Monday, November 07, 2011


I've had about three hours of sleep and was up twice, so I'm hoping to snooze in my chair at some point today if I'm lucky. I'm up, clean, dressed, and called the office. During the night I did a couple more sessions of stamping...
...and finished them all!
In fact, I did a few more extras in case we mess up. I think I have 84. Done with another step on the assembly line--tada! Not sure what artsy thing I will get done between now and posting tomorrow. Something, hopefully. ;)
The prompt from nablopomo for today isn't really applicable to me:
Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life?
Dagan, Leah, and I see each other when we can...and we do make a point of trying to get together, as you know. All the rest of my family and friends don't live way up here in we talk on the phone or email or write letters. No work life. No husband or lover or boyfriend. I'm just trying to balance my sleep, pain, and productivity. Being pleasant, cheerful, and half ways alert when maintenance or UPS shows up...that's my job today--LOL! ;)
In the meantime...Karma's playing sunshine tag on the carpet and I'm going to watch some mindless TV. ;)
If the cabinet comes, I'm sure that will wake me up...well, might wake me up...honestly depends on when it gets here--LOL! There will eventually be pictures, though, I promise. :)
Have a great day!!


  1. I hope all goes well with the maintenance side of things.

    84 cards?! You certainly did have a production line going.

    I hope you manage to catch a nap today...three hours of sleep is not a lot. I tend to experience the same through the week when I have to get up at 4. Sometimes, it's after midnight before I manage to get to sleep and then, I always get up a few times through the night so my sleep is disturbed too.

    Have a lovely day, my friend,

    Serena xo

  2. I hope your day turns out well in every possible way! Holding thumbs you get a good night's sleep :) Big hug xoxo

  3. Serena--Yes, I wonder if they will even show up today to fix things? Never know. ;)
    I send out about 60 and Leah sends out about 20. We round up. So this is without extras for the shop. This is just the normal amount for us. Glad they're simpler this year. ;)
    Isn't it hard to feel alert when you have had so little sleep? It's worse for me now than it was before I got fibro because I need more sleep than I used to in order to feel rested. I used to be able to get by just fine with 6-7 hours and now I need more like 8-9. Not that I get them...but I need them to function the best anymore.
    Hope you had a good day! :):)

    Desiree--"holding thumbs"? I have never heard of that. We do a "cross your fingers" up here. Do you hold your own thumbs? Cool! I learn things from you and so many bloggers. Don't you just love the internet?! :):)

  4. If I only get three hours of sleep any night (which doesn't happen any more), I am no good for anything the next day and feel a bit like I'm tripping on some not-so-good drug! Hope you get that nap in, Rita! :-)

  5. You are really going to town on the Christmas cards. Good for you!

    I hope you get a good night's rest tonight.


  6. Djan--I know! Almost feel woozy and my eyes burn. I can't go without sleep like I did when I was young and just push through...especially since I got fibro. But the maintenance man is here, so that's a good thing. I will have light in the kitchen again! :)

    Beth--Being in the AEDM group is a good motivator...trying to think of something artistic to do every day. ;)
    I really do hope I get some sleep later. Thanks! :):)

  7. Well, at least your night was productive; hope you managed to catch a short nap.

    I also hope things get sorted maintenence wise.

  8. Yes, I agree I thought my painting resembled my niece a bit how she would look when she was older ~ I come from a family of 'redheads' so that is why I paint them ~ Thanks for coming by again & Be gentle with yourself ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^

  9. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Wow, that is a lot of cards! I haven't even started on mine really except for my idea of a tree. Not sure if that is what I'm doing yet or not. I don't really have money for printing right now.

    I feel so tired I can hardly think and my stomach feels like it's twisted in knots. I've been sitting here trying to knit ribbing - knit 2 purl 2, knit 2 purl 2, knit 3 purl 6 purl 1 hurl twice.... I really want to finish the 3 inches I need before I can move on to the smooth fabric and doing only one stitch at a time!

  10. Wow you were busy with all those cards!!! No wonder why you only got a few hours sleep!


  11. You are busy when you are not sleepy! I hope your chest shows looks like it would be an awesome container.
    Not sure what was on your catnip..Powdery Mildrew or mold most likely. You can try a baking soda ( a tablespoon) /water( 1 quart)/ ( a couple of drops)dish soap mixture. Mix it up and spritz it on the leaves. Good Luck:)

  12. Tori--Sleep was disappointing so far, but the maintenance wasn't. ;)

    Carol--I noticed your red hair in your picture. ;) I am trying--LOL! :)

    Donna--One of these years I am going to make one card and have it printed again. I've only done it once with a painting. Does cost a bit, though. This year we are on a "whatever we already have to work with" budget. ;)
    Don't over do it! When I feel so miserable I can't think straight whatever I push myself to work on doesn't seem to work out anyways. Take the R&R time to get better. *hugs*

    Betty--LOL! If I could sleep I would gladly let the cards wait. ;) It amazes me that when you have chronic fatigue you can have such a hard time sleeping. Fibro is a bit crazy to live with--LOL! :)

    Connie--The chest came and I took pictures for the next post! :)
    Thanks! I tossed out the catnip, but if I see the white stuff anywhere else I will try that! Have a great day! Give Chance a good scratch from me! ;)

  13. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Hope you catch up on some rest dear!

  14. Angela--I'm still trying. ;)

  15. Well, one out of two isn't bad, I guess! ;)

  16. Ugh.. from 9 hours to 3 hours of sleep... and throw in a time change to confuse things a bit more...

    I hope the maintenance dude fixes you up quickly and soon - be nice to have things "running like clockwork" or even like UPS (but hey.. where were they?)

  17. Dear Rita, this whole sleep thing tries to bend your life out of shape, but you have so much equanimity that you just keep moving back into contentment.

    The journey you share with us is replete with the contentment that comes from knowing and loving yourself. You and Karma are dear to so many of us.


  18. Tori--LOL! Yup! ;)

    Iggy--Not having any control over your sleep, especially when you have chronic fatigue, too--there are times I could almost cry I get so frustrated. Thank goodness I don't have appointments or plans too often. ;)
    I did get fixed up quickly with repairs. Nice!! I was happy about that! :)

    Dee--The sleep thing, the body pain, the IBS...lots of things bend my life out of whack--LOL! I really do try to not let it control how I feel. It does get the upper hand on occasion, but not often. Thanks so very much!! :):)

  19. wow!! that's a lot of cards!! an assembly line for sure!
    and...since i'm heading back in time...i already know you're cabinet came & it's a beauty!! :) have a great day!

  20. Laura--That sounded so funny--like you were time traveling!! ;)
    Eighty isn't so bad. When we made extras to sell on the etsy shop we've made twice that many--whew! I don't think either of us could handle the extra this year.
    Ah, and a beauty it is!! :):)


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