Monday, November 14, 2011


Okay, tonight was a doodle TV night. I left a blank area to be filled in by imagination--LOL!
I've been meaning to get a couple pictures of this for a long time. The ultimate in being efficiently lazy. Remember the treat egg that Leah bought for Karma that she was chasing around the apartment with her head? Well, Karma caught on very quickly to how this contraption actually worked. She lies in one spot...rolls it in one direction...
...checks to see if a treat fell out...
...if one has she pulls it within mouth range with her paw...
...and then she rolls the egg the other direction.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. ;)
Note that Karma is still enjoying lying on the empty ATG gun box--LOL!
Short and sweet today. I'm feeling efficiently lazy, too. ;)
Have a really good week!!


  1. I think your doodle is quite nice, Rita. Karma looks like she's not interested in putting much energy into rolling that egg around, does she? :-)

  2. LOVE the patterns on your page - like zentangle which is one of my favorite pasttimes (but usually in black and white, sometimes with watercolor pencils when my girlfriend who has the best ones I've ever used comes over to play). Karma is gorgeous! I had a kitty that looked like her in the 70s - she ran off...I never understood that because she was surely loved and fed at home!

  3. haha I'm going to use nick efficiently lazy from you and use it all day now haha great doodle - love the flowers in there, good work both of you at being you know what. Thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie x

  4. Karma is having such a good time with that egg. She really did catch on quick.

    Your doodling quite pretty!


  5. Karma has much of the personality of a dog! I absolutely loved this series of photos depicting her cleverness. Why exert more energy than you need to to get the same result? She's one bright kitty :)

  6. Your sketch looks like an aerial view of farmland patchwork - lovely!

    Karma has the right idea - lie down to have your treats!

    And OH! That emerald Gilded Ink!!! Gorgeous!

  7. Lovely and playful doodle and Karma ~ love them! thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

    Might you consider my Magical Monday blog hop at A Creative Harbor? thanks, carol ^_^

  8. Djan--Karma is quite casual about her egg rolling, that's true--but persistent! ;)

    Tammy--Which watercolor pencils does your friend have that are the best ones you've ever used?! I am always curious about supplies, you know.
    Was your cat fixed? If not, it might not have been you--might have been love. ;)

    Jenny--Go ahead and nick it. I've described myself as efficiently lazy all my an explanation for my organizing and OCD tendencies--LOL! But really, for example--if you match and line up your canned goods you know exactly what you have and don't waste time searching when you cook or make a list for grocery shopping, right? ;)

    Beth--Thanks! Miss Karma is quite the lazy house cat--LOL! Have a good week and I hope you feel well and happy! :)

    Desiree--Karma may have been a dog in her last life, eh? ROFL!!

  9. I wonder if Karma expects that egg to hatch someday... its a big one - so it would be a dinosaur or maybe just an Ostrich....


  10. Cindy--Oh, I remember the time I flew over farmland and the fields made such a pretty patchwork quilt across the land! Yes! :)

    Carol--I'm not sure I'd be able to be consistent or magical, though. And I am not usually doing art every day--LOL! :)

    Iggy--Or a blue dinosaur ostrich--that poops diet cat treats--LOL!!

  11. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Karma is one smart cookie!!!!

  12. Karma is one smart cat!!!

  13. It's just as well they're diet treats because Karma certainly wouldn't lose any weight that way. LOL Too cute!

    I love your zentangle grid, Rita! Cool idea to leave one blank for the viewer's imagination.


  14. Dear Rita,

    Karma is one smart cat. She knows what being a feline means: eat, sleep, play, and always look graceful in whatever pose.

    I like your doodling. Wonder what you'll finally put in the at empty space.


  15. Angela and Nikki--Yup! Karma can be quite clever--LOL! :)

    Serena--Nope, she doesn't get any exercise with her treat egg anymore. Kind of defeats the purpose when you have a smart cat. ;)
    Don't know why I felt I was supposed to leave one blank, but it felt right. :)

  16. Such a cool doodle! I like the different patterns that you have put in it. :-) Its amazing that by just incorporating different lines and patterns, something wonderful would come out of it. Just like your doodle. :-)


  17. Love your doodling! Karma is a smart cat to figure out how to get the treat out with minimal work!


  18. I'm quite amused with your doodle. It's an activity that I love!

    What a great Karma activity!!! Love the treat egg...I've never seen one.

    I do need to get out more! Heeehehe!

    God bless ya and have a fabulous week!!! :o)

  19. Dear Rita,

    Here's Dee again, thanking you for your comment on my posting about splotching and spotting. I've always loved to sing and Benedictines sing beautifully. They love music and so the novice mistress understood expressing myself that way.


  20. That Karma is a quick study!! We got one of those for our puppy, Major. He also got it and it doesn't entertain him for long. Although once the treats are gone he does throw it in the air for awhile. He's not the lazy type!!!

  21. Cool looking art creation. Reminds me of things we used to draw in art class back in high school. :)

    Karma looks like she's having a fun time with that egg...and she knows what she's doing. :)

    It's pouring down rain here tonight and we're under a severe thunderstorm warning, so I'm heading offline. Hope the rest of your Monday was a good one.

  22. Dee--It's funny how most cats like to be graceful and get embarrassed when they're clumsy.
    I don't think I am going to fill in that space. I think I am going to leave it open and free. :)
    Sounds like you two really connected. Maybe not in the conventional sense, but you know what I mean. :)

    Ida--Hello! Thanks! I checked out you blog and all your dream journaling. You seem like such a positive person!! So glad you stopped by. :)

    Betty--I remember doodling similar to this when I was in junior high. Just fun to not worry what it looks like.
    Yes, Karma is smart and lazy--LOL! ;)

    Nezzy--Doodling is cheap, relaxing entertainment. (I was going to say mindless, but I guess it takes a smidgen of mind--LOL!)
    I had never heard of them until Leah showed up with one for Karma. She mistakenly thought it might help her exercise more--ROFL!! ;)
    Bless you, too!! :):)

    Carol C--So they make them for dogs, too. Well, of course they would. I would think the dog ones would have to be made tougher to withstand the tossing--LOL! Sounds like Major is pretty efficiently lazy about getting the treats out, too!! :):)

    AliceKay--Yup! I doodled from the time I was a kid and all through school...but then it fell away after having a baby to tend. Kind of fun to revisit after all these years!
    We were supposed to maybe get snow again, but I slept thru the day. It's wet out there, but not white. If snow came down at all it must have melted...or not arrived yet. ;) Stay warm!!

  23. I used to be the doodle queen when I was working and had to endure boring meeting after boring meeting. Yours are much nicer than mine!

    I'm glad to hear you got 8 hours of sleep - no matter what time of day or night!

    Karma is no dummy, that is for sure!

  24. again some beautiful photos.
    Karma is a lucky kitty. So adored.

    I love Mandalas. They can be very therapeutic.

    And collages too.

    Hope you have fun!

  25. Wendy--I've never tried mandalas or the zentangly type doodles, so these are both fun...and, like you said, therapeutic! I'm glad I joined up for the AEDM for November because that pushed me to find some new things to do. :):)


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