Friday, November 11, 2011


Karma had to claim the ATG gun box, of course.
Leah came over after work. I made dinner. She cleaned raspberries and added them to the dehydrator. BTW--the grapes are looking more and more like raisins. It did say up to 36 hours! It's been about 33 hours now...and we want them on the drier side. Guesswork for us till we know more what we are doing--LOL!
Anyways, then we got back to working on the Christmas cards.
Leah put the glued test stars through a tough trial of twisting and rubbing. The Crystal Lacquer was the best one. That star actually bent and it still didn't come off--tada! So that is the adhesive container you see remaining on the table. We put the rest of them away.
We finished cutting out the trees and then cut the "frames" for backing the trees. Ran out of the black paper. I found just a few sheets of a nice green so Leah will use those as she only needs 20 cards. Perfect.
Then we started gluing the trees to the backing...taking turns learning how to use this new ATG gun. Leah got the hang of it quicker than I did, of course, being more mechanically coordinated than moi--but we got all the backings glued on.
So, the next step is to adhere the framed trees to the front of the card--like below. And in the final step--we will add one star to the top of one tree in the forest. ;)
The nablopomo prompt for today:
It's 11/11/11, make three wishes.
Hummm. I sat here and couldn't think of anything. The only things that came to mind were world peace...wishing Dagan and Leah will be healthy and safe and happy...and Karma lives to be really cat-old...well, I guess those are my three wishes. :)
I have been up all night. No surprise after sleeping all day yesterday--hehe! It's dark, 35 degrees, a quiet 17 mph breeze, and supposed to get up to 52 today (while I, hopefully, saw logs). Karma is now sleeping on the ATG box. I am going to watch Nova "The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time". Tomorrow I am planning to start catching up on some letters I owe. Oh, and you see how easy it is to have a week or two go by with my crazy hours and not drive that car!! Dang it all. I have to take the car out pretty soon, too--LOL!
Hey, there's another wish...that I could stay on day hours--period! Oh well, too late now. I don't want to take anything back. ;)
What would your three wishes be?
See you sometime on Saturday! :):)


  1. That "The Fabric of the Cosmos" Nova series is excellent! I find it a bit mind warping to think we could be 2 dimensional holograms... but hey why not? :) Have you ever read Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott? If not - you might enjoy it on several levels (pun sort of intended).

    Its available on-line in its entirety

    I like your three wishes... I'd only amend one of them - and that is that KarmaKat's owner health return and that she too lives a long, comfortable, fulfilling life.


  2. Christmas cards are elegant! Great job! ~ Love Karma and how he loves boxes! ~ have a great weekend ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  3. Ah, Veterans' Day with a twist today, all those elevens. I like the thought of making three wishes too. Yours are good, but I agree with Intense Guy that I do also wish that your health would return and that you live a long and pain-free life!

    I got behind because of being gone all day yesterday. Went to the movies at 6:30 which is really late for me! I read your other post but am commenting here, I love the forest of trees. You do have a lot of passions, and this one you have for art is fun for me, too! :-)

  4. What beautiful cards! I liked seeing the process you took to get at the final product.

  5. Those are wonderful cards, Rita!

    I hope you live a long fulfilling life too!

  6. Iggy--I know! I have to just sit there and try to wrap my mind around the concepts! No, never read Flatland. Sounds like it would be interesting. I will check it out! I am fascinated by things like this. Thanks!!
    From one hologram to another, thanks so much for wishing me a life as good as Karma's. :):)

    Carol--Thanks! Sometimes I love a simple card. Yes, Karma loves claiming anything she can lay on or in--LOL! ;)

    Djan--Thanks so much! A long, pain free life--wow! Now that would be something!! :)
    I'm so glad you enjoy all the various serious and silly things I post about. You are always a bright spot for me when you visit. :)

    Ann--So glad you stopped by. I checked out your blog and loved the loon you quilted. I will be back (following) and hope to see you again, too. :):)

  7. The cards are great! Very simple yet elegant. That's what I'd look for if I were buying a card.

    Karma sure does love her boxes. Maya is more fascinated by any type of strings. She loves that plastic strip that goes around a box. I have a little candle arrangement on my coffee table with candles and sea shells and she is constantly stealing the shells out of it so she can play with them. Silly cat!

    I can't think of any wishes but I do like the world peace one.

  8. The cards are beautiful!

    My three wishes:




    Have a wonderful weekend Rita!!


  9. Those cards are going to look so nice when completed! I like your three wishes! Can't come up with any right now for myself, I'm sure Koda would wish for more food, wish for more food, wish for more food!

    I like today, 11/11/11; it is so much fun typing it!


  10. Dear Rita,
    Like others who commented on this posting, I so wish that you, too, could find rest and the health that would make your life even more enjoyable.

    (Although I have to tell you, that you are the kind of person who makes lemonade out of truly sour lemons! You're a gift to all of us.)

    My three wishes would be that my nephew would find at age fifty-one a true friend. That Maggie and Ellie and Matthew--the three cats with whom I share my life--will continue to have good health. That I will be able to move back to Minnesota and to the many friends I made there in my thirty-eight years of being a Minnesotan.

    And of course, the overarching wish of all of us I think must be for world peace. That somehow we would all sort truly listening to one another's silences.

  11. Of course Karma claimed the ATG gun box. LOL

    Simple is sometimes the best way to go. Your cards are looking great.

    I hope you were able to get some sleep today. Have a great night!

  12. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Awww Rita I hope you got to saw those logs. Loved seeing Karma and your beautiful Christmas card, I want so badly to get excited about the holidays but this year is just tough for numerous reasons, I am trying though because their are still things in life that I am so thankful for and of course when I get a chance to craft anything that makes me happy :o) happy weekend to you and karma hugs!

  13. Nikki--Thanks, sweetie! You, too! ;)

    Barb--Karma goes batty-ape-$hit over strings...anything that reminds her a string--ROFL!! Funny Maya and the sea shells. I had a cat that stole anything small and shiny (earrings and rings were her favorites) and she'd either drop them in the toilet or bury them in her cat box! Another one who pulled the electric plugs out of the wall--including my alarm clock and VCR! She also pulled the pins out of a bulletin board over my desk. Cats are so funny. Karma still loves that strip of plastic from the bottom of the shower liner?? Maya is so cute! I hope they take the move well when you are able to go. :)

    Beth--Thanks so much!
    Those are the perfect three wishes!! :)
    Have a great healthy, happy, lovey weekend! ;)

    Betty--LOL! Karma would totally agree with Koda!! ;)
    Supposed to be an extra good day on 11/11/11. (I like to type it, too.)

    Dee--Oh, thanks so much. You are such a dear!!
    You have great sounding wishes, too. I know what you mean. I am only across the river from my "homeland", but it would seem weird to be to spend out the rest of my days in North Dakota--LOL! I'm happy being someplace near my son & DIL, though, wherever they live. I do hope you get to move back to Minnesota. :):)

    AliceKay--I hope things are going well your way, too. I hope you have a revitalizing, peaceful weekend!! :):)

    Lynn--I did saw a few logs!! ;) Ahhh!
    The crafting makes me happy, too. I have done very little of it this year. I'm just thrilled that we should finish our cards in November this year. Not that I'll have money for stamps till December--ROFL!!--but it's a good feeling. I love the holiday season, but I am also not doing retail anymore--LOL! I hope you get into the spirit. the love, peace, and goodwill carries me away every year. ;)

  14. Those cards are looking great!!! I hope you get all three of your wishes, and a good night's sleep, too!

  15. The card is really eye catching and so glad that you have your creative outlet to make everything better. I think we are all happier when we get to be creative xx

  16. Carol C--That would be like Christmas and birthday wishes for life--LOL! ;) I did actually sleep again--ahhh! Thanks!

    Tracey--Greetings! I checked out your blog--talk about creative! I'll be back! I hope you will, too. :)

  17. I do love the tree card!

    What was "Nova" like? From the comments between you and Iggy, I think it's something I may enjoy watching too.

    My three wishes would be world peace, that my kids live long, happy and healthy lives and that there would be NO animal cruelty anywhere in the world.

    Serena xo

  18. Serena--PBS Nova is running this series on the Cosmos that is really something! Too complex for me to explain it to anybody else, to be honest. My brain is only drifting around the edges of it all--LOL! Space time, the universe expanding, time traveling at different speeds...just so interesting!! I can grasp it, but I can't explain it--LOL! If you get a chance to see it, really intriguing! :)
    Our wishes are similar. ;)

  19. The cards you guys are making sound really nice. :)

    Great choice for your wishes! :)

  20. Tori--Thanks, lady! :)


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