Sunday, November 20, 2011


Good Morning!
It's one degree in Fargo with blue skies.
First of all, thank you to everyone who sent prayers, good thoughts, and positive energy for Dagan's dad. His surgery went well and the surgeon thought he got all of the tumors. They will find out the pathology report probably Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully it hadn't spread. So far, things look good! Was so nice to hear good news--especially after Leah losing her mom to cancer this past spring. :)
Thanks so very much on behalf of Dagan and Leah, too.
I forgot to take a close up of the front of the Christmas card. I love the idea of one tree in the forest having a star on top. ;)
When Leah was here last she had a real fresh pineapple! We did three layers in the dehydrator: plain and then soaked some in corn syrup water and some in honey water.
This is what they look like after 6 hours. The honey water one is still pretty sticky, but it's tasty!
Whenever I am cooking or baking in the kitchen Karma watches from the hallway by the door. She knows full well that is the one time I won't look out for her being underfoot and she very well could get stepped on (one of her greatest fears). So she keeps an eye on me from a distance.
During the night this time I played with the art journal some more. I placed that finer mesh on the right side and some metallic mesh with larger holes on the left side. I sprayed Solar Gold Radiant Rain on the right side and Persimmon on the left side and let them dry.
Afterwards I decided to take this raggedy, green metallic mesh and use it on the right side (which still had looked pretty plain) and sprayed it with Golden Bamboo.
Here it is drying in my misting box (with flash).
Left side...I like the honeycomb look...
...and right side (without flash).
They're wet right now.
Am I having fun, or what!!?? ;)
I got some sleep.
The sun is shining.
I am surprised I have kept up so far this month with both nablopomo and AEDM and that I have added the mandala drawing class. I know that doesn't seem like much to most people, but for me? Amazing! Maybe the Protandim is actually having something to do with it? I don't know, but I'm going to keep taking it for now.
Glad we got good news about Dagan's dad and hope we get more next week.
May you all have a wonderful week ahead.
Life is good. :):)


  1. Dear Rita,
    Yes, life is good and one of the good parts is always when we can be aware of that. When we feel gratitude ooze through us like that honey you added to the water for the pineapple chips.

    I'm so glad to hear the good news about Dagan's dad and to learn that you got some sleep. Karma is, as usual, a sagacious cat!

    Thanks, Rita, for commenting on my Saturday posting. Your comment pinpointed exactly what I was trying to say. I hope to quote you in my Tuesday posting.


  2. I was so glad to hear about Dagan's dad getting thru the surgery and things are looking good. I hope they continue. Positive thoughts going his way. all I could think of when I read it was one degree in Fargo. It's actually on the warm side here today, but the wind is ripping again.

    The pineapple sounds good. You're gonna have a lot of tasty things to keep your sweet tooth happy all winter long. :)

    Karma is one smart cat.

    I think you're having fun with this art journal stuff. *winks*

    Hope the rest of your Sunday is a good one.

  3. I hope all continues to go well with Dugan's dad.

    It sounds like you may be having a little too much fun here. :-)

  4. I too am glad you got to hear good news:)

  5. One degree? Well, it IS Fargo, after all. Isn't it usually the coldest spot in the Lower 48? And congratulations on keeping up with all your projects. That takes some doing.

    Interesting how different the color is in each pineapple segment, depending on what's been added. It got down to 21 degrees here, and I was scraping hard when I got the car ready to get my morning latte. The water in the bird bath had frozen solid, so I got out the de-icer, which means it's officially winter! I figure the birds and squirrels need some place where the water isn't frozen...

    Thanks for your comment on the Eye blog, Rita. I myself tear up every time I re-read it. And think of him again.

  6. This is very good news about Dagan's dad. I am so glad he is doing well.

    The pineapple looks yummy!!

    Karma knows which side of the bread has butter on it. One smart cat!


  7. Dee always says just the right things, doesn't she? I'm stumped now, as I don't know what I could possibly say that would be anywhere near as thoughtful, so I'll ask you to reread her comment instead :)

    I do have one thing to add though...and that is how very much I admire you and your wonderfully cheerful, positive outlook on life! You really are quite a role model, Rita!

  8. When I lived in Wyoming, my then husband's Aunt lived in Big Piney which was called the Icebox of the Nation. Apparently, it's lowest winter temps got down to -50°F. What have been the lowest temps for Fargo? It sounds like a very similar climate to Big Piney. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

    I love the idea of one star on one tree in the forest too, Rita. Your sprayed papers look great..I like both and could see a different theme of each.

    I'll bet your apartment smells beautiful with the constant fruit drying.

    I am so glad to hear that Dagan's Dad has made it through surgery with what seems to be positive prospects for his recovery. YAY! I hope the pathology results bring good news.

    Yes, I'm surprised myself that I've still managed to keep up with AEDM & Nablopomo, particularly being that I suffer constant pain now unlike when I participated years ago. We might just make it to the end of the month yet, Rita. :)

    Serena xo

  9. Dee--I love when gratitude oozes like honey! :):)
    Feel free to quote me any time you want. What an honor to be quoted!! :) Thanks!

    AliceKay--I hope they get good news this coming week, too. :)
    Been really frigid up here. I hope it stays warmer your way.
    The pineapple is good all ways--LOL! ;)
    Yes, I'm feeling like a kid playing with the art journal. Have a great week. :):)

    Rubye--Thanks! There's no such thing as too much fun, is there? LOL! ;)

    Gwen--Thanks so much! :)

    Djan--I think International Falls, MN up by Canada is usually the coldest place in the US mainland, but don't quote me on that. It gets plenty cold enough here with the constant wind. ;)
    I'm just so pleased I am keeping up because it's a bit out of my normal range of physical abilities. Not a lot, but enough to feel a titch miraculous. :)
    I should take Karma's water dish in since it's been a cube of ice for quite a while now, but I keep thinking we could still get some above freezing days yet this year. ;)
    Telling about your dear friend really touched me. I get teary-eyed, but us stoic Swedes don't sit and cry very often. ;) It was a beautiful tribute to a remarkable friendship.

    Beth--Thanks so much! I am sure we will have to dry some more pineapple again. It is quite delicious! :)
    Karma is quite my faithful companion for a cat.
    Feel well, sleep soundly, and have a great week. Won't be long and all the appointments will be over with. :):)

    Desiree--Dee has a way with words, that's so true--LOL! But I love to hear what you have to say--any time!! And you blew me away and made me blush!! Thanks so very, very much!! :) :)

  10. 1 degree?? yipes!!

    I'm glad Dagan's dad is recovering now - sounds like encouraging news - which is so helpful when battling such a horrible disease.

    Your honeycomb 'thing' is pretty cool - you take some ordinary objects and make fascinating things that delight the eye...

  11. OMG 1 degree!!! crazy!

    I am glad Dagans dad is doing well.

    The art journal looks awesome!! :D

  12. Anonymous9:52 PM

    So happy to hear you all got good news!!!

    1 degree, that is insane. It's been in the high 50's here all week. We are still definitely in Fall.

    Glad you got some sleep. I'm heading that direction myself now.

  13. Good news about Dagan's dad! Let's hope and pray the news continues to be good and he makes a quick recovery!

    One degree! Brrrrrrr!!!!!!


  14. That's good news about Dagan's Dad; hope they did get it all before it spread.

    Well done on keeping up with all the art stuff and the daily posts! :)

  15. Serena--You made me google--LOL! The coldest state on record in the lower 48 was in Rogers Pass, Montana at -70. Utah -69, Wyoming -66, Colorado -61, and Idaho, Minnesota, and North Dakota were tied at -60. Alaska had a -80.
    Fargo, ND itself -39 and International Falls, MN -46. Big Piney, WY -50. Whew!! There you go--LOL!
    Yes, it did smell good in here! :)
    We both haven't felt very well and have made it this far with nablopomo and AEDM! Whoohoo!! I hope we make it to the end of the month, girl!

    Trisha--Yes, happy AEDM!! :):)

    Iggy--Thanks! Yes, this is fun to play with the paints and sprays and mesh and mod podge...trying something new is good for the old dog--LOL! ;)

    Desi--My art journal is really small compared to most people's. You and others have inspired me. :) Thanks!

    Angela--Thanks! It's more winter up here than fall any more. I hope you got some good sleep!! :)

    Betty--I really hope they get good news now this week, too. Stay warm down there. ;)

    Tori--I hope for positive news, too. :)
    I hope I can finish out the month and keep it up. Been having fun with the new art projects, anyways. Glad you're feeling better. :)

  16. That is good surgery news!
    Loving the journal play...that raggedy green stuff is called sequin ribbon because it's what sequins come from. I know this because we used to buy different colors every holiday season and make little christmas trees out of it (alas, the pattern went away when my Mom died...if she had it written down I can't find it). We would find small ornaments and deck the trees out all pretty and then given them for presents. They were quite the talk of the neighborhood and easy enough that my small self could help with no fuss!

  17. Still praying ~ Lovely creations and hugs to you and Karma ~ thanks for coming by and 'visiting' ~ Brrrr ~ stay warm ~ It is only Nov. ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  18. Carol--Thanks! I enjoy your "visits", too. ;)
    It is sure cold for November. Makes you wonder what it will be like in February! Stay warm! :)

  19. Tammy--Aha! Sequin ribbon! I didn't know as I got them as a gift in a RAK from a lady in Alaska. Makes sense. They work well, I must say. :)
    I can't imagine making trees out of them, but they certainly would have been sparkly and festive. I wonder if you could google it. Seems like they have everything online these days.
    Happy Monday!!! :)

  20. Thanks for doing all the ground work, Rita. How interesting! I'm not surprised Wyoming got down to -66 as I remember the very long, cold winters there. Even got caught in a white-out once. Mind you, those are record temps and not the norm...thank goodness. lol

    Yes, Rita....we CAN finish the challenge! xo

  21. Serena--I thought you might get a kick out of the statistics--LOL! Yes, they are the record lows.
    Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! :):)

  22. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Yay, I'm so glad things look good and I'm glad you got some sleep. You and I are at opposite ends of that spectrum. I have no problem sleeping most of the time.... my problem is staying awake when the rest of the family is make dinners like a good mom should. I am glad that I taught my young men how to cook for themselves though because now they can cook dinners and often bring me dinners in bed when I'm not feeling well. It just feels a little backa$$ward to me. Not the mama! LOL Oh, guess what I just did! I reclaimed my canasters. Jared, my 17 year old who keeps trying to take over my kitchen, put sugar in my largest canister that I usually keep flour in. I like the sugar in the medium sized canister... Well one day Jared decided to rearrange my kitchen and screw with my canisters. I opened my cupbord where I keep my large serving bowls and there were pots and pans in there??? I've been up all night again and I have been cleaning and re-rearranging MY kitchen and putting the sugar and flour back in their proper canisters. NOT THE MAMA!

  23. Donna--Yes, we are opposites. I have more trouble sleeping since I got fibro than I have ever had in my whole life--arg! And I am more tired, too. From what I've read, sleeping a lot and all hours is the more common thing. I don't know which is worse--LOL! ;)
    Funny about Jared taking over and rearranging your kitchen. I'm sure he was trying to help. I'm used to having things the way I like them, too. No problem with that when you live alone--LOL! ;)


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