Monday, November 21, 2011


Another orange and pastel sunrise...
...transforming into a blue sky day.
It's 12 degrees, but is supposed to get near 30 today.
I actually slept from 8:30pm till 4am!! Happy, happy me! I worked on finishing up the coloring of my mandala with the watercolor pencils.
Not finished yet. I must be the slowest person in that class--LOL! I still haven't done any of the doodling on it that I'd like to try and we are starting another lesson today. Guess I'd best get on the stick after the paper is completely dry, eh?
Speaking of dry.
Here is what the page spread in my art journal looked like after it dried.
Left side...
...right side.
The pictures look so different without flash...
...and with flash. Actually it's somewhere in between. Has a shimmer to it, but the flash reflects too much and without doesn't show much at all and looks too dull. Oh well.
Anyways, I'm having fun doing the beginning backgrounds. Can add whatever I want afterwards, but this is at least getting me started...pushing me over an inner wall. I have a difficult time being looser with art. This is a stretch for me. ;)
Now, back to the mandala!
And whatever else I can get done or started.
Addressing envelopes for the Christmas cards.
Handwritten Christmas letters.
Work on finishing my 2012 birthday cards.
Always something on my list. ;)
This is a week for gratitude and thanksgiving.
May it be a full one!! :):)


  1. I love the pattern!!! :-) And the photos of the sky are just so gorgeous!!! :-)

    happy AEDM!


  2. That Mandala looks like a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign! Too cool! I like the colors!

    Such a beautiful morning sky... they really do seem "orange-y-er" than sunsets.

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

    It is so difficult to get good picturesof art work, isn't it. I like the color combinations. Very pretty and interesting.

    Yea on getting that sleep!

  4. Dear Rita,
    To me, these backgrounds you are painting on each journal page are like the "the wash" that a watercolorist first applies. It gives depth to whatever one adds in the forefront. So I'm eager to see what you will ultimately add to these "washes" that are so intricate and unusual. Each is different. Individual. Glowing. I'm liking what you're doing.

    I'm in agreement with "Intense Guy." This first mandala does look like a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign. Lovely.


  5. Ida--Glad you like the sky pictures and the mandala pattern. Yes--happy AEDM!! :)

    Iggy--I never thought of that--Pennsylvania Dutch pattern. Cool! I knew you'd like that it had some orange in it--LOL!
    The orange sunrises just last for a few minutes and then they disappear. I know. I've become a little over fascinated with their magic act. LOL! ;) Have a great week, my friend!! :)

    Deanna--Yes, it is hard to get the right colors and shimmer--with my camera anyways. Glad you like it. I am learning new things. :)
    Thanks re: the sleep. I am hoping to stay on more days for a while. (I wish it was forever!) ;)

  6. The sunrise photos are beautiful!!

    Your patterns and colors for the artwork are very pretty.

  7. Gorgeous sunrise pics! The oranges and purples reflect in your mandala too...did you notice that? Your mandala looks fabulous, Rita! That's the beauty of online can work at your own pace. I haven't even looked at the next lesson videos yet...was too sick yesterday and now feeling a little worn out at 5:45AM.

    The pages look great! I never use a flash when taking photos of artwork. I find you lose detail and the colours are never right. I like to photograph without a flash and then I just play with contrast and brightness in a graphics program where I can match it to the real colour and detail of the piece.

    I have to get Christmas cards organised yet. YIKES!

    Btw, great that you slept through like that..YAY!

    See you tomorrow,
    Serena xo

  8. There's no rush, is there?

    Have a happy and peaceful week.

  9. great journal pages, i love backgrounds like that! Well done on sleeping through, it must feel really great :)

  10. Dee--Yes, they are basically the same thing as the washes for watercolors when I start out. I'm planning to do some collage work with them--also new to me. I think I need to watch some youtube videos for ideas. ;)
    With both you and Iggy mentioning the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex I had to google it and I can see why you both said that. ;)

    Beth--I enjoy catching the orange sunrises since they are so brief. Thanks! Glad you like them. I am a newbie to all of this. :)

    Serena--Ha! Yes, I do have the oranges and yellows...and the blue and purples of the sunrises. I watched the video for the Monday class and now we are going to be drawing our own mandalas from scratch! No more tracing--whoohoo!
    I don't even know if I have programs to adjust color. I probably do, but I don't have a clue how to use it, anyways. My photos are completely unaltered--only because I wouldn't know how if I tried--LOL! I hope you feel better and get some good sleep, too. :):)

    Friko--Actually, I can do the lessons at my own speed, true. I guess I am trying to keep up with everything just for this month. Kind of made a commitment to myself, you know? It's okay if I get a little behind, but I am hoping not too much. ;)
    You have a really wonderful week, too!

    Sarah--Thanks re: journal pages. :)
    It did feel good to sleep and sleep at night. Ahhhh! Thanks!! Have a great day! :)

  11. I love your creations today. Believe me though we all have that inner wall. I don't know if it'll help any telling you my story but I'll give it a go - but one day I just learnt that it's always there and then how to ignore it and do art that really frees me. I used to be so rigid in my art and never liked the results, often I still don't like them but I appreciate that it's all about enjoying the process so really liking them don't matter. If you don't care too much about the outcome then you automatically become loser I think, thanks for sharing today :)

  12. Beautiful sunrise shots. Love these photos you share with us. :)

    The mandala looks great. I can see why Iggy said what he did. It reminded me of a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign, too.

    I have something to be thankful for today. My dad made it thru his heart surgery. :) Hope you have a good day tomorrow and enjoy your week.

  13. Again, another beautiful sky! So glad you got a good night's of sleep! It is neat that you have a lot of creative things to do with interesting projects! Hope today was a good one!


  14. I love Jenniebellie's comment! How wise :) I think we are all too critical of ourselves. We need to forget about trying in anyway to please an imaginary audience and just please ourselves. Follow our own heart and then we really can't go wrong!

  15. Jenny--I know what you mean. Being a perfectionist at heart, I could never come anywhere near where I would have liked to be with anything I did. Over the years I have learned to be kinder on myself, but could never quite cross over to loosening up like all my art teachers wanted me to do--LOL! The first step I took was my watercolor bookmarks. But collage is a bigger, messier step--LOL! And, so true--it is easier when you don't care what the outcome is and just enjoy the process. Thanks so much, Jenny! :):)

    AliceKay--Oh, I am so glad your dad went through the surgery okay!!! Really something to be thankful for!!! Happy for him and you all! Have a great Thanksgiving!!! :):):)

    Betty--A good night's sleep makes all the difference. Hope you're doing well, too.
    I've always had to have some kind of creative project or another going on over the years. When I don't, it eats at me and I get to feeling weighed down. I guess I have found I need my loves: creative outlets, reading & writing, and soul tending. :):) Have a great day!

    Desiree--I guess I've never thought about an imaginary or even a real audience when I make things or write. Thank goodness! I'm a tough enough critic on my own--ROFL!! I do know when I like something I've done or I don't ...or if it is close enough--LOL! I think I have always leaned toward projects that were finely detailed, smaller, controlled...more related to calligraphy than collage. I've always been more comfortable with that kind of a pen grip, you know? Paint brushes...same grip equals small detailed work. I've never had a loose hand, shall we say--LOL! So this is a good experience for me...a stretch out of my comfort zone.
    I'm still thinking about your garden visits, BTW. :):)

  16. Simply gorgeous, Rita!!! Seriously fabulous! My art everyday has wayyyy gone by the wayside thanks to insomnia. I'm so thrilled to hear you got some great sleep though!!!! It really does make all the difference in the world!

  17. Spray inks make my heart happy! Love your journal pages! I have all sorts of backgrounds that I experiment with in my journals (yes, more than one just because I hate to wait for something to dry so I go to another one while I wait). I have made some backgrounds that I never thought I'd use but then it ends up being perfect for a later idea. I really love the serendipity of it.

  18. Jeannie--Sorry to hear you're not sleeping well. I sure know how that goes! Hope you get a Sandman visit soon! :)
    Thanks! I love trying new things! This has been a fun month. :)

    Carolyn--I am discovering how much I love the spray inks and colors! I think I am definitely going to have to try another brand or two...and some other colors! ;)
    Just playing with backgrounds takes the pressure off and knowing it is maybe just the bottom layer makes me less scared to try things. Having fun! :)

  19. amazing how a good night's sleep makes the creativity flow a bit easier... you have been busy and productive and I really love stopping by and seeing what you have been up to and I enjoy your honest and open posts... i really want to try those spray ink thingies... keep reading about them in everyone's posts... have to hunt them out xx

  20. Tracey--Thank you so very much! I couldn't have a higher compliment than being open and honest. :):) I enjoy your visits, too...and visiting to see what you've been up to.
    I first saw the various spray colors/paints/inks/shimmers on youtube videos. Looks like they all drip--LOL! I hold a paper towel right under the nozzle now. Not that the drips aren't cool, too. I do want to try a couple other brands now that I have really started to play with them. And the templates/stencils/masks...more! more! Got to get some more! They are such fun! :):) I bet you'd like playing with them, too.

  21. Your journals are very wild and playful. They are expressive and have wonderful textures. Beautiful and stunning work.

  22. Shelley--Hello! Thanks so very much!! I am going to go check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by. AEDM has been so much fun! :)

  23. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Wow, your journal pages and your mandala look great! Actually I am the slowest person in that class. I'm way behind because I keep falling asleep. I'm also really great at starting things but I'm not a very good finisher. I need ot get on the ball!

  24. Donna--Yes, kind of hard to work on the class when you're asleep! ;)
    I noticed there wasn't a second class this week. A couple of us have asked about it. I'm waiting to hear what's up with that? Maybe she got sick or something?
    I used to be an excellent finisher. Now I am a very, very, very slow finisher. ;) I have a couple of small projects that have been waiting around for years for me to get back to them...but I haven't forgotten them. Just have too many interests and too few good hours to accomplish anything--LOL! ;)

  25. thanks so much for stopping by my blog... you now have a new follower too. And girl, I am pretty darn sure that we are taking the same free mandala course. *sings* "its a small world afterall" and I'm totally loving your other artwork... but your art area is so much neater than mine. oh, and I adore your cat!!!

  26. Susan--Aha! I bet we are! Guadalupe? *sings back* It's A Small World..."
    I am so glad you stopped by. I do think we have a lot in common. I have another blog, too. Not very much on that one, but those are the life stories I have far. Hope to see you often! :)

  27. Well, at least you can't complain of boredom.... ;)

  28. Tori--No! I should be shot if I ever say I am bored--ROFL!! Honestly, I never am. :):)


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