Friday, November 18, 2011


Another dusting of snow today...
...that has already stopped and mostly melted away by this afternoon. Again. But we could have a little more, I guess...scattered snow showers through the night. It really warmed up! 31 degrees!
Dagan and Leah came over last night. Separate cars so that Dagan could leave earlier. Leah stayed and we finished all the Christmas cards before 10pm! Tada!! And she wasn't coughing anymore!! :):)
Quick post. Internet has been slow and lost it once briefly already. One of those days where nothing seems to be working right, anyways, so I'm going to shut it down for a while. Didn't sleep much. Hoping to be back in bed pretty soon. Noodle day. Dark day. Good day to try to get some more sleep. ;)
See you tomorrow!! :):)


  1. 3 pm where you are. 11.30 pm where I am. I am in bed almost ready to switch off the light for the night. Hope you get some sleep and have a much better day, tomorrow.

  2. 31 degrees is warm, Rita?! LOL We're at about 35 degrees around here right now and expecting our first lowland snow, but it hasn't shown up yet. Maybe it'll change its mind and go back out over the ocean. Sometimes a Noodle Day is a good Day!

  3. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Your Christmas cards look very nice... very professional! you gals did a great job!

    I'm so tired I can't sleep. I laid down several times I couldn't get to sleep. Never did sleep at all.... I've been up all night and all morning so far. I'm really blurry eyed... and knitting a bit. I think I'm going ot make blue a fuzzy sweater.

  4. Thank you for the snow pictures I love snow. It is like Spring here in South England.
    Hope you sleep well tonight.
    Best wishes.
    Gwen xx

  5. I haVe to tell you how used to seeing your Fargo pictures... this morning I worried a bit when there was nothing up there, so now I can breathe a sigh of relief. And glad to know you were there and otherwise occupied (or unable to post). :-)

  6. Lovely cards, wow that's a lot to do congrats on completing them. Thanks for sharing, much love, Jennibellie x

  7. No... no .... noooooooooooooooooo! Just say no to snow!!!


    I'm glad Leah is feeling better!! And I love those little evergreens!

    And I got another invisible ink message today !!! cool beans!!!

    *grins ear to ear*

  8. Wow! We had a little snow---when the sun was shining!!--today but nothing that accumulated. Stay warm....I always sleep best when it's cold outside and warm under the (heavy) covers!

  9. I also meant to say that your cards are beautiful!

  10. Yelp, it seems winter is here and I am only just beginning to accept it. I usually look at December 22 as being the shortest day of the year. Until then, it is uphill and after it is all downhill. Somehow I always forget about January and February, the coldest months of the year. :-)

    I hope you got some sleep! My doctor told me today that sleep is the most important thing to our health. I felt like "and this is why you are a doctor"? To know what we all already knew.

  11. LOL on Iggy's comment to say no to snow; too funny!

    As long as it is a dusting and melts soon, seems fine to me!

    The cards look mighty nice; lots of hard work there! Glad Leah is no longer coughing!


  12. We got a little snow last night and it was in the upper 20s when i got up this morning. The sun melted what snow it came in contact with, but where there was only shade, there is still snow. (i have pics but not uploaded yet)

    The Christmas cards look great. I'm glad you were able to get them finished. Also happy to hear Leah is no longer coughing. :)

    Hope you got some more sleep today. Have a good weekend.

  13. It has been cold and windy here today.

    Your cards turned out beautifully!! The two of you did a wonderful job.


  14. snow!!!! yuck... looks pretty but that means it is way to cold for my liking... hope you have warmed up in bed and had lots of down time so that things can all right themselves... sending some warm sunny summer your way xx

  15. The cards look great! You and Leah did well. I'm so glad to hear Leah is no longer coughing...when I get a chronic cough, it just about drives me nuts!

    See you tomorrow,

    Serena xo

  16. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Aww your snow is so pretty. I'm actually kind of craving a little snow. Just a dusting and then it can be summer again LOL!

    Get some sleep Rita. I think you sleep less than I do :)

  17. Desiree--Isn't it amazing to think of how we bloggers are connected all over the world! Blogging has that freedom like email--you can write it any time of the day or night and people will read it when they get there. I love the internet!! :):)
    Sleep has not been my bedfellow lately--LOL! One of these days I'll collapse and sleep for 10-12 hours out of exhaustion. That's just the way it goes. Have a beautiful weekend, lady!! :):)

    Nikki--Well, 31 seems warm when it's been 8 degrees with wind--ROFL!! ;) Too early for it to be this cold.
    Noodle days, when I am too weak and tired and sore to do much of anything, are perfect pajama TV/movie days. ;)

    Donna--I can relate. So tired my eyes burn, but tried to sleep for two hours and I was up four times so I gave up and here I am. I still don't understand how a person can be so tired and unable to sleep...*sigh* Fibro is insidious. I just thank God that I am alone (well, Karma and the fish are adaptable) with few responsibilities. I am so grateful. Like a wounded animal who found a small cave to hide in--LOL! ;)
    Happy knitting, lady!! :):)

    Gwen--Ah! Spring! We have six months or more of winter up here. Luckily I prefer the cold to the heat if I had to choose--LOL!
    I'm still hoping for some good sleep. Any time now, Mr. Sandman!! ;)

    Djan--Sorry, sweet lady! Doing anything on a regular schedule doesn't last long in my world--ROFL!! And this month, even if I am awake, I can't post until I have something artistic or creative to show so I'm not posting right away if I don't have anything new yet. Guess I better at least doodle while I watch TV during the night here, eh? LOL! ;)

    Jenny--Thanks! Yes, I think we had 84 cards. At least they were very simple this year. We can get carried away--LOL! :):)

    Iggy--I was so glad Leah was barely coughing at all! She's had that darn cough for weeks. Maybe she's completely over and done with it now. :)
    Ahh! My secret message buddy! So glad you are enjoying it!! :):)

    Carol C--I absolutely love to sleep tucked under the covers when it is chilly, too! Yes!! LOVE it!! I hope to get me some of that soon! ;)
    And thanks re: the cards. :)

  18. Rubye--I think of it rising from fall until New Year's Eve (I love the holiday season of love and goodwill!)...then a long plateau until spring. Spring can be good or just wet up here...and signals the decline into heat and humidity (the low of the year for me). Good thing I live up here, eh? LOL! ;)
    Re: the doc--yes, tell us something we don't know--ROFL! ;)
    Have a really good weekend, Rubye. :):)

    Betty--Since I don't have to shovel snow anymore I can afford to actually look forward to it--ROFL!! Poor Iggy has to shovel lots of it, so I wouldn't blame him if he hated it! ;)
    It's unusual for us to have dustings that disappear. Most of the time when it snows...that snow is here till spring--LOL! We'll have plenty, I'm sure. Although, seems a lot of it has been missing us and hitting out east the last few years...and even down south! Nuttiness abounds! :)

    AliceKay--You guys have had more snow over your way than we have here so far this year. I'm glad it has been melting for you.
    It was nice to see Leah looking a little better. She still feels like she could use a couple days of sleep, but she's much improved.
    Have a quiet weekend, lady! :):)

    Beth--Thanks so much. It always feels so go to get the cards all finished. Now I can start on addressing envelopes and writing letters to tuck inside. Have a bunch of people who only hear from me at Christmas. If I'm lucky, I'll have them all ready to go by the time I can afford stamps in December--LOL! ;)

    Tracey--Well, still waiting for sleep and things to right themselves--LOL! But life is good on this quiet night while Karma snores softly. ;)
    Have a super weekend, Tracey! :)

    Serena--I know! When you get a chronic cough like that it is so hard to sleep. Leah still is tired, but at least she can sleep better now. If things would settle down for them. (I'll blog about that later this morning.)
    Sleep well, lady! Have a calm, healing day!! :)

    Angela--I'm actually waiting for the snow to stay. I love a fresh snowfall and how it covers the world in a soft white blanket. Nothing prettier to me than when we get those big, floaty flakes--ahh! They're extra pretty at night. The blizzards and ice storms--well, we get those, too. Part of the deal. ;)
    Sometimes I do go for days and days on very little sleep. Sometimes I am sleeping regularly...when I am on days is the best odds for that to happen. You don't get a lot of sleep, that's for sure. I really hope you can get into a little better sleep schedule. I know how hard that can be sometimes. Here's hoping you sleep well and earlier with less worry. :):) *hugs*

  19. Your Christmas cards turned out lovely!

    I think the snow you've received is headed over here to Minnesota. Says it going to be that slushy rain first and then change into snow later.

  20. BBbbbbbrrrrr. love the snowy pic's, but it looks so dark & dreary...i's a good day to just get back in bed and cuddle under the blanket!

    your christmas cards look great!!

  21. Ann--Thank you! Most of what comes through here heads to northern Minnesota, that's for sure. I'm so close that when I take those sky pictures that is Minnesota in the distance from my window. My homeland. ;)

    Laura--I cuddled in, but the sleep evaded me. Still is far. (It's 8am on Sat.) I've had about two or three hours since midnight on Thursday night. Another dark morning. Another good sleeping day. Maybe I'll be luckier today. ;)

  22. Dear Rita,

    No flakes here as yet, but the winter wind blows today
    and a chill is in the air.

    Keep perusing sleep!

    That books of Christmas cards is inspiring.


  23. Dee--Yes, it's chilly here, too. 11 degrees, but no more snowflakes.
    I have caught a couple hours of sleep. Hoping for more. ;)
    Thanks re: the cards. I hope you have been having a really nice weekend. :)

  24. No snow for me yet; beautiful sunny weather... But, of course it's nice out, because we just got new Winter coats. ;)

    YAY for Leah not coughing any more!

  25. Tori--LOL! Murphy's get new winter coats and it warms up!
    Yes, I'm so glad Leah is feeling better. Those kids run and are so busy it's hard for her to catch up on sleep. :)


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