Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Was a dark day yesterday.
They predicted a chance of snow. I didn't see any snow all morning. Just rain. I went to bed in the afternoon. Woke up last night to wet and no white...so I assume it was rain or melted, if it did snow.
Started a free mandala drawing class yesterday that Serena posted about here. It's offered from a Ning website--which I joined for free.
Anyways, we had to print off a template and practice what she showed us in a video. I pulled out my printer cord...
...(Karma claimed it, of course)...
...printed off the template, gathered up the various materials...
...and turned this...
...into this.
I think I might have gone a little crazy with the wonkiness. Oh well. It could look better after it is colored. I have a few more templates printed off and will continue to play tomorrow. We have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays for three weeks. Eventually we will be coloring a mandala on watercolor paper, but for now we are just playing with the geometry on computer paper with templates. I had figured on making small mandalas in my doodle book, but that might prove to be too small and the spiral binding might be in the way when drawing. I'll find out, I guess. I'm sure if I dig around I can find some larger watercolor paper. :)
I plan to begin washing clothes toward sunrise and to try to stay up later than 3pm today. I did get 8 hours of sleep yesterday, so that's a plus. I have Caroline coming to clean on Wednesday and Dagan & Leah Wednesday night. At least I think Dagan is coming. Not sure. He sometimes begs off if we are crafting or takes his own car. Leah and I will be working on Christmas cards, anyways. So, I need to try to get around the clock pronto, eh? ;)
During the night I've also been gathering samples of old handwritten letters and documents online to print off to use in trying some collage work...something else I haven't done. So I think I'll get back to that. Keeps me out of trouble--LOL! ;)
See you tomorrow!
Have a giggly day! :):)


  1. :) @ Karma sitting on the cord. I'm sure its well held down and won't float off into space!

  2. You and Karma managed quite well to keep out of trouble. Well, you do anyway. I laughed at the picture of Karma commandeering the printer cord.

    The mandala is lovely and my fingers itched it color it in, just looking at it! :-)

  3. You are such a busy lady. Your energy amazes me!

    I am glad you are getting caught up on some best as I know you badly need it.

    Karma really love that printer cord. :-)


  4. I like the wonkiness of your mandala! Looking forward to seeing more of your mandala creativity!

  5. i agree with 'rajns'...WONKINESS is good! it would certainly be a better world if more people had a bit of wonky in them!! some people are just so darned wonkiless!! :)

    cool mandala! you're keeping so busy...and doing such creative things!! you're an inspiration!

  6. Iggy--ROFL!! No, I don't think it will float away if Karma has anything to say about it. ;)

    Djan--I think Karma thinks anything on the floor should be hers. ;)
    Yah! I can hardly wait till we get to the coloring part!! :)

    Beth--Thanks, but nothing I do takes very much energy--LOL! ;)
    Yes, I was very happy to sleep eight hours again...ahhh! Hope you are feeling well, too. :)

    Carolyn--I really think I am going to like mandalas! Can hardly wait to play some more with them. :)

    Laura--The votes are in...wonkiness rules!!! :):)
    I am so glad I did join the AEDM group for November. It gave me that push to try some new things. Got to keep the old brain cells working--LOL! ;)
    Have a happy, wonky day, lady!! :)

  7. Sounds like you're having fun! :)

    Shame the best chunks of sleep happen at the wrong times, eh? Still, sleep is good, regardless of when it happens. :)

  8. I love your mandala, Rita! I really like the wonky factor and I think it will look fantastic when coloured in. You could probably manage more simple mandalas in your doodle book.

    I always work my mandalas freehand so I found working with a compass a little difficult and limiting. I did enjoy the process tho. I'm going to play a little more when I get home from Michelle's place this afternoon.

    Good that you managed 8 hours of sleep yesterday.

    It sounds like you have quite a few crafty ideas up your sleeve. Lots of fun!

    Have a lovely evening,
    Serena xo

  9. I like the mandala you designed! very clever! I bet when you get to the finished products with water colors down the line, that will turn out neat!! Sunny here in Southern California; hard to imagine snow is in forecast in other parts of the country!


  10. Anonymous6:23 PM

    It's been raining here all day. As much as I love Fall, I must admit I'm kind of excited for some snow. This rain is just icky!!!

  11. That sounds like a fun class. I like art but I have not made much time for it lately.

  12. I love your first two shots. You take some beautiful sky pictures. :)

    My cats would claim cords and shoe strings and anything else that moved. Karma is a typical cat. LOL

    Can't wait to see what that drawing looks like when you color it in. Bet it will be very nice indeed.

  13. okay - Very Cool - so now I need to learn to draw mandalas. There goes my free time tomorrow and the next several days!

  14. Dear Rita,
    Your posts always calm me because contentment is woven through them. You share the arts and crafts and passions of your life so straightforwardly and I find myself caught up in the moment. In mindfulness.

    Thank you.

  15. Tori--I am having fun! And I am getting closer to days again with the sleeping, too! :):)

    Serena--I started looking up zentangles and mandalas on youtube. There's a free-hand way where you start in the center and work your way out and that would be prefect for my little doodle book! :):)
    So glad your migraine let up, lady! Be well!! Hugs!! :):)

    Betty--This mandala class is a fun class already because you just get a start and then can run with it to make your own any way you want. Can hardly wait till we get to the coloring! :):)

    Angela--We got a dusting that was melted away in a couple of hours. Unusual for up here...to have it melt, I mean--LOL! ;)

    C...--Hello!! Even doodling time is good for the soul. Relaxing. Thanks for stopping by. I will visit your blog. :):)

    AliceKay--Yes, Karma loves anything at all that looks like or reminds her of string. Dagan finally got a pair of shoes without shoe laces--LOL! She's chewed through several pairs of shoelaces. And she's fast! ;)

    laughingmom--Oh, are you going to join, too! Cool!! Love to see what you'd make!! :):)

    Dee--That is just the nicest thing to say!!! Bless you!! You are too kind. :):)

  16. That freehand way is the technique I've always used for my previous mandalas too...starting at centre and working outwards. I also like those mandalas that aren't a repeat pattern and have a spiritual aspect to them. :)

  17. Serena--Freehand sounds like a plan for my little doodle book. :)
    No pattern? Are you talking about the zentangle versions of a mandala?
    I just asked on the website how are we supposed to transfer that template onto watercolor paper?
    I'm not sure how she drew the template with a protractor? Anyways, the painting part looks fun if I can figure out how to get the drawing on to the watercolor paper! :):)

  18. Anonymous3:28 AM

    I'm a little behind on blog reading. I've been sleeping so much lately and haven't been on the computer as much. Did you get your triangle (square) ruler at Joanns? Just wondering because I have the same one! I looked all over town for a square like she had but that was all I found. It came in this cute triangle shaped plastic package and I thought I could keep it in there (you know how I like boxes - I like all kinds of packaging I guess) well I thought I was going to break it trying to get it out! You know those girls that look like they had to greese up their bodies and lay down on the bed to get their jeans on... well I think that's what they had to do to get that ruler in that package! Anyway, I'm glad you're doing it to so we can compare notes!

  19. Donna--I got my square and protractor many, many years ago. Decades. I'm not positive, but I think I got them at an office supply store.
    Yes!! Some of the packaging they have these days would be hard for Houdini to open--LOL!
    I'd love to have a tiny square like she has. I'll have to keep my eyes open. ;)


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