Sunday, November 27, 2011


Karma waiting patiently for me to put up the foot on my chair so she can snuggle up between my legs under my tilted reading table while I type on my laptop...which is where she is right this very second. ;)
Okay--the art journal red and yellow page spread...
...after it dried under the crinkled saran wrap.
You have to leave it alone all day or overnight and not touch or peek.
But it is such fun when it comes time for the big reveal!
I am happy with ii and think I'll leave this as it is for now and move on to the next background. I have an idea involving straws that I have never tired before. ;)
I received this gorgeous card from Iggy yesterday!
He saw this card with the real leaves on it and thought of me!!
Thanks so much, Iggy! :)
Things like this are what amaze me about my blog friends and touch my heart more than you'll ever know. What a wonderful world we live in. :):)
I worked a little more on the mandala. Took a kind of orangish-brown, crossed my fingers, and did a trial blending on a small yellow area.
I liked it!
So I continued on lightly shading all the yellow areas.
I decided to just let it dry and leave it alone for a day or two. To be able to look at it with a fresh eye, so to speak. I am liking the white areas so far and am deciding whether to leave them like that or not before I go on to the next step...the doodling! There will be some kind of black doodles in those white areas...well, I'm not the best at visualizing when I have no clue what doodles I am going to make until I start--LOL! So, I have to really like each step along the way--as is.
Anyways, it's 27 degrees and supposed to be sunny today. Only three more days of nablopomo and AEDM and the mandala class! Wow! This has been quite an experience! I've met quite a few wonderful new people who have inspired me to keep plugging away all month and I hope to keep in touch with after November ends. And I hope it wasn't too much for all my dear, loyal readers and blog family to have to put up with me every single day. Only three more days and I'll be back to my erratic self--LOL! ;)
Have a lovely, lovely day!! :):)


  1. :) Compare the leaves to your art.. do see that organic element I mentioned? So cool!! Maybe you are inspired by some natural swirls - like the underside of leaves or something?

    :) I'm glad you liked the card - it shouted Rita at me when I saw it!

    The close ups of your mandala are beautiful!

  2. Aaw! We will all miss your regular posts (not that I've always been able to read them until a day or so later) and I've really enjoyed watching you create your wonderful journal backgrounds and the mandalas!

    Have you ever visited the inspiring blog of a young woman named Susan? She authors...
    If you haven't met her, I feel sure you'd like to. I think you share much in common.

    Please give Karma a gentle stroke from me!

  3. The red and yellow pages turned out great. I think leaving it alone has got to be the hardest part. I am always poking at things I do - and often ruining them, but I can't seem to help myself.
    And the mandala is really looking good, the shading worked perfectly.

  4. left you a comment when I was signed into my other blog (dysautonomia detour). didn't want you to be totally confused - RewovenLife is my primary blog... I just don't always pay attention to which one I'm signed in under.
    Love your blog!

  5. Iggy--It is just beautiful, my dear friend! My eyes misted up when I opened the envelope. So beautiful! Thank you so very much!! You are just so thoughtful. Such a good soul!! :):)

    Desiree--I will still be working on mandalas and the art journal...and I barely got going on the doodle book with the zentangles. Just will be back to posting a bit more erratically--LOL! Not that I don't post days in a row sometimes when I have something to show you. ;)
    I did go and check Susan's blog! I am a new follower now. And, you are right--we do have a lot in common!! Thanks for telling me about her blog, Desiree! :):)
    I'll give Karma a neck scratching for you. She loves those the best! Love up all those dogs for me, too!! :)

    Barb--I've always had quite a bit of patience for this kind of thing, but since my life has slowed down to 2mph...I have learned even more patience. I thought about that when I hadn't even gone to check in the morning yet--LOL!
    Thanks re: the shading. I wonder what we will be doing this coming week? Probably a little more of the same. I bet she will show more doodling! :):)

  6. I'm loving this Rita! The background turned out fab (thanks for the tip with the wrap - I think it's what we call cling film over here, I'll def be giving it a go) and the mandala is beautiful too. Thanks for sharing, and ditto the tickle for Karma for being a patient girl :) x

  7. It is a dreary day here Rita but you brightened it up with your lovely art and the photos. Thank you!


  8. The red and orange turned out very nicely, after all. I too would have a hard time leaving it alone. And what a nice guy to send you that beautiful card, I see why he thought of you! Nice comment he left, too. If I were you, I would also be tempted to leave the white on the mandala. But I do like the orange tint. This is fun to have been a part of, from my end!

  9. Susan--Well, now I am following both of your blogs. ;) Happy Sunday!

    Jenny--Cling film sounds right. One brand over here is called Cling Wrap, I think. The hardest part is leaving it till it's bone dry--LOL! Although, sounds like some people crinkle and lift right away, I guess. Must be a blurrier effect then.
    LOL! Karma can be quite patient if she knows it will get her what she wants. ;)

    Beth--Oh, thank you so much, Beth! Have a great day!! :):)

    Djan--Thanks! You never really know until you peel off the plastic wrap--LOL!
    That was so nice of Iggy. He is such a thoughtful person. :)
    I know! I am tempted to leave it stark white for contrast. I'm going to not even look at it until tomorrow and see what I think then.
    Hope your Sunday has been wonderful after your coffee and newspaper with your sweetie! ;)

  10. Ahhhh! I love that Karma snuggles with you! What a lovely, little winter heater you have, lol!

    Love the card that Iggy sent you!

    The mandala and new background are amazing!!!! Lots of talent there!

  11. Jeannie--Karma thinks I'm HER hot water bottle--LOL!
    Lovely leaves on the card and birch bark. Very nice. :)
    Been having fun doing new artsy things this month. Can hardly wait to see what you make after your stamp convention! :)

  12. You are so creative!I love the colors on the Mandalas. Is there some story behind the Mandala? Where it came from? Maybe you mentioned it before but I probably missed it.

    So does Karma sit up on the chair with you? Clementine always sat with Russell when he opens his recliner up. Now, both the cat and dog sit with him and they both wiggle around to find the most comfy place. Kinda funny.

    I love the leaf pages and the card Iggy sent you. Just beautiful!

    Hope the rest of your weekend is a good one!

  13. It was well worth the wait. The patterning is really unique. You have to be ever so patient. I suppose you just have to resist lifting up an edge to see how it's cooking;)
    Lovely mandala too!Thanks for your great comments on my blog.
    See you tomorrow, so to speak!

  14. That card Iggy sent is really cool! I do like how your mandela is progressing, good idea to let it "set" for a day or two and then see what you want to do, if anything else!!

    I've enjoyed reading your posts over this month! Its been fun to get to know you better this way!


  15. Dear Rita,
    I'm going to miss your more frequent postings but I surely understand your choice here. I'm still having trouble being moderate about this new passion of mine--blogging.

    That wrapping that you used produced gorgeous effects.

    Like you, I went to the site that Desiree suggested and became a follower. It will be good to follow both of you and see what artistry you share with us.


  16. The plastic wrap pages turned out lovely, Rita! The darker blending on your mandala looks great too. A good choice. I'm sure the doodling part will make it even more awesome.

    We're having very hot, humid days at the moment...not fun when dealing with back pain. I've turned snappy and cranky. lol

    Enjoy your evening,

    Serena xo

  17. Hi Rita, I love your mandala! The colours are beautiful.

    The background you created in ur book is great! I think I will have to read further down to find out how you did it.

    What a lovely card and such a thoughtful gesture!

  18. Rita, your saran wrap pages are gorgeous! i'm not sure i'd have the patience to let something sit for a day before i can see the 'reveal'. I'd probably screw it up & peek too early. LOL.
    Great mandala too... your colours are beautiful.

  19. Love Karma! Hugs! ~ Your art pages are Wonderful! And the mandala is coming along so well ~ Wow! Creative Lady ~ hugs to you ~ Carol ^_^

  20. Barb--I'm not really sure where mandalas originated, but I know they are eastern and have been around a long time.
    Oh yes! Karma has to find the best position and settle in on the lounger with me quite often--especially now that it is colder out--LOL! ;)

    Gwen--The plastic wrap turns out different every time, so it's always a surprise, too.
    Thanks! Yup! See you tomorrow! :)

    Betty--Thanks! Glad you like the mandala so far. And so glad you have actually liked visiting every day, too!! :):)

    Dee--I know! I enjoyed blogging every day, but it does take up a lot of time to do that and keep up with reading everybody else's blogs. Such fun, though! :)
    Aha! Now you are following Susan, too. She seems like an excellent writer, like you. Have a good week! :)

    Serena--Thanks re: the art stuff. I sure hope they can find out what's with your back now this week, you poor thing! Don't bite anybody's head off, okay? ;) Rest up. I hope you have some pain meds and that you are able to sleep. Geez! I really hope you feel better tomorrow, lady! Pain is so exhausting. *gentle hugs*

    Michelle--Hello!! So nice to see you! I am not the artist your mother is, by any means, but I am having fun! Give Mikayla a kiss from me and Karma! Stop back any time. :):)

  21. Pauline--Greetings! Thanks so much. Patience is something I can do well. I checked out your blog and was blown away by your sketch of Steve Jobs! Wow!
    So glad you stopped by and hope to see you again. :)

    Carol--Thanks, lady! Hugs to you, too. Have a great week! :)

  22. Rita, I'm so proud of younger posting everyday! I love the yellow page and the mandela . You have a gift with color.! Stay warm,! Terah

  23. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Oh that card is beautiful!! We don't have trees like that here. What kind of leaves is that?

    That's funny how Krazy Karma waits like that for you to get adjusted so she can snuggle with you. Blue does that too. She waits for me to pop up the foot dealio and then put the throw over my legs so it hangs down. Then she snuggles up in the tent I made and eventually she'll lay on the edge of the blanket and roll so she steals it from me.

    Your red and yellow spread looks beautiful!!! It doesn't look like Pizza anymore! Your mandala looks great too. I really like the added dimension you gave the yellow sections.

  24. Terah--Hi! I've missed you! Figured you'd like the bright, bold colors. ;) Hope all is well with you and yours and you have a great week ahead. (And that you post soon!)

    Donna--I'm not that good with leaves, but the red is a maple. Love red maple leaves!! My favorites!! We have the pines and firs, but we also have a lot of deciduous trees, too. And then prairieland with no trees--LOL! ;)
    Karma knows it hurts for her to step on me, too, so she has to be careful getting situated. And in order for her to cuddle up on my chest, she asks (demanding pleas, but it HAS to be her idea or she gets pissed off) and then she has to wait for me to get the pillow in place for her to sit on. Funny how they know. ;)
    LOL@looking like pizza. :)

  25. So sorry I haven't been around lately, I'm trying to catch up with friends posts...but it's hard when your head hurts, and things aren't quite in focus. (but you know what's going on with've been a dear friend and kept up with me and my blogging, than you!)

    Loving the effect after the Saran Wrap, reminds me of marbling paper.

    I could never live where you do. I hate cold. Glad our winters are shorter than yours, and it doesn't get as cold...I would NEVER go outside...for months on end! I'm shivering just thinking about it.

    The mandalas are beautiful.
    The formal one...what are you coloring it with...water color pencils perhaps? I saw where you added the little bit of brown to the edges of the yellow...I like that very much....and thought it might be water color pencils.
    I've been trying out Derwent Inktense pencils, they are water ink pencils...brighter I think...expensive, but fun to work with.

    good to see you kept up the every day challenge. I couldn't.

    I'm proud of you!

  26. Wendy--I totally understand you're not being around regularly. No worries. :)
    Yes, I never thought of that, but the sartan wrap technique does look a little like marbled paper!
    I can't stand the heat and humidity and would never go out for months--LOL! Good thing I live here. ;)
    Yes, I am using colored pencils on the mandala and then blend them with water and a brush. The set I am using on this current mandala are Cretacolor woodless. I had a picture of the open tin recently on the blog, but I forgot to take a pic of the tin. Inktense everyone talks about the deep, rich colors. Cool!
    I am kind of shocked that I have kept up all month. I didn't do a lot today, but I pushed myself to do a little something on the mandala. Never got the new Monday lesson yet--and it's 9pm. ??
    Anyways, prayers and good wishes on your surgery. All good things for you, lady!! :):)

  27. Your art journal pages are looking great. That yellow sorta pops right out at you.

    That's a neat card. That Iggy sure knows how to pick 'em, doesn't he? :)

    I really love how your mandala is taking shape and glowing with color. Very nice work.

  28. AliceKay--Yes! I tend to use a lot of blues and greens, but I have to go bold and bright sometimes, too. ;)
    Iggy is so thoughtful about what he does. It was perfect!
    Thanks re:mandala. I did a little bit today, but not much. Was hoping she'd send us the new lesson, but I didn't get it. :( Thought it would be on the doodling and be helpful for the next step. Oh well. She was late last week on sending the Weds lesson, too. What can you say when it's free, right? ROFL!! ;)
    I hope everyone stays well and recovers quickly. :):)

  29. I liked the short regular posts... Well... When I was around to read them, LOL!

  30. Tori--I like doing a daily post, but it just takes up so much of my good time. That's my only problem. Then I have less time for other things. I'll be back to my around 2-3 times a week pretty soon. Although, I have been known to blog for days if I have things to show you. ;)

  31. Fair enough; just don't go disappearing on me, OK? Too many people have done that!

  32. Tori--No worries! :)


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