Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Karma pouting to go out on the porch yesterday...accented with the occasional whine.
Still waiting for me to finish blogging, but catching a few winks in the meantime.
She's already cried at the door this morning and been out to examine the porch and check for snow (still none). Now she's purring right underneath the laptop table I am typing on. Purrs are cat I know all is well in Karma's world. ;)
Today is the last day of AEDM and I ended with a bang! Had an exciting time yesterday!! Tried something new with ink, liquid watercolor, and a straw.
Was also fascinating for Karma, apparently, to watch me bending and blowing and exclaiming my wonder.
Here's the page spread wet as can be.
On the left side I used Noodler's inks: Apache Sunset and Blue Nosed Bear.
On the right side I used some very old Winsor Newton's liquid watercolor Process Cyan and Higgins' pigmented drawing ink Magenta. Both at least 30 years old and with dried up eyedroppers that are barely functional, but they still did the job. Wouldn't have stopped me as I do have extra eyedroppers. ;)
The Blue Nosed Bear was an ink sample from Ink Drop and was already in a cartridge in that Preppy pen (took out the cartridge and used a pipette to suck up a little of the ink.)
Left the wet pages to dry overnight.
Meanwhile, I experimented on adding pages to make a bookcard out of a regular card made from card stock. Had to cut down the inside pages a little to fit the smaller card. Misted me up some white paper flower parts...
...with golden bamboo and solar gold (radiant rains).
I'll have to add the bling flower here on the front (and anything else I might decide to add) after I am done writing the letter inside. Writing over a big old embellishment lump would not be pleasant. Even the ribbon is annoying to me, to be honest, but that's already glued down--LOL! Anyways, my camera is really off on color sometimes. The ribbon is actually more purple, not blue. Oh well. You get the idea so far, anyways.
The last day of November. I made it!! TaDa!
Funny, I just checked last night and apparently I never was registered and listed for the November Nablopomo? I couldn't find my blog anyplace even with the search engine? I did everything, filled out everything, put the badge on my blog, have been getting their emails, and never gave it a second thought. Another "oh well"--ROFL! It was a personal goal for me, I know I blogged every day in November, and that's what matters, right? ;)
Well, now I can start the daily meditations and go back to blogging whenever I feel like it...which occasionally is every day for a stretch, but usually more like 2-3 times a week.
I do have some new things to play with from this wild ride month--the art journal, doodle book, and the mandalas! It was definitely a creative kick in the pants--LOL! An exciting month! Trying new things, meeting new people, and chatting every day. Was a lot of fun! I am amazed and proud that I actually accomplished this personal goal! Whoohoo! :):)
Okay, enough patting myself on the back--ROFL!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Caroline comes to clean today.
Dagan and Leah are coming after work.
I emailed them both to tell them not to jump the car before they came up here to my apartment and I could talk to them.
The more I have thought about this...well, there's something draining that battery...whether it is the battery, the alternator, or old wiring going bad. All the wishful thinking about holding a charge isn't going to change that fact. They don't have the money to bring her in right now--and she might cost too much to fix, anyways, for all we know. Even if we got her jumped today, I don't trust that she will start up again when I come out after an appointment or not die at a stoplight or something, you know? And winter is here (even if we don't have the snow proof yet). I know they want me to have transportation and I think that is why they are hoping she will just magically work again, you know?
Well, I checked on the Valley Senior Ride Service. (You can find anything online these days--LOL!) You know those little buses you see around town transporting seniors and the disabled? Well, I qualify now because I turned 60 in March--tada! Much easier on me physically to get a ride door to door than to use the public bus system. For example, when I have my yearly Federal Housing appointment this winter it takes me three buses one way and ends up being a 5-6 hour day. Where when you can drive directly it's about a 20-25 minute trip to get there. No comparison on my body.
Anyways, with the senior bus/van you have to call at least two days ahead of time to schedule a ride. They run Mon-Fri from 7:40am till 4:30pm and it's $2.50 one way. I need to call and ask if they take checks or if I need cash, but I think this is the perfect solution for transportation to my appointments.
I had checked about this when I first moved to Fargo in 2005, but I wasn't old enough and they didn't seem to care if I was on disability. I remembered telling the lady I could bring in my paperwork, but she turned me down flat. And when Dagan lent me his old car over 3 years ago I forgot all about the buses, of course, and haven't ridden them since. Now I am 60, baby! She can't say no. Probably doesn't even work there anymore--LOL!
That is what I am going to tell the kids tonight. Let's just leave PitaPaseo in the garage and not deal with her until whenever we can try to jump her and drive her straight to the garage. She's not in the way...not going anywhere...can wait forever. ;) In the meantime, I can use the senior bus for my appointments--tada! I can use them to go any place I want to actually. :)
And I can use the regular bus system, of course, whenever I feel up to it. I can get to either the big mall one way or K-Mart the other direction on just one bus.
So...that's the plan. My plan. :):)
Oh, just got an email this morning that we will finally be getting a mandala lesson sometime today. Looking forward to it. I haven't done any more doodling on mine. Been waiting for the last week's classes. Wonder if we'll still have two more or just this one today now? Oh well. Regardless, I have been enjoying them. :)
I will leave you with pictures of the almost thoroughly dried page spread I took this morning. (Yes, there are some thick spots that are still wet even after sitting overnight!)
I love this straw blowing business!!
Goodbye AEDM!
Happy Wednesday, All!! :):)


  1. Splashing is a good experiment and I like the card you the sprayed flowers.
    Glad you sorted out your mandala class and now you can carry on meditating as well. It's brilliant you can use a door-to-door transport service..just the job.
    I will keep coming to your blog and we will keep in touch...what a month...congratlations for blogging each day:)

  2. Wow!! I really like your artwork today. It is lovely!

    I am sorry about your battery. You are probably right and there is something in addition to the battery causing your problem. I sure hope you are able to get it all figured out.


  3. A purring cat is a content cat!

    Hey, even if you weren't registered, the fact you did it for yourself - and enjoyed doing so - is most important, right?

    I signed up for those meditations; not sure how easy it will be for me to navigate, but I managed to sign up by myself, and it's free, so... *shrugs*... I could use the calming meditations right about now, I think! ;)

    They have that bus service here too; mind you, they also have "hospital transportation for the disabled" that's available to anyone who can proove they're disabled, regardless of their age (which is how I plan to get to my appointments now I don't have my parents available with their cars).

    I think that's a good idea. Of course, since I'm nosy, I'm now wondering what Dagan and Leah will think of the idea... ;)

  4. Gwen--Is that what the straw blowing is called...splashing? Cool!
    So glad you will keep in touch! I am following you, too. Yes, what a month! And glad I met you. :):)

    Beth--Thanks! It was fun...and unpredictable, to say the least.
    We'll eventually find out if the car can be fixed or not. Maybe next spring or whenever. But I'll be okay no matter what. No worries. Thanks, lady! :)

    Tori--Yes, I was totally shocked I wasn't on the nablopomo list...but it doesn't matter one whit. ;)
    Sounds like we both will be getting around on little vans/buses. I'm just glad they have them! :)
    I think D&L will be fine with it. As long as they know I won't be out on the buses all day again. ;)

  5. Oh... i have to go find that song on YouTube....

    Queen... I think it was... Another One Rides The Bus!

    Smiles and then laughs...

    Karma looks so contented. Dreaming of sugar plums... Hey... what's a sugar plum?

  6. I have good news! You ARE on the Nablopomo Blog roll, my friend. Check out this link, you are number 254! YAY!

    Congratulations, girl!! We did it!!! I'm so happy you and I were able to share the AEDM journey together. Thanks for being so supportive. It will feel strange not having to post every day.

    Your ink and straw-blowing adventure looked like so much fun! I love the blue and red one!

    Good luck with your daily meditations. I didn't sign up but I may start meditating again myself.

    It sounds like a good plan re. PitaPaseo and, if you're entitled to the door-to-door bus service, then why not use it? I think it's a good idea.

    I got the email about the next mandala lesson too. I need to get in and do week 2 yet.

    Anywhoo, have a lovely evening!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  7. I am so glad that you have an option for door to door service, Rita. MUCH better idea than possibly getting stranded in a car with no go left in it. :-)

    And I also enjoyed your art work this month, along with Serena's it's been inspiring and I might actually do it myself some day. :-)

  8. Karma is good company for you. :)

    Your art work is pretty spectacular today. Neat idea with the straw. Beautiful card, too.

    I think the bus will be a good option for you until Dagan and Leah can get the PitaPaseo checked out. You just never know with vehicles. A little problem can turn into a big one rather quickly. (been there, done that...too many times to count)

    I'm hope your mandala lesson arrived today. Glad to hear (via Serena) that you are definitely on the Nablopomo Blog roll. Good news! :)

  9. Iggy--OMG! I didn't know that was a real Al Yankovich song!! I ended up snooping and finding one video of him live on the Tom Snyder show singing this! Now I'll never forget this. It will probably be in my head as I am ON the bus!! ROFLMAO!! Oh goodness! Leave it to you--LOL!
    And I am not sure what a sugar plum is. Or a sugar plum fairy, for that matter. ;)

    Serena--I AM!! I wonder why I couldn't find my blog and I wasn't even in their blog search engine? Well, I am glad to know I did do it right. I thought I had, but you know how computerland can befuddle me. ;) Thanks so much for finding me, Serena!!
    That dropping blobs of ink and blowing was so much fun!! I love the results! This might be something I'd like to make a bigger sheet o--abstract painting, you know?
    I got the lesson, too, and watched it. No doodling advice. But a cool way to make a flower template! Have fun--when you get to it. Have a great day!! :):)

    Djan--Yes, I think so, too. Getting stranded is not a good thing. Especially in the winter. (I seriously doubt it will hold a charge anyways.)
    Isn't Serena a talented artist! The things she throws together on a bad day are way beyond my skill level, that's for sure. She's a sweet lady, too! ;) Was a fun month! I think you should give it a go, lady! What the heck. If not now...when? Right?

    AliceKay--Karma's a great shut-in companion--LOL! ;)
    I just loved the ink and straw thing! Got to try me some more of that, for sure!!
    Cars! I know! And if I miss some appointments I can be in real trouble. (Like Fed Housing!) Better to be safe than sorry, I guess.
    The lesson arrived. And I still don't know how Serena found my blog listing. I still can't find it. I think I get a big F in transversing the cyber world--LOL!
    Stay warm!! :)

  10. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I really like your journal pages especially the orange and green. I think there are some crazy birds in there and a venus fly trap on the right. I don't understand how you did that but I like how it turned how. Just think of how you could layer that by doing onto a painted background. You could even add details like spots of fine glitter or something. How cool.

    We have something called the VanTran here. Sounds like the same thing. They have a lift deal for people in wheelchairs. I'm shocked that they wouldn't let you use it being disabled! I wish I lived close enough to be able to come hang out with you. We could go running around and cause a lot of trouble.

  11. Dear Rita,
    Like DJan, I'm truly glad to hear about your decision to use the senior bus. So long as you can afford to do it, the whole trip sounds safer than the car with the pouting battery and the public transit with its long trips.

    Also like DJan, I've enjoyed all the art you did in November. I've learned a lot about various processes by which you shared with us your creativity. And the art today was lovely.


  12. I like the page spread! Very colorful and unique designs! And WTG for posting every month in November! Truly a magnificient feat you did! I say that is a bargain with the cost of the senior transport bus. Definitely cheaper than maintaining a car. Might take a bit more work to organize the trips and maybe a bit of waiting, but it sounds like a very doable option!


  13. I'm absolutely with both DJan and Dee on this decision. Reliable door-to-door transport is a necessity, especially in the climate in which you live. I love your straw-blown art pages, Rita. I sat here hoping Miss Paddy Paws wouldn't walk across the wet pages. She looked as though she might well have considered it!

  14. Congratulations!!!! You succeeded in BOTH goals, and that's just awesome!!! I failed miserably on the art challenge, but there's always next year, right???

    I will admit that I have loved reading your blog daily, but it is a lot to deal with every single day, all the time. I'm glad you were feeling well enough to manage it!

    I think you are right about the car, and I'm glad there's an alternative for you. I'm sure Dagan and Leah will agree.

    I placed my order for the new mini this morning. I'm so stinkin' excited about these NEW GOODIES, I'm practically squealing!! I also ordered your butterfly embosslit. I did a HUGE order, and currently SU is offering more hostess credit at the moment, plus free sale-a-bration goodies, so I reallllllly am getting quite the haul. So...don't even worry about paying me for it, because I got it for free! When it comes in, I'll mail it off to you, but please don't even worry about paying me for it, OK? Seriously!!!!! I mean it!

    Hugs and have a terrific (bug-free!) me, lol!

  15. Absolutely my next "try it" thing in my art journal - these are spectacular! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your company during AEDM - adding you to my favorites so I can come by and check what you and karma are up to regularly!

  16. Donna--On that left side I keep seeing a kangaroo in the bottom left corner--LOL!
    I dropped big drops of ink on the paper here and there and then blew them around with a straw. I can think of things to do with this technique, too! :)
    We have a small bus with the wheelchair lift, too, and a van. I'm sure glad that we do have something!

    Dee--Yes, I think the senior bus is a practical way for me to get around this winter.
    Glad you enjoyed all the little artsy stuff this month. I'll still be playing. I always do. Just not every single day--LOL! ;)

    Betty--Thanks re:posting every day and the page spread. :)
    Luckily I am very patient and used to riding buses. I always have a book and paper & pen with me so that I can read or work on letters while I wait. I think the senior bus will work fine if it is dependable. :)

    Desiree--LOL! Yes, I made sure the chair was pushed all the way in and the I set various items along the edge of the table top (not that she can probably jump that high anymore) to deter any Miss Paddy Paws walking on the artwork.
    Once when I had some handmade paper drying on the craft table overnight I woke up and found the dent of a big cat foot on one of the sheets near the edge--ROFL! Luckily she must not have liked the damp, cold sensation and walked no further. I made a card out of it for a cat loving friend of mine. ;) Yes, I always have to think about Miss Paddy Paws!! :)

    Jeannie--OMG! Thank you soooo much! I can hardly wait to see your huge order and all the tons of goodies you got. That is so generous of you! You should at least let me know what you pay for postage, okay? How exciting! I see butterfly cards in my future--LOL!!
    Thanks! I am actually amazed that I made it on both goals for the entire month! Yay, me! LOL!
    I'm praying you stay bug free forever!! :):)

  17. Tammy--I did it once and I am already hooked on this straw technique! I think you'd love it. Can hardly wait to see what you will do with it.
    I am so glad we connected and I am following you so I won't miss any posts. I'll be patiently waiting to see how Beautiful Swimmer 2 turns out. ;)

  18. Oh, I love those straw blowing designs. Pollock ain't got nothin' on you!

  19. 1Nurse--Hi! Thanks so much! It was really fun and unpredictable...almost like magic! ;) Have a great weekend!

  20. oohhhh.... pretty ink splatters. that is one technique I have yet to master. sooo pretty!!!

  21. Susan--I was shocked at how much fun the straw blowing ink around was. I need a bigger sheet of paper next time--LOL! ;)


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