ready to go someplace and not being able to find anything to wear or my purse or shoes or whatever I needed...time would just go by until I knew I'd never be ready in time and wake up. No idea why I had them. They stopped, too, apparently.
    Your purse! That has everything in it! I never thought about it, but I guess I don't remember ever dreaming about when I was a kid. I wonder why?
    Have a great day! :):)

    Djan--It doesn't surprise me in the least that you would have flying dream, you little sky diver you!! ROFL!
    Most of the time I don't know who the people are in my dreams. Once in a while I think I do, but the majority of the time I dream about places I've never been and people I don't know...ever since I can remember. I love the idea of you having your guardian angel with you!! That is wonderful. :)
    Worrying is a big sleep stealer, yes, and the world can be a big worry. I used to do a lot of that. Good thing I don't hardly ever these days...I have enough nights I can't sleep as it is. ;) I hope you don't let things get you down and keep you from sleeping. Have a peaceful, happy weekend, lady!! *hugs*

  7. Love that tree mask - where did you get it? Did you make it? And that clogging thing...I use my spray bottles fairly regularly and still find them cloggy. As I read I was hoping maybe you had a suggestion for that. I guess it's the acrylic drying on the nozzle. Maybe I should make it with water color and see if that works any better! Wonderful, chock full of stuff post! Thanks for sharing! (came over from AEDM)

  8. Our dream lives sounds similar. I have had several dreams of living in other time periods, although I am a firm believer in what I refer to as simultaneous "time." I will look for a repeat of that Nova show, as it sounds right up my alley. In dreams, I play the piano effortlessly and often speak with a British accent, fly and land with the greatest of ease, none of which I can do in this "reality." I sometimes feel that if we dropped all the invisible barriers that we have been educated into throughout our lives, we could do anything we call forth. Anything. Others have. And I don't believe they have special powers, they have learned to access that possibility and demonstrated it because they believed they could. It's something we all can do, because I believe the true nature of reality is not this seemingly material world we have constructed.

    Yes, "absolutely fascinating stuff."

  9. Like you say, fascinating stuff.

    Looks to me like your whole life is like a dream.
    So, sweet dreams!

  10. Love all the greens you used! The trees go perfectly with it!

  11. The art journal sounds like fun--you make me want to take up crafting. I've never dreamed in different time periods. Interesting stuff.

  12. Hope you raisins and apple crisps were JUST right!

    Your journal looks really great. I have some mod podge with my scrapbooking stuff. I wonder if it is still good. I might be able to get some interesting textures using it... food for thought.

    My dreams are generally pretty boring. I don't believe I've ever gone back in time! That would be pretty cool. Might have to work on that... or maybe dreams don't work that way, huh. lol

    Sweet dreams!


  13. Karma was definitely out like a light. LOL

    Your raspberries and raisins look good. Hope you can get the dehydrating time figured out soon.

    I'm glad you're having fun with your artwork. It's looking pretty good from this side of the computer screen. :)

    Dreams...I hardly ever remember mine.

    Have a good weekend.

  14. I'm sure you'll get the hang of the dehydrator with a few more experiments. Quite tricky indeed.

    For someone who doesn't know what she's doing, your page is looking amazing, Rita! I love those tree masks...very effective! As your pages are now, they make me think of a beautiful abstract landscape.

    I used to dream of different time periods in my younger years but not any more. Interesting that you jump between time periods in your dreams...I don't think I ever had that happen.

    OH YES...I've had dreams where I can fly and they were so much fun. I loved having the power to fly!

    It sounds like the Nova series has a similar concept to Quantum Theory which I am really into.

    I hope Karma enjoyed her deep sleep...we all need one occasionally.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Serena xo

  15. Your journal pages are absolutely gorgeous! I love 'em!

  16. I am so glad you mentioned they were RAISINS!

    You know what, Rita? I think Karma rather likes your sleep schedule. Cats sleep during the day! It sounds like you got a good chunk of sleep, FINALLY! I hope it helped.

  17. Jenny--Thanks! Seems funny that so many people dream about flying. But it is such fun to fly! ;)

    Betty--Yes! I dream things about my daily life, too. :) I think I will finally catch on with the dehydrator over time. It's hard to judge when they say things like...could take 10-36 hours!? LOL!

    Tammy--Hi!! No, I didn't make it--although you certainly could cut out your own masks/stencils. I ordered it from Amazon. I searched for masks, templates, and stencils--lots of them! They come in 6X6, 8X8, and 12X12 inch. (I want to get some more.) The trees template is made by :)
    I wish I knew how to keep the spray bottles from clogging and dripping. The only thing I do when they get really bad or won't work is take the whole nozzle off and soak it in hot water and mess with it till it's clean. But that is a pain! And they usually do seem to be acrylic based, you're right. Watercolors could maybe work better...or inks? Maybe that is something I should google or search for on youtube! ;) Thanks for stopping by. I am going to check out your blog, too. :)

    Teresa--A woman after my own heart! I believe that, too. Am far from being able to do "anything" myself, but I believe other people have learned how to free themselves from our self-contraints. ;)
    Simultaneous time--yes, that's what they were talking about. They didn't mention it, but I've read how if you learn to change things now for the positive that those changes ripple back positively through the past! Wow! Fascinating!! :):)

    Friko--Hello!! Thanks for the visit! I will go visit your blog, too. Sweet dreams to you, too!! :):)

    Carolyn--Thanks! I've been in a nature mood, I guess. Lots of experimentation going on with this new art journal stuff. ;)

    Rubye--I am surprised at how much just plain fun this is! So much freedom...feel like a grade-schooler in art class again!! And since you have to wait for things to dry (well, you could use a heat gun to speed it up) it is perfect for me to be able to do a little at a time. Now I see why this has become so popular. It's not even what you make, the joy is in the process. :)

    Deanna--I was surprised my Mod Podge was still good! I know I bought it before I moved here almost seven years ago. I'd go dig it up and see. ;)
    Oh, I think dreams could maybe work that way. I have asked for answers or guidance in making decisions before I went to bed and had the solutions come in dreams. You never know? :)

    AliceKay--Yes, Karma wasn't even sleeping with her one ear open--LOL! ;)
    Thanks! This art journal stuff has been challenging (because I've never tried anything like this before) but I'm having a blast! Also like the Doodle Book, too, and need to get back to that soon. Freeing!
    You get some sleep, too! Sweet dreams!!

    Serena--Yes, tricky. And each fruit has a different moisture content and it depends on if they're sliced or how thickly...and they give instructions with a wide-wide spread of hours, so it's uncharted territory for us. :)
    Thanks! I've been thinking nature when I am doing the pages. Now I see why you love the collages and abstracts!! Such freedom!! :):)
    Yes, they've talked about Quantum Physics a lot, too, on these Nova programs. If they had had science like this when I was in high school I would have been in those classes in a flash!! ;)
    Sleep well, my friend! :)

    Connie--Greetings! Thanks so much! I will check out your blog. So glad you stopped by. :):)

    Nikki--LOL! Well, they could look like something else instead of raisins, I guess--ROFL!!
    That's true! Cats are often more alert during the night. Karma is such a lazy bones, she snoozes day and night...wakes up to eat and complain and demand some attention--LOL!
    Have a great Sunday!! :):)

  18. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Your art journal pages are looking great! I love those greens :O) Do you ever write on your pages like Serena does? I sometimes use quotes or poetry but I haven't done that many pages. Just curious what you will do.

    Its interesting that you dream about different times. I never have. I usually dream about being chased and I feel like I'm stuck in quick sand and can't run fast enough to get away. Sometimes my husband is with me and we are running and I'm worried about him. I can never see faces of people in my dream. It's odd but sometimes the places are really crystal clear but I can't see faces. One time I dreamed my husband was cheating on me (this was many years ago) and I was trying so hard to see the face of the person... I don't know why it mattered. Finally I heard her say something and knew who it was. When I woke up I still thought it was real and I hauled off and punched my husband! He was so confused.

    You're having a lot of fun with that dehydrator. You should try drying some mango or pineapple.... I don't need a dehydrater here in Alaska. I live in one LOL

  19. oh my goodness, what a tidy desk! I dream of mine being like that, with space to work and think ;) Great journal page, love the colours

  20. Donna--I'm not sure if I will write on any of the pages in this art journal or not. I tried to start a sketch book once a long time ago and quit. Maybe I should go and dig that one up, too, and try to turn it into a sketch journal--LOL! ;)
    OMGosh! You punching your hubby--so funny! I can't see faces, either. But I just kind of know who they are if I do know them. Most of the time I don't know the people, though.
    Ha! Leah bought a pineapple!! We'll be trying that and some more apples pretty soon. That machine is loud, though, so I'm glad to have it off for a while. ;)

    Sarah--I am a neatnick, yes. Even if I really don't have to worry about the top of the old folding table because it is already a bit stained and worn. It's a rectangular folding table I got years ago at Target for about $30. I used to have people over when I still lived in Minneapolis to craft and we needed more surface area so I bought a couple of these handy folding tables. Never regretted it, that's for sure! They're seen a lot of use. :)

  21. Dear Rita, your art work in your journal is lovely. Those limbs branching from the corners and up into the middle of each page. Beautiful and evocative.

    As to dream. I just to have what I think of as "significant" dreams that revealed to me my deepest desires--my heartwishes. They showed me what I truly believed about myself and my life.

    However, in the past few years my years have been fleeting, leaving little memory behind--just vague glimpses of people from my past. They represent, I'm sure, something in my life or in me, but the dream doesn't stay and so I can't examine it.

    I'm glad to hear that you got eight hours of sleep.
    Karma, of course, doesn't have to worry about her sleep! Cats are such snoozers.

    Oh, and I wanted to say thanks for your sharing with us these hydration adventures. I'm now thinking about getting one of them.

  22. Karma's exhausted; she has a hard job to do with all the great packages you get that she has to inspect, all the sunbathing, etc... Don't you know how draining that is? LOL!

    You'll get the hang of the dehydrator in the end!

    "I don't know what I'm doing, but this is fun," is a good way to look at it. As long as you're having fun, nothing else matters! :)

    I have those kinds of dreams sometimes. As a point though, according to what I was reading about dreams in that course I got the materials for, the things in your dream that remind you of people are meant to; it's part of the symbolism of the messages in the dreams.

  23. Love the pics of Karma ~ He is a gem! ~ love him ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  24. Dee--I have long stretches where I don't remember dreams--sometimes years. I know I am dreaming, but they dissipate so quickly that they are immediately lost to me. Then I'll have times where I am dreaming like crazy--vividly. I guess I figure that if I need to remember them I do--those significant dreams, like you said, that help you to sort things out and face things about yourself.
    Thanks re: the art journal. Playtime!
    The only thing about the dehydrator is that I wonder what it is costing in electricity to run this for days for such little return? Of course there are different brands, too. The food is so freshly made, though. And you feel like a mad scientist--LOL! ;)

    Tori--Yes, having fun and not worry so much about things being perfect--that's a really good thing for me. You know how OCD I can be--LOL!
    I totally agree! If I think I know who somebody is in a dream is has always been significant to me...a reason they are there, you know? That person can just be symbolic, too--true!
    Have fun with your projects, too!! :)

    Carol--I think Karma has her own following--LOL! ;)

  25. Fascinating post! And Karma, you just keep stealing chunks of my heart! As regards my own dreams, I too have often dreamt of the run-leap-fly you speak of. It's always so thrilling and I never ever fall. I just glide gently back to earth. In my dreams I truly believe I am able to do this whenever I want. It seems so real and natural. I have had some repeat dreams about places I go to that even in real life seem real, even though I've never been to them. I have even had to remind myself on occasion that what I'm remembering so vividly is only a place I've imagined in a dream. Weird!

  26. Desiree--OMGosh! When I do the quick run and leap it seems perfectly natural, too. I was never scared in the least until I started to fall. Was sure glad when I learned how to land gently--LOL!
    And I also return to places and time periods in dreams over the years--and I have actually reminded myself while I am dreaming that these are dream places--LOL! I also have run into the same people I don't know in real life, but I have met them many times in dreams.
    The weirdest ones--being able to read people's thoughts and intuitively know their true intent. I have had those dreams all my life...having that gift as some type of healer in some crazy time where they did experiments on genetically combining humans and animals. Now, that's a strange thing to have repeat dreams about.
    All this talk of dreams makes me wish I would be remembering them lately. ;)

  27. I love what you are doing with your journal! Having fun is all you need to know.
    Loved the sunrise with the com trail, don't know if that was this post, I'm catching up...sorry.

    I do dream that I fly, but normally, I float, like just a bit off the ground. It's strange, when I was younger I thought I could really do this. the dreams were so real.

    I often dream about people I know, but they don't look like themselves, or I'll be dreaming about a person and they look different later in the dream, but it's the same person.

    Dreams I hate, are ones where you think you woke up and you are really still asleep...ick.

    Nova's string theory is a neat one.

    glad you have been able to keep up every day!

  28. Wendy--Cool! I was disappointed I couldn't float/fly in real life, too, when I was little! ;)

    I have had a few times when the person I am with will time jump with me...and then they don't look the same, but I know they are the same person. Usually I run into people and I know who they are, but I know they don't look the same...even if faces are not a distinct thing in my dreams. Dreams are sure fascinating!

    Yah! I have dreamt that I woke up, but I am still dreaming, too! And am often aware that I am dreaming while I am dreaming...and can sometimes change the direction or tone of the dream while I am dreaming it. Sounds weird, but it is nice to have a better outcome than the same old one that doesn't work--LOL! ;)

    I love the idea of all these itty, bitty strings vibrating energy...each having its own unique music or tone. Lovely!!

    I hope I can keep up the second half of the month. Have a great day, lady!! :)

  29. ok...forget my question in (next) post...hopefully you'll see this and not waste your breath! ha! YES, you used your dehydrator for ALL that YUMMY stuff!! i imagine it's a learn as you go process...and the time may not be the same for each item you put in there. just don't forget to write the time down each time...and if you think it needs more or less time, next time. wow, that's a lot of TIMES! ayway, you're so organized!! you're probably already doing that!

    hey!! now i see the process with your journal page...the awesome tree! beautiful background!

    karma looks so content....aaaaaah, to be a cat...

    DREAMS!! i have CRAZY ones...flying ones...sometimes i wonder if it's our subconscious remembering past lives...or what?!!

    take care! milo says meow! :)

  30. Laura--I am normally quite organized, but I actually forgot to write down what time it was when we put these into the dehydrator! Leah was washing the fruits and putting them in and we both forgot to do that. We will next time. I know--hard to believe with two such anal women--ROFL!!
    We probably do dream about past lives, who knows! Crazy dreams are much more interesting, anyways--LOL!
    Karma says hi to Milo and her raccoon buddy! ;)

  31. *Nods in agreement*


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