Thursday, November 03, 2011


When you have days that look the same...'s nice when they look like this. :)
A good day to sit in the sun and keep a close eye on the toy...
...that you are positive moves by itself.
Yup!! Saw it move! Whap!
Toys in the sunshine--can it get any better than that? ;)
Started my Doodle Book last night while I watched (well, listened mostly--got so busy drawing) to the Goulet's live talk feed on Wednesday nights. I know it's probably not true zentangle, but this is how I used to doodle when I was a kid. I found this little spiral sketchbook when I was digging around for the new art journal and thought--perfect! I can get my colored pens and play while I watch TV. Fun! This was done with my new Sharpie Stick Pen set. Silly, but it would still qualify as doing something artsy, right? :)
I got out my new glass pen and sampled the green and red November inks from Ink Drop on a Clairefontaine tablet, too.
Today--Cashwise has already come this afternoon with my monthly delivery and I got everything put away so the kitchen is cleared for making dinner for Dagan and Leah.
Going to be interesting--LOL! The overhead kitchen lights finally burned out Tuesday night so it is fairly dark in there even with adjacent lights turned on. I haven't called the office yet to have them replaced because my hours are flipped and it is never good for me to get less sleep than I can manage if at all possible. So--sleep or light in the kitchen...well, I chose sleep for now. When I get back on days I will call them.
The fluorescent bulbs have burned out maybe 3-4 times in the six-plus years I've been here. That is ridiculous. So she told me to remind her of that when I called (after they finally bit the dust) and they might have to replace the whole light fixture.
Plus I told Tahnee (when I brought in paperwork a little while ago) that my kitchen faucet is finally leaking bad enough to probably need replacing, too. And I didn't mention that both the bathroom drains are starting to plug up. So...I definitely want to be on a day schedule before I call. Could be several days of repair for all I know. Nothing is an emergency. No problem.
Going to be nice to see the kids tonight. Been over five weeks, I believe. I do get to missing my favorite people!! Well, I'd better go clear off the craft table and maybe do some organizing for dinner while I can see better back there--LOL! Have a good one!! :):)


  1. Those clouds look like you could just pluck them out of the sky. Lovely!

    Karma cracks me up! lol

    I don't think there are any rigid rules to zentangles and this one sure looks like one to me. Nice work, Rita!

    I've had to cook in the kitchen when a bulb has blown before...a challenge but do-able. The long fluorescent bulbs seem to last for years on end but I have found the circular fluorescent bulbs seem to need replaced just about every year. I'm not sure this is normal but that's been my experience.

    Hopefully, they will be able to sort all the problems in one hit...once you're back on days.

    WOW...five weeks since you saw Dagan and must be quite excited. I hope Leah is feeling much better now.

    Enjoy your dinner,

    Serena xo

  2. Hi Rita,

    Love your zentangle! Nice job! Glad you are doing AEDM, look forward to seeing more.

  3. Yes, Rita, I think that is quite artsy fartsy. Very nice, too! I hope you do get your apartment issues cleared up while they are not emergencies. I'll bet you will be happy to see the kids. Five weeks is a long time! :-)

  4. I hope you had something really good for dinner. Mine was a TV dinner and while not bad, it wasn't great either. ;-)


  5. I like your doodling!! I think Karma has a very charmed life!! Sitting in the sun sounds like a very good way to spend the day! Bet you enjoyed your visit with your family!!!


  6. Looks like Karma has quite the life carved out for herself, lol!!

    Loving your new inks!!! How fun that you get a little taste of something new every month!

    I don't doodle like that. Even your DOODLING is artistic!!!! Very fun!

    Sorry your days are flipped again. Not good for your body. Although no sleep isn't real swell either! I hope you were able to see well enough to make dinner and had really great visit!

  7. Anonymous12:39 AM

    Oh I love those mashed potato clouds! Right now we just have fog.

    I'm trying to get back on days too! Last night I was actually in bed early.... and I laid there... and laid there.... I didn't get to sleep until after 4am! I feel better though so I'm glad for that.

    That looks like a Zentangle to me. You know, I never follow rules anyway. Zentangles are not supposed to have a top/bottom.... and my Christmas trees certainly don't follow that rule LOL

    So as I was typing this I knocked a pen off my side table and reached between the table and couch to get it and found a whole bag of halloween candy that the kids forgot about LOL Shhh!

    Hope you get back on days soon so you can get the stuff fixed in your apartment. When I have stuff like that happen my husband fixes it....... and THEN he call someone to fix it LOL

  8. Serena--I'm not sure if there are rules to zentangle, either, but they seem to look more curvy and swirly most of the time. I should google it! ;)
    These are two long fluorescent bulbs and they should last for years! I've lived in apartments for years and never had to replace one. It is unusual.
    Leah was very tired and still coughing, poor thing. This is just hanging on. :( But she is on the mend, thanks!

    Karen--Yes, I saw you were doing AEDM, too! We'll see more of each other. ;)

    Djan--Thanks! I'm afraid I may have days where photography might have to do for my "art" of the day--LOL!
    It was SO good to see Dagan and Leah! Great time!! :):)

    Beth--I have discovered the Quorn brand (vegetarian) and it has chicken that has texture and pretty much tastes like chicken. I made a fake chicken and rice stir fry with steamed broccoli and we had some frozen yogurt (chocolate brownie) for dessert! Was yummy!! They even liked it and they're not vegetarians. ;)
    Depends on the TV dinner. Some of them are really good! I hope you had a tasty one. :)

    Betty--Karma has the life! ;) It really was a really nice evening with Dagan and Leah. Nothing like family who love each other unconditionally...ahhh! :):)

    Jeannie--It is fun to get my little vials of ink every month. I really do like to play, don't I?
    I sat at my desk and listened to the pen and ink talk while I doodled away and next thing I knew an hour and a half had gone by! Got to set my timer next time--LOL! ;)
    I hope my sleeping moves around the clock soon. But if I can actually sleep halfway decently, I am happy no matter when I sleep. Hope you get some good sleep, too. I know sleep gives you troubles, too. :)

    Donna--LOL@mashed potato clouds!!
    I know! You are tired. You lay down. You just lay there...and lay there...and lay there. I just get back up anymore if I haven't fallen asleep in 45-60 minutes. Unless, of course, I am too tired to move...and lay there for hours. *sigh* ;)
    I think I'm going to google zentangle and find out what it actually says--just for the heck of it--but I don't care about the rules, either. It's my Doodle Book! ;)
    Ooooh--hide the candy bag--LOLOL!
    I never had good judgment when it came to men so I'm happy with a maintenance man doing repairs. Less trouble--ROFL! ;)

  9. Karma is the most adorable cat and you are so good at reading exactly what is on her mind! You both clearly make a great team! I'm so glad Dagan & Leah came to visit. Five weeks must seem like an eternity for you. I LOVE your doodles. Definitely very creative. I also loved seeing your writing when you tested out your new glass pen. I really dislike having workmen of any sort in my home. I know that sounds mean of me, but I always find it an invasion of my space, an intrusion, if you like. I know it's not their fault I have a problem that needs fixing, but I still can't get my head around to being accepting of their presence, rather than feeling sulky and inconvenienced by it. Yes, I'm a mean spirited person , aren't I?

  10. Pretty skies. We've had a few here latey, but the clouds are back this morning.

    Yep, Karma has the life. :)

    Loved your doodle. Looks kinda neat!

    Hoping everything gets repaired at your place as soon as your "days" go back to days.

    Hope you had a nice time with the kids. (will read the next blog post a bit later)

  11. Dear Rita,

    Oh, to be able to doodle like that! I've always been a star within star or circle within circle or spiral within spiral sort of doodler. Probably not free enough within myself to really let go as you do and see where my fancy takes me.

    Hope all the leaks and lights and clogs get fixed before winter sets in.


  12. Toys in the sunshine... Cat heaven! :P)

    I think it still qualifies as artsy! :)

    I'd go with sleep too!

  13. Happiness is a brilliant blue sky, white puffy clouds, raybeams on a warm carpet, a happy cat playing, a full tummy, a sink faucet that doesn't drip, a ceiling light that lights, and a unstopped up drain.

    Looks like you got the best part of it...

  14. Desiree--Funny, I do tend to get a rapport with my critters and seem to do some mind reading, but it goes both ways--LOL!
    I am not thrilled with workmen being here, either. I hated it when they had to come in while you were gone at work or something and always requested that they do not enter my apartment unless I am home. Some places I lived in would "forget" and you'd find they had been there while you were gone. Creepy feeling. Now, I am home almost 24/7--LOL! They can only surprise me and come knocking when I am sleeping so I have to throw my robe on. I don't like that either--LOL!

    AliceKay--Thanks! Yes, we had a really nice time as you'll see. ;) Have a good day!

    Dee--When I was a kid I used to copy cartoon characters and such, but was never good at creating something from scratch that looked like anything--so I doodled--LOL! I tend to be a sectioned, repetitive doodler, I think. Never too late to doodle, lady! ;)

    Tori--Yup! Cat heaven! :)
    Sleep always trumps anything it can anymore for me--LOL!

    Iggy--It was still a happy day even with the drippy sink, dark kitchen, and slow drains--ROFL!! I live the best part of it. ;) *hugs*


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