Saturday, November 05, 2011


Thought I'd show you how happy the philodendron is in its new pot up on the bookcase reaching for the sunlight. It survived!
Sorry the pics are dark but, as you know, there's no light in the kitchen. I think I could have left the apple slices in the dehydrator a bit longer...
...but they are fairly crispy with a bit of chewy to them and I think they're good!
Three apples filled up a small zip lock bag of apple chips.
Leah owns a mandoline and said she'd bring that with next time so the slices will be more uniform. And Leah thought she saw the screens (to keep small things from falling through the racks) for sale at Creative Kitchen--our kitchen store at the big mall in Fargo. Cool! She has plans for blueberries and strawberries and other things she uses for her trail mixes she makes. I am so happy, Terah!! I was already happy, but when you make Leah happy and excited, too--well, that's even better! Can't thank you enough!
**** this was really weird! Leah just now sent me a text to let me know she found the screens and for cheaper than online. Do you hear Twilight Zone music? LOL!
Anyways, these are the boxes from the garage that have photos or nostalgia in them--parked in my hallway. Going to be another fun project for this winter--learning how to scan--and going through all the old pics and do-dads! I'll share with you, of course. :)
Thursday's nablopomo prompt was:
Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?
Yes, but I suppose am less distracted by music without words when I'm doing the heavy duty writing. If I am going back in time (memoir) then it can help if I play songs from that time period in my life.
I hadn't heard anything yet today except Karma talking to me, but I heard this yesterday and have had this song in my head since then (which knocked out the Beatles Birthday Song earworm--LOL!)

The prompt for Friday was:
When you are writing do you prefer to use a pen or the computer?
Well, that depends on what I am writing. For letters and my personal journal I prefer pen and paper, of course. Although, to be honest, I have been known to get on a kick of printing off letters sometimes so I can play with fonts and colors.
As far as the "writing-writing" goes--well, I had always done that by hand all my life and hated using a typewriter because I wanted to cross things out, draw arrows, scribble notes, and even doodle a little. I actually got my first computer back in 1998 for the express purpose of being able to use fonts and colors to write letters. I had a pen pal who sent me printed letters that intrigued me to no end! It was the fonts, I tell you! The fonts!! That was the entire and only reason I got a cheap computer/printer set up...just to be able to print letters with awesome fonts! I was absolutely thrilled that I could see what I had written, backspace and actually fix things before I printed. Soooo much better than a typewriter!!
Dagan encouraged me to get email because he was up in Fargo going to college, but I didn't use it much because nobody I knew had computers. The next year Dagan was out of college and he and I were moving from Minneapolis to Fargo so I could to go to his college (who'd a thunk it). I was getting over that darn mono and trying to type college papers. Dagan saw me backspacing to change a sentence and asked me what the heck I was doing? He showed me how to copy and paste!!!!
I tell you, it was like the heavens opened!!!
(Insert choir of angels)
The computer fits the way I write stories...and has saved the forests reams of paper! I love it-love it-love it!! I can move around words, sentences, and whole paragraphs. I can take sentences or entire sections out and save them. I can tweak and tweak to my heart's content. (Which is why I never actually can tell how many drafts I have done anymore.)
But I have to confess that, coming from the age of pen in hand, I still need to hold an actual copy in my hand several times along the way. So that I can go read with pen in hand and do the crossing out and arrows and making notes. This drove Dagan and Leah nuts because I'd have to print off the paper maybe 4-6 times before I was done with a final copy. They just never understood why I had to hold it in my hand, that is just different than reading it on the only me, apparently--LOL! So, I am still a little of both--even when 90% of it is composed on the computer.
Oh, and I did discover that when it comes to poetry, though, I actually get a good long start on paper first and then move to the computer. Probably more like 60% computer with poetry. Not sure why it is just that way for me with poetry. Not that I ever write much poetry, but I discovered that when I took the college poetry class. I'd never compose entirely with pen and paper anymore.
Cut and paste changed my life! :):)
Well, let's see...what else. Oh, since Dagan and Leah don't have to go and pick up milk for me during the month anymore (buying more soy milk and using less), I asked Leah if I could pass on paying them this month and we switch over to keeping track again...and then I pay them back the next month for anything they pick up for me. That gave me the leeway, also, to order my big purchase this month!!! Whoohoo!
I have been looking online for a few months for something to hold my fountain pens and paraphernalia. I couldn't afford a "real" pen case...and then they only hold pens, I looked at craft storage, jewelry boxes with drawers, small chests, all kinds of things...and finally found this toolbox on a sportman's website. They used it for storing guns and knives. Wouldn't they be surprised to know what I am going to use this for--LOL!!
I am soooo excited!!! And it's scheduled to arrive already on Monday!!! Whoohoo! Nine drawers! 24 inches wide! I can hardly wait! Will take pictures, of course. It's going to sit over on my desk. Obviously, more about that later. :)
And I had enough to make a small JoAnn's order for something I have been wanting to try for ages and a newfangled little do-dad. I'll fill you in when that comes--scheduled delivery is Thursday. Not as exciting. More useful. ;)
Meanwhile...back at the ranch...
There was a notice on my door yesterday about an annual apartment inspection on Wednesday. Huh? They just had that "random" inspection? Anyways, it says you can be fined $150 dollar each if your smoke alarms aren't working. (Maybe this is somehow related to our building fire alarm going off once or twice a year?)
Also says:
"If you have a maintenance concern you MUST report this to our office immediately so your inspection can pass."
So, that means that I will have to be up during the day to report my repair needs Monday morning and the inspection begins at 9am on Wednesday. A couple of times they have started up here on my end of third floor in my building and I was first, so I need to be up and ready.
Plus (no rest for the wicked) the wind has occasionally been in just the right direction the past couple of days so that the dryer flap has been beating its erratic rhythm against the building day and night. So, I haven't been getting much sleep for a couple days in the first place. Going to be one tired mama over here this week, I think...LOL! Or....maybe this will force me back onto nights and the wind will change direction, right? Hope! Hope! ;)
So, I haven't got anything new for this post as far as art goes...but photography is an art, right? Don't those apple chips just scream art! *wink-wink!* And...I just thought...did I already post on Saturday or not? See what happens when your hours are all over the place? I hope I am back on Sunday--LOL! Hey, I'm basically keeping up with the blogging anyways, right? ROFL! I didn't know I had this much to tell you. ;)
Oh, and my dad is doing well, by the way, after his hip replacement surgery. Got a new fancy walker with four wheels and breaks and a seat--all the bells and whistles! He's all set to go out for his free breakfast and a free steak dinner, too, on his 91st birthday Wednesday.
This is our warmest day for a while, they're saying. 50s today, but then back into the 40s (and 20s at night). Dark, cloudy day today. If the banging would stop again for a while, I could grab a few winks. Karma's been sleeping right through it. But the roofers pounding nails drove her crazy? Go figure.
See you again soon!
You might be really tired of me by December. ;)


  1. Nice long catching up post from you! While you're drying apples I'm making apple pie! I had thought I should try to dry some of our apples....but we decided just to enjoy them while we have them....if we had two trees that produced that would be one thing. We have two trees, but one tree that hardly ever bears. This year it had one. We ate it the other day and it seems like the same kind of apple on the other tree. So why doesn't it bear more fruit?!!! Oh, well, I meant to write that I enjoyed your post and seeing what you're up to. Happy organizing when you get your new toy!

  2. Nice newsy post which I thoroughly enjoyed Rita.
    Your new purchase looks like just the thing to hold your pens and such.
    I have never tried dried apples. I think I might like a dehydrator.
    I hope you get some rest tonight.


  3. Hi Rita,

    Your philodendron obviously loves its new spot!

    YAY for the dehydrator! The apply crisps look great! I must admit I've never been a fan of dried fruit although I've always adored dried apricots. They are very expensive though so I treat myself rarely.

    Don't you just love those Twilight Zone moments?! lol

    You've certainly got a lot of nostalgia to sort through..bound to keep you busy, girl.

    I LOVE copy/cut/paste!!

    YAY on your new pen case! You will be in your element setting it all up after it arrives.

    Goodness, they seem up and down with their inspections there. I hope you get the maintenance issues sorted out.

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing well after his hip replacement. My brother was released from hospital yesterday and he's so glad to be home. He will need to recuperate for a couple more weeks.

    Yes, you is definitely a creative endeavour.

    See you tomorrow,

    Serena xo

  4. I like that holder for your pens!! So glad it will be there so very soon for you!! I bet those apple chips do taste good! I bet you'll enjoy going through the boxes of nostalgia and pictures; lots of memories I'm sure!

    I personally like typing over writing because my hands get tired writing quicker than they get tired typing, which is a good thing since I make my living typing :) I find if I write letters, I'll write more if I type them then if I write them, plus my handwriting is just so awful, sometimes I can't read my own writing, LOL :)

    But I'm with you, I do like all the different fonts; so much fun to explore them all!


  5. Anonymous12:36 AM

    This post just reminded me of how badly that I need to go through my boxes of photos & do some organizing. Make sure you post your progress, maybe it will motivate me!

    Glad to hear your dad is doing so well!

    Hope you get some much needed rest soon friend! You get less sleep than I do.

  6. Carol C--Aha! Apple pie that you painted the apples first--hehe! ;) Sorry. Can't help you, as I know nothing about apple tree sex practices--ROFL!! :):)

    Beth--I thought I'd be having shorter posts when I am blogging every day and most have been just as long--goodness gracious!
    A dehydrator is new to me, too. Leah already emailed me about bringing over something different next Wednesday night to dry...whatever she can find that looks interesting at the grocery store, she said. We are like mad scientists! LOL!
    Happy Sunday!!

    Serena--Yes, the philodendron that was beginning to die is quite content now. I don't have the green thumb that you do, that's for sure! ;)
    Yes, I texted Leah and told her about it and she laughed! They say there are no coincidences. ;)
    Oh my goodness--I just thought--I have my two booklets someplace in one of those boxes that they gave us in 5th grade to read about becoming a woman before we had our mom and daughter movie night at the school. They are a hoot! No idea why I saved them. Maybe just so when I finally had a scanner in 2011 that I could show them on my blog--ROFLMAO!!! What a hoot!
    I'm so glad your brother is doing well and no more cancer!! :):) See you tomorrow!

    Betty--If I hope to scan a lot of old photos into my laptop this might keep me busy most of the winter! :)
    I know a lot of people who prefer typing on the computer and printing off letters. It's much faster and you certainly don't have to worry about handwriting. And I know people with arthritis in their hands who can't hold a pen, but they can still type. And some people who should type because you can't read their handwriting anyways--LOL! I just love--or am addicted--to pens and paper. I will be heartsick if there comes a day my OA makes it too difficult to handwrite. But--a letter in the mail--just such a wonderful thing! Whether it is handwritten or is something you can hold in your hand and tuck in a drawer and read again one day, if you like. I enjoy snailmail. ;)

    Angela--With the crafting I do you'd think I'd be a scrapbooker and be putting all these photos into albums and such...but that has just never interested me. I would like to get them into the computer, tho...and maybe organize them better. Good winter project. Keep me out of trouble--LOL!
    I hope we both get some sleep!! ;)

  7. Looking at those boxes of photos and memorabilia, it's a big job going through all that. I've got tons of old pictures and now that I never print them out but they are already in digital format, I will take a few every now and then and scan them. Scanning is a lot of work, but you'll find that out soon enough! :-)

    I do like that drawer thingy, it looks just right! And a dehydrator, it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  8. I am one of those that have handwriting best replaced by type written words. :)

    Your dried apples look yummy!

    p.s., What would be cool would be to find an ink cartridge for a computer printer that used invisible ink. :)

  9. Dear Rita, I so enjoyed your Saturday posting--newsy and philosophical with a song that says exactly what we need to hear--that we are One with all people, everywhere. Thank you for putting it on your post.

    The pen box will delight you and we'll get to hear about it and what you put in the drawers. I'm looking forward to that.

    As to how I write--I use the computer to compose a first draft. I polish and edit on the computer also. Often, however, I run off a copy and hold it in my hands and read it aloud to hear the words. I'm very auditory.

    Finally, today, thank you for your recent comment on my posting about the Novice Mistress. I think you got to the crux of the matter: she was trying to teach us to treat all things as "vessels of the altar" with reverence and care.

    All these years later, like you, I am so aware of noise and banging things around. When I myself do that I realize immediately that I forgotten to be mindful and live in Presence.

  10. Your plant looks happy! Have to agree with you on writing by hand, I do love to write and with fun pens too. Your new case to hold your pens is beautiful, you must be excited for it's arrival. You will have to post a picture.

  11. Djan--Leah warned me how much work scanning photos is--LOL! That's why I figure it will take me all winter! ;)
    Leah's mom had a dehydrator so she knows more about them and is braver about the whole process...and darned excited! :):)

    Iggy--I've had no trouble reading your handwriting! ;)
    Ha! I bet nobody has ever thought of invisible ink for a printer! :):)

    Dee--I love the songs they put out. Always inspirational!
    I forgot about that--reading aloud. Yes! I don't always do that with my stories, but I think I usually do it with the poetry. Oh, yes! ...treat all things as "vessels of the altar" with reverence and care. I think we should try to treat all things--living or not--with love. :):) *hugs*

    Karen--Yes! I love pens, inks, fonts, papers...everything related to writing! I will definitely post pictures of the new cabinet and what I put in the drawers--LOL!! ;)

  12. It looks like you are going to get a lot of good use out of the dehydrator.

    The storage chest is awesome. I'm glad to see you found a way to get it sooner, rather than later!

    That is a total bummer that maintenance is going to mess with your sleep time. It would seem to me they could schedule an appointment rather than just showing up.

    Great news about your dad.

    We've had warm days and cold days and now we are looking at much needed rainy days.

    Glad to see such a long catchin' up post!


  13. Wow! you are one busy beaver! Plant looks awesome ~ Case for you pens looks wonderful! Gotta have 'treat' now and again ~ LOL ~ I used to have to have a 'hard copy' when I first began 'puting' ~ now rarely print much stuff ~ but I understand where you are coming from. Dried apples look good! Yum! You wrote a wonderful newsy post ~ Did you ever watch that movie Fargo? Is it as isolated as it appeared? Well ~ to get busy posting on my 2 blogs ~ for Monday ~ always great to hear from you ~ hugs and namaste, to you and Karma ^_^

  14. Just wanted to say a Thank you for your comments on my blogs ~ You are soooooo supportive and I treasure that ~ again ~ hugs and namaste to You and Karma ^_^
    'Simply, sincerely, slowly ~ go through the day'.

  15. Deanna--I was so tickled that it said the cabinet was coming on Monday! I ordered the same time with the JoAnn's order and it says Thursday. I hope it really comes tomorrow--whoohoo!
    They never let us "schedule" appointments, so you don't have any idea...not even which day...just any time between about 9am-5pm and when they show up they show up. But since they want repairs done before Wednesday I shouldn't have to wait too long. And if I am realy tired I can doze in my chair, I guess--LOL! ;)

    Carol--You're welcome! :)
    I printed a little less often by the time I left school, I think, but I still printed off hard copy regularly. Just so old school--LOL! ;)
    I loved the movie Fargo! The actual town looks like any other town, but the cold winter drives on the long stretches of freeway to get here from Minneapolis...absolutely accurate! I started laughing as soon as I saw the opening shots! I had driven up here from Minneapolis so many times to visit my son at college--LOL!
    Not everybody's accents are so heavy, but we apparently have them because when I have had to make business calls to say California or Texas they have guessed me to be from Minnesota. I don't think I have an accent, but Dagan and Leah say I do. I am only like 2nd and 3rd generation American Swede (grandparent and great grandparents came over), so maybe it's true...only at times. If you watch my craft videos you can decide for yourself. I still don't think so. ;)

  16. That case with drawers is piquing my interest. I may need to keep my eyes open for such a thing. It looks like it could be handy for many things.

    Hope you get some good sleep.

  17. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Your plant is beautiful! I have something called a devil's ivy that looks very similar. Its not as happy though. We don't get enough sunlight here in the winter. My rose has a few new leaves! I have it under a lamp. I'm so glad to see it looking better.

    You know, I bet if you soaked the apple slices in colored water first you could make rainbox slices. That would be art for sure! Pain in the butt but pretty :O)

    I love that song! How neat that they did that song from so many places.

    You know I usually write poetry on paper first too. I think my creative brain works better when I'm in my bed trying to sleep or in the bathtub. I started keeping a tablet of paper and pencils and pens by my bed so I could write down things that were worrying me so I could sleep (hopefully).. and sometimes I wake up or a thought comes to me when I'm laying there and it turns into a poem. I can't imaging writing my blog without a computer...not because it's a computer thing but because it's more of writing on the fly. Oh, and I listen to music all the time and it doesn't distract me but if my kids or my husband put on certain music it can stop all creativity and cause me to retreat.

    Glad to hear your dad is doing well! He's a strong man!

    I love your box! All those drawers! It sounds perfect! But then again I have a box fettish.

  18. Teresa--Yes! There are so many things one could store in a chest like this! I am sure it will be with me when they drag me off to the nursing home--LOL!
    Here's the link:
    They make a base section, too, if you wanted a section that can be locked up, I believe.

  19. Donna--Oh, I'm glad to hear the rose will survive! :)
    Oh, you're funny! Yes, I bet you could die the apple slices a rainbow of colors--it does sound like a pain in the butt--LOL!
    I have kept paper and pen next to my bed for years and years. If I just write down something I remember I need to do--then I won't run it over and over in my head. And if something comes to me as I am falling sleep or waking up--it's right there to write it down.
    Aha! If you have a box fettish--wait till I can show you pictures...after I wipe the drool off the box of course--LOL! ;)
    Thanks re: my dad. :)
    Have a great week!

  20. Sorry, I'm behind the 8-ball on a lot of things right now so will keep this comment brief.

    I loved that video you posted. I've seen something similar not long ago using a different song. Can't remember the name of the song now, but I thought the different instruments used in some of the other countries were really interesting. Culture...we all need a little culture in our lives. Thanks for posting the video.

    Cool box...will wait for pics after it arrives. I hope you can sleep at night so you'll be able to do the things you need to do in the daytime this week.

  21. AliceKay--I'm just happy to see you whenever you can make it. :)
    I posted another song by them a while back. You might have seen it here even.
    I hope I can sleep tonight for a few hours so I am not a zombie tomorrow (Mon). Hope you got some rest this weekend, too. :)

  22. I've had computers since I was only just starting to write more than basic sentences, but I only stopped using a pen to write when I couldn't see what I was writing any more. I had a few final drafts of stuff on the computer, but most of my stuff was in pen. That's why I don't have much of it now; it was among my other writing in my journals, and since I didn't want certain parts of them read - and there was no way for some to be read without others - I destroyed it all. There "should" be a couple of pieces of my really early writing floating about somewhere, but who knows where... I sure don't! I found a few of my earlier poems and put them on my poetry page, but my earlier stories are either lost for good or put in some safe place I don't know about. Anyway, writing on the computer just isn't the same as writing by hand.

  23. Tori--Ahhh! You are definitely the younger generation. But I know you loved pens, too. ;) I'm still wondering if there is such a thing as a braille pen pal club.
    I'll have to go look at your poetry page when I have some time. You're right--it's just not the same. But thank goodness for the keyboard. :)

  24. No idea; I haven't had time to look. Would be nice if there was though... Only time I get anything that isn't bills in the post is when I order something or it's my birthday. LOL!

  25. P.S. You'd have to go right back to the oldest posts on the poetry page for my earlier poems that I found and typed up before.

    Also... Did I say I'm glad your Dad is doing well? I don't think I did... Well, I am glad! :)

  26. Tori--Thanks re: my dad. :)
    And your birthday is soon!


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