Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The skies looked dark and dangerous.

Then turned bone grey when the sun came up and started to snow around 10am.
Looked like we could see a lot of snow, right?
But this was it. And it was all melted away by noon. So far Mother Nature has been kind to us up here. ;)
Well, I did my homework--tada!
Had a lot of fun with the mandala template.

Yesterday the maintenance man came at 2:30pm to fix the toilet. I was ready for bed so threw on my robe. That woke me up for a while--LOL! So, I got to bed toward evening and slept good and long. Happy me! I am closer to being on days, too. :)
Quick post today. Caroline will be here soon to clean. Leah wanted to come over on Thursday and skip tonight because she's really tired...and I bet she might be still coughing, poor thing. That works out well, actually. I'll have another night to, hopefully, get on regular hours.
I've been searching for zentangle and mandala videos on youtube! Fun! Fun! Fun! Right now, I have the new mandala lesson to check out! It's only 27 degrees and going to be in the teens tonight. Good night to be inside and playing. ;)
Catch you tomorrow! :):)


  1. Dear Rita,
    You are so talented, in so many ways.

    I'm glad that you're sharing with us your journey with mandalas. Don't forget to keep us up to date on the Christmas cards when Leah comes tomorrow.

    So good to hear that you're sleeping and that soon perhaps the routine will be bed at night with the day given over to all your many delights.


  2. Wow, I love those dark cloud pictures! Those Mandala things remind me of the spirograph thing I had as a kid. Super cool!I hope you are having a good week!

  3. Your mandalas look great, Rita! I haven't had a lot of spare time the past few days but, hopefully, I'll be able to get more done today. I'm planning on spending it at home.

    Those skies look threatening!

    Enjoy your evening!

    Serena xo

  4. Dee--I will show you all the fun things I am doing, yes! ;) And I will be happy when I am back on day hours. I feel much better in general then, too. Hope you're having a good week. :)

    Barb--Ominous dramatic sky! I loved it!! :)
    You lucky duck! You had a Spirograph! I thought they were so cool! I guess I'm making up for it now, eh? LOL! ;)
    Give Maya a kiss from me.

    Serena--You might just do your sketch journal, too. We don't have another mandala class till next Monday, anyways. Lots of time to practice the painting. Like I said, tho--how do we get this on to watercolor paper. She didn't tell us that little trick--LOL! ;) Get some rest!! *hugs*

  5. Snow ~ hope it stays there ~ used to love snow ~ skiing and all that ~ That is some mandela! ! Wow! ~ thanks for coming by ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  6. i love dark clouds with lit buildings beneath - great photos I have to say :)

  7. There are some fantastic shapes in here, really lovely, can't wait to see them all coloured in after your class. Thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie x

  8. Well, looks like winter has arrived. :)
    It's supposed to get down to below freezing here also, tonight in southern Oklahoma. Snow would be fun.

    I like the mandalas.

  9. Menacing looking clouds there but they made for great shots.

    Glad the fix-it man fixed the toilet. Now no more dripping/leaking/running noise?

    The mandala is looking pretty cool. :)

    Glad you got some sleep. Have a good time with Leah tomorrow night.

  10. You did have some ominous looking clouds! Glad it didn't leave you snowbound!! Good luck with sleeping!

  11. Some snow to enjoy, but without it being enough to cause traffic issues; sounds like a good thing. Though personally I prefer enough to have fun in! ;)

    I used to love doing those things... I had books and books of them that I'd played with. Never created my own though. You have fun with them! :)

    Poor Leah; hope she shifts that cough soon.

    YAY for almost being on days. I'm sleeping from some time in the evening to early hours of the morning, so I guess i'm "sort of" on days right now. I could do with pushing it back a couple of hours though, I think. Anyway, hope you can push your sleep back a couple of hours to be able to enjoy your time with Leah (and Dagan, if he comes).

  12. Those pictures of the sky did look omnious! Glad it was just a dusting of snow for the first snow of the season!


  13. some interesting shapes in those mandelas and the snow flipped me out because it is stinking hot here at the moment... I forget how cold you all must be... sending nice warm breezes your way

  14. Carol--I can't imagine winter without snow...Christmas without snow--OMG! ;)

    Sarah--It was an unusual looking morning. Glad you liked it. I love nature drama--LOL! ;)

    Jenny--I'll have to pick one and see if I can transfer it to watercolor paper. Not an easy task with something so precise. I'll have to figure out some way to do it. ;)

    Rubye--That sounds cold for Oklahoma! You must not get snow too often down there, do you? Seems like it is colder earlier everywhere this year. Stay warm! :)

    AliceKay--Yup! Silent toilet once again. Maybe this time it will stay silent. Has made noise the majority of the time ever since I moved here. They fix it and put in new parts and within a few months it is sounding like a water fountain again--LOL! Hope. I have hope. ;)

    Carol C--It really did look like we could have had a bit of snow, but all we got was that dusting that melted right away. When it is this cold (single digits during the night) I look forward to snow. It actually warms it up and protects the plants...and makes me start to hum Christmas carols--LOL! ;)

    Tori--They sell mandala colorbooks and I had one once. That was so relaxing! Makes me want to get another one. But now I can make my own--duh! ;)
    Yes, I hope Leah is much better when I see her tonight. :):)

    Betty--Yup! Was nothing to write home about, as they say. Dusted and melted. But snow will be coming, never fear--LOL! :):)

    Tracey--Oh yes! While you are roasting, I will be posting frigid winter pictures from up here--LOL! If I had to pick between the sweltering heat and this cold--I'd pick the cold. I don't live in Fargo for nothing, eh? LOLOL! ;)

  15. Several of your mandalas remind me of the symmetry of snowflakes. Yours are beautiful!

  16. gorgeous sky pictures! Love the capture of the moment between light and dark - quite the picture! And that mandala - made my head hurt just trying to figure out what you're doing - I'm so not the precise person! Looking forward to seeing what comes of it!

  17. Those mandalas look cool - I'm with CelticSpirit, they look like spirograph outcomes - and just pull your eye into exploring their symmetry.

    That sky must of made your skin crawl and/or tingle! Gosh it looks malevolent - I'm glad it was only a mouse that roared though.

    Yay for the toilet repairs! Now if only someone could do that sort of repair on Leah! I hope she feels better and is more rested today.

  18. Carolyn--Thanks! I think snowflakes would make great mandalas! :)

    Tammy--There was such a contrast between the storm clouds and the sun trying to peek over the horizon. The clouds won--LOL! ;)
    They made your head hurt, but I just love this kind of thing. I like the symmetry and the precise lines. So enjoying it! :):)

    Iggy--The mandalas don't look quiet as confusing once you start to color them. And how you color them makes a lot of difference, I can tell already. :)
    It was awesome! Powerful-powerful sky. Interesting that it was there in the night but not visible until the sun was making an appearance.
    Yes, I hope Miss Leah is in much better shape when she arrived tonight. Indeed! :):)

  19. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Wow, your cloud pictures are so neat!!! That looks like a painting waiting to happen to me. I really can't believe that is all the snow you got! No fair! I'll have to send you some from my driveway LOL

    I love your mandalas! It is so neat to see how people come up with such different designs using the same templates! I think its neat how your last one looks like an old fan. You know those old metal ones that rotated back and forth? You just need to draw a base :O) These are really making me think of those old pictograph records. I used to hang them on my bedroom walls with tacks in the center. My oldest brother was working at a thrift store and he was always bringing them to me when he found them... but he always kept the Elvis records the butthead. Anyway, I was thinking about how Suzi blu used that bees wax and the little iron thing on some of her artwork. Sometimes she would put something in the wax and cover over it too. I think that would look neat on some of these!

  20. Those cloud photos are COLD looking but inspiring wow......Well you just keep that snow up there.....LOL

    It is predicted here but so far nothing yet~

    I just love those mandalas...cant wait to see it all colored

    have a blessed day~

  21. *Nods* Yes, I know; I used to have a mandala colouring book.

  22. Donna--Ha! We'll get snow soon enough! In fact, we're getting a dusting again right now (Fri).
    I know the old metal fans. My dad still has a green one that we had when I was a kid back when nobody had AC and it still works!
    I've seen people use that beeswax with the tiny iron tool. I have the beeswax and the melting pot...all I need is the little tool...

    Reba--Snowing right now in Fargo (Fri-noon). Not sure if it will get to you or not. I'll try to keep it up here. ;)

    Tori--Yes, the mandala coloring books are cool! :)


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