Saturday, November 26, 2011


This grey morning where you can hardly tell the ground from the sky. It snowed a little, but has now turned to rain.
Yesterday I went for a bright red and yellow page spread. Then I added crinkled Saran Wrap on top...
...and pressed it down. Left it to dry overnight. Haven't even peeled it off yet to see what the results are this morning. Soon.
I have been up since 5am and have puttered away all these hours already. Been catching up online, have clothes almost ready to come out of the washer, and put dishes away from the dishwasher. Feeling pretty good today--tada!
Found out yesterday that Dagan and Leah never told the office that they got Sammy and Annie! (Naughty! Naughty!) Well, they got caught. Got a notice that they will have to pay $70 more a month and have to get both of them declawed ASAP. So...Dagan and Leah had looked around a little bit for a different place to live before...but then Leah's mom got sick with cancer...well, you know how time passes. Dagan said they are going to look for another place and want to move.
So, this means that they will jump the car when they come over on Wednesday but if it doesn't hold a charge it will just have to sit in the garage for a while. They can't afford to bring it in for a while. Which is fine with me. Goodness! They just brought Dagan's old car over for me to borrow out of the goodness of their hearts because I can't afford the upkeep. I wouldn't blame them if they wanted to get rid of her if she costs too much to fix or they just plain want to cut down on expenses, you know? I have been able to drive myself to all my own appointments for almost three and a half years now. That has been a luxury I am extremely grateful for and can never repay.
Well, we'll shall see what happens with PitaPaseo. Will she come back to life one more time? Will she die at the gas station? Will she start two days in a row? Or will she sit patiently in the garage till spring? The saga continues...LOL!
I will leave you with the latest Simon's Cat video. I just love that he's gotten a kitten in the recent ones. Any of you who have watched a kitten drive an adult cat crazy will really love these!
Have a great weekend!! :):)


Carolyn Dube said...

I've done the saran wrap with watercolors but not acrylic paint - I can't wait to see how it comes out!

Rubye Jack said...

I loved the video. Cats are so funny.
Your Saran Wrap painting looks interesting, especially with the red and yellow.

Jennibellie said...

What's Saran Wrap?? Please post a pic once done I can't wait to see the result :) x

Dee Ready said...

Dear Rita,
I've never seen an artist at work before. Nor have I been privy to the process by which wonderful effects are created. You are giving me an education in art. Thank you.

The Simon's cat video is the one I looked at a day or two ago. I laughed out loud then and again today when the cat sat up to full height and ordered the kitten out of the larger sleeping cubby. Oh the delightful chuckle I enjoyed!

Thank you.

Rita said...

Carolyn--I've only been using watercolors. I've never tried it with acrylics, either. I would think it world work if you watered them down good. :)

Rubye--Simon obviously knows cats well--LOL! ;) This is an easy technique to play with. Just need the patience to let it fully dry. ;)

Jenny--Saran wrap is just a brand name for plastic wrap kind of like saying kleenex for facial tissue, you know? Any kind of plastic wrap would work. In fact mine was actually Reynold's plastic wrap. ;) Yes, I already took a picture for tomorrow. :)

Dee--Oh, goodness! Sounds like you need some playtime, my friend! Too bad you don't leave nearby. I'd have you over and let you experiment and play with all kinds of fun stuff! :)
Yes, I know! This is what I forgot to post when I thought I forgot something yesterday--LOL! I get such a giggle from Simon's Cat videos!
Have a really wonderful weekend! :)

Beth said...

The video is a hoot Rita. Thanks for sharing it.

I can't wait to see the outcome of your latest art adventure.


Gwen said...

I am in a rush so I will come back and leave you a comment about your work a bit later.
You asked me some questions...I will not wait till the end of the year and I will show you very soon how I will bind may be more than one volume.
Thank you for your interest and your amazing comment.
Wait there! I will be back shortly;)

:) xx

tammy vitale said...

What a great video for a grin - got that tail down just right! Who needs vocabulary when you have an expressive tail!

Hope you are having a good weekend. Hope ye olde car repairs - cars make me crazy! I want to get in them and have them run.

Rita said...

Beth--Thanks so much! Glad you liked the video. :)

Gwen--You're welcome! Okay. I'll wait right here! Promise! ;)

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

It was a rather overcast and rainy day here in Minnesota as well. Felt like Oregon, in some ways.

Love how you're trying different experiments with paint. It will be interesting to see how the saran wrap and acrylic paint turns out. What a fun process...and venture into the unknown!

Gwen said...

Right I am back now!
Your video was very amusing. It will be so interesting when the wraps come off....should be some wonderful patternng to be revealed.
Have a good weekend:)
I would love some snow or rain; either will do:)

Serena Lewis said...

The plastic wrap effect should look great, Rita. I think the effect is more dramatic if you let it dry before removing the plastic wrap. I never have the patience and usually press and remove the wrap almost immediately. It's still a nice effect in both acrylic or watercolour.

A shame about Dagan and Leah's situation. I don't understand why they should have to pay $70 a month extra though? Here you don't pay extra to have pets. I wish them well in finding a place.

I'm waiting with bated breath for the continuing saga in the life of PitaPaseo. ;)

See you tomorrow! It's the 27th here...THREE days left!

Serena xo

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear having Sammy and Annie live with Dagan and Leah is causing them some problems. They have such a nice home there. Hope it all works out well in the end.

Cars (and trucks and any other means of transportation) can be costly. I hope things work out well for you there, too.

Loved the Simon's Cat video. Thought it was pretty cute. :)

Rita said...

Tammy--Love those kitties! ;)
I know! The more I think about it, maybe we should just wait and deal with the car when we can bring it in. I'll be afraid it would die and not start again anywhere I went, so what's the point? I might talk to them about that. ;)

Ann--Yup! Dreary day today.
I liked it--bright and bold. I'll post a pic tomorrow. :)

Gwen--I waited for you right here. ROFL! You're so funny!
I love playing with saran wrap and watercolors. I've done it before making bookmarks. Oh, I also used ink, too. Fun! Have a good Sunday! :)

Serena--I guess I've always let them dry so I'd get the full effect. Fun to find out what you have.
A lot of places up here charge an extra fee for having pets (can be $100-300 dollars) and many of them require a cat to be declawed, but I honestly hadn't heard of charging more every single month? I wonder if that was because they didn't tell them? Some kind of penalty? I'm sure I'll hear more about it next week. And I am seriously thinking maybe we should just leave the car alone until we can take it in to the garage.
Anyways, I can't believe we are this close to December, girlfriend!! Whoohoo! We'll make it, I think. :)

AliceKay--They do love their place, but they have wanted to buy a place or move to a cheaper place to save up to buy their own place. That place is nice, but it is expensive rent and I think they're tired of renting. We'll see. They may not find anything they like, either, or calm down and decide to stay put. Trouble is, it costs a lot to move!! Time will tell.
I think I've watched every one of the Simon's Cat videos half a dozen times. ;)
Have a great Sunday of rest!! :):)

betty said...

What a cute cat video!! Made me think how Koda manages to take the best part of the bed, LOL.

You did have a productive morning; sounds like you got a lot of things done!!

Hope the rest of the day was a good one!


C... said...

My son watched that little cartoon with a look of perplexity on his face.

Desiree said...

Goodness, I can tell I'm late! Just look how far down the page I've had to travel to say hello! I am eager to see the pages once the wrap comes off :)
I do hope D & L find suitable alternative accommodation. They seem to have had to deal with a lot of late. Hope you are having a good weekend indoors. Outdoors sounds pretty bleak.

Rita said...

C--That's so cute! I hope he liked it, though. :)

Desiree--Nobody's ever too late to this party! ;) *giggles*
D&L have had a lot to deal with lately. So it was wonderful for them to actually get good news before the holidays. :)
I hope you have been having a great weekend, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rita, wow that is a shame how much they want to charge just for someone having pets. I hope that your car does start for you and all ends good with that situation. I sure hope we get snow this year :o) Have a good Sunday!!

Intense Guy said...

Poor kitties.. being declawed or evicted... that seems so wrong.

Hope they find a place that works better for them - and helps them realize a home of their dreams - It might even have one those detached mother in law suites huh? :)

Rita said...

Lynn--They usually don't charge extra per month, just a big extra fee and rules (like declawing cats). I'll maybe find out more when I see them this week.
I know we'll have snow. We always have snow. Too bad I can FedEx you a big box of it when it arrives--LOL! ;)

Iggy--D&L will do the laser declawing, they said. More expensive, but easier on the cats. Karma has no claws--front or back. They only require removing the front claws. I only did the front claws with my last cat, Chakra, and she'd lay under the bed and kick her way all around on her back. Totally shredded the box spring fabric--LOL! They find a way. So, when I did Karma I went for all four--but it was laser removal and she was amazingly happy and full of the devil afterwards. So, it won't be as awful as it could be.
They aren't evicted, but they want to move. They have talked about it for some time off and on. I think this is just the push, you know? Sammy and Annie would have yet another home to adjust to, but I'm sure they'll be fine as long as they have Dagan and Leah there. :)
I don't think D&L have enough money to buy a place with a mother-in-law suite--LOL! But they have actually talked about that. Maybe one day, they tell me. Karma and I are fine right here, though. :) :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I simply ADORE those Simon videos!!! Thanks for putting it up for us!

Hopefully the car situation gets resolved soon!

Rita said...

Jeannie--I adore the Simon's Cat videos, too! Can hardly wait for new ones.
I have a feeling the car being fixed may be a long time coming. That's life. I'll be okay. Maybe she'll be fixed later on. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that cat video was so cute!!!!! That actually reminds me of myself when I'm bored and want attention....especially after being on nights for a while and needing human contact. Your red spread makes me hungry for pizza for some reason.... I have never heard of putting Saran wrap on a painting before but I guess it would make a neat pattern! I'll have to try that.

Oh bummer about Leah and D's Kitty/apartment issues. Hopefully they find something that works soon. When you are young like that $70 and paying for 2 sets of declaws is impossible. With my crazy landlord I never tried to have any pets other than fish! That lady was insane. Maybe Leah should just paint their nails the color of the carpet LOL Actually, just paint the kitties the color of the carpet and say, what cats? What have you guys been smokin?

Rita said...

Donna--You never know what pattern you are going to end up with, but it's fun! :)
Their rent is already high there because they are newer and more like condos (three floors). Crummy time of the year to move. Maybe they are thinking of the spring. I can't remember when their lease is up. Well, they'll either move or stay put. Time will tell.
Or make the cats carpet coats...what cats? LOL!
They should have told the landlords. Tsk! Tsk! I thought they had. Oh well. You pay the piper.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

you always amaze me with the new things you try out with your art! saran wrap!!?? i bet it gives it a pretty cool effect! a wrinkled look!

that's a shame about the 'kids' having to get cats declawed or their rent will go up?? that's crazy!! i hope things work out for them!!

OH...and CUTE video!!

Rita said...

Laura--I learned this and the salt technique years ago in a watercolor class. Such fun!!
No, they have to get them declawed AND their rent will be higher. At least that is what Dagan told me. I'll find out more on Wednesday.
Glad you liked Simon's Cat. :)

Toriz said...

The extra fee I can kinda see; it's not fair, but I can see it. But why should they "have to" get the cats declawed?

Hopefully they can find somewhere soon and avoid even the extra money each month.

Good luck with the car situation; and, hey, if it does die (or get sold) at least you'll have the memories of the times you could take yourself out in it. :)

Rita said...

Tori--I can see one flat extra fee. They do that a lot around here. But this is every month--raising the rent--according to what Dagan told me. And a lot of places require the cats be declawed and neutered. Karma was declawed when she was young...and fixed. But I can't remember if both were required here or not. I think so.

Dagan and Leah's cats are fixed, just not declawed. I'll find out more when they come over Wednesday. :)
Have a great day!!

Toriz said...

I can understand wanting them to be fixed; especially in apartment blocks where lots of cats could be near each other and posibly increasing the kitty population. But I still think it being essential that they're declawed is wrong!

Rita said...

Tori--It's because a cat can do a lot of damage to your home. I've had cats all my life and had them claw up carpets, woodwork, corner walls, and cupboard doors. I totally understand it. I never thought I'd ever do it, either. Only my last two cats were declawed, but all my cats will be from now on. :)