Sunday, November 13, 2011


As the sun was rising yesterday there was a jet trail across the sky.
They dissipate quickly and it was already breaking up, but I loved the white contrast in the golden sky.
parked upon everything she pulled out of her little toy box.
Claim what is yours, right? ;)
I worked some more on the art journal pages. I wasn't happy that you could only see the bottom parts of the trees and I had wanted all those branches to show up more. So I took my 30+ year old remnant of emerald gilded ink...
...watered it down, pored it into a dish, picked out a sponge...
...and dabbed over the template on both pages.
Quite a bit more green now...
...but I really like being able to see more of the branches a lot better. :)
Then I added a very light mist of persimmon radiant rain and left it to dry.
Now I'll ruminate...until I figure out what I want to do to it next. ;)
The smaller jar holds the raspberries and that larger jar the raisins. (I guess I didn't need that big of a jar--LOL!) And the apple chips are back in the zip lock bag. Time will the moisture "equalizes" chewy or crisp they will be in the end.
I also spent the night catching up on some letters owed. I'm showing the back sides--didn't want to show addresses. I also sent off two the day before. And I am working on three more right now. Can you say behind...LOL!
I confess. It's a joy to spend some time with pen in hand. Well...okay...not much of a confession to you all. ;)
Okay. Time for some mindless TV, I think. I can't believe I have kept up so far this month. On a good streak, despite the crazy hours. Four hours of sleep yesterday--sigh. But maybe I'll have a sleepathon again here pretty soon? Odds are. Things usually even out in the end.
See you tomorrow! :):)


  1. Good morning Rita. These are beautiful morning shots of sunrise. Here, the sun comes up behind the pine trees, which always makes for a great beginning to the day. Well, that is when it's not raining.

    I like the new green. The pages look great, and Karma looks to be most content with all her little toys under her. :)

  2. What a great photo of dear Karma keeping watch over all her stuff. "It's mine. Get yer own stuff." :)

    That you still send so many letters renews my faith in the whole postal system. What a great blessing to all who receive them.

    Love those yellow/green colors in your latest project. You are having fun.

  3. That beautiful green just does the job... :)
    Your cat is lucky to have so many toys
    Gwen xx

  4. Rubye--Good morning! Glad you like the sunrise shots. :)
    I was worried about too much green, but enough other layered colors do show through. With watercolors or even watered down ink, you don't know exactly what you've got till it dries. Watercolors usually dry a little lighter. I am having fun, Rubye! :) :)

    Teresa--LOL! I don't know who Karma thinks she is protecting her toys from. ;) It's probably more of a taunt for me to try and get something away from her...which she likes. Silly girl!
    I love to see a letter in the mailbox!! :):)
    Yes, I am really, really enjoying this playing with paints business. And inks. I might have to get out some acrylics, too, I suppose. ;) Have a great day!

  5. Haha my dog hoards like Karma too - piles all his toys together then lies on them lol I love how this page is turning out! Congrats on the keeping up (and commitment of 4 hours sleep? wow!) hugs x

  6. Dear Rita, I thought the journal pages yesterday were lovely--and said so! Now I can see that a real artist--like yourself--knew they needed something more. Quite entrancing.

    The photographs are lovely and I so delight in Karma and her toys. They are hers, no others'.

    Thank you, Rita, for commenting on my Saturday posting about spotting and splotching. The Novice Mistress is dear to me. She was, as we used to say, "a good egg!"

  7. I love the sunrise shots Rita. they are beautiful!

    I think the green made the trees look great.

    Love that Karma!


  8. Your journal's pages are gorgeous! I am jealous...but a new follower!

  9. I like how the journal is looking! What a pretty sunrise! Beautiful sky!! You sure were productive yesterday and through the night! Did get a lot of things done!!


  10. Karma makes me laugh every time. I love the picture of your green ink, and the results of your experimentation. You are so creative!

  11. Beautiful sunrise shots. You sure do capture some nice ones from your window. :)

    Gotta love the shot of Karma. She's really claiming her property. LOL

    I like the green you added, and it does bring out the tree branches more. Nice work. :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  12. Looking forward to seeing what comes next in your journal!

  13. Your journal pages just keep on getting better, Rita!

    Cute Karma with her toy stash! Cody and Jack have a container for all their toys. They love the squeaky ones best although Jack has a tendency to ruin the 'squeak' within seconds of him playing with a new toy...we have to then keep him from Cody's squeakers. lol Recently, Beau bought some squeaker toys with a tough plastic and, so far, it still squeaks...there may be hope for Jack yet. lol I used to have a little toy poodle and he was not interested in playing with toys at all. So it's fun watching Cody and Jack get so much enjoyment out of their toys.

    The jet trail in the sky was quite striking with the sun reflecting off it.

    I need to get a letter off to you too...hopefully, today.

    Serena xo

  14. I love the green you put on the paper with the trees. Very earthy!

    Your dried fruits look great. What are you going to do with them later on? Eat them plain or do something like make granola? I had a dehydrator years ago but think I sold it at a yard sale. I wasn't much good at using it but you sure seem to be!

    I hope you manage to get more sleep. Been there done that when I was working and I was only sleeping for about 30 minutes at a time and it was awful.

  15. Yes, she has to claim what's hers! :)

    Silly Karma cat! LOL!

    Sounds like you're having fun over there... Arts and crafts, and letters to write... If you were sleeping better hours you'd be in heaven! ;)

    You're right though... It evens out in the end with the sleep!

  16. Love the paintings in your journal ~ very creative ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  17. Awesome day break photos too! Carol ^_^

  18. Anonymous7:13 PM

    oh how pretty! I love how the green makes the golden color pop more. It's beautiful! That ink is such a beautiful color!

    I love those raident rain misters you have. Where did you get them? I looked online but there are different kinds and different bottles. Some of the shops are small little places I don't know if I want to give my credit card to. There are some on Amazon too. I've used them before but why are the bottles different than the others online? I'm confused.

    Karma always reminds me of a stuffed animal... she looks so soft and cuddly. She's so cute with her toys too. Blue doesn't play with toys but she loves blankets. She's so spoiled - she has a queen sized comforter that used to be mine. Its satin and she loves it. When it was on my bed she used to pull a corner down and then lay on it and then roll until the whole thing was on the ground.

  19. Those green pages are breathtaking... I love greens and these are very vibrant... as to everything else... I have no clue how you do it all... so impressive what you get through in a short time xx

  20. Gwen--Hello! Thanks! Glad you liked the extra green. :) Karma never destroys any toys (unlike some cats I've had) so they last a long time. Some of those are over six years old, so I rarely buy her more--LOL! ;)

    Jenny--LOL@horder cats and dogs! I've never seen that show, but I had a vision of a new version. ;)
    Not as easy to keep up on the days I have had little sleep, thanks! :):)

    Dee--That's such a nice complement for somebody who doesn't know what they're doing. ;)
    You're welcome. I think she appreciated your joyous spirit! :)

    Beth--I've been surprised at how colorful the sunrises have been lately. Glad you appreciate them. I always think about how we are all connected as I watch the sun rise. :)

    Laughingmom--Thanks so much! Ditto!! :):)

    Betty--I was surprised I got that much done when I was tired. Maybe getting 4 hours instead of 3 made all the difference--LOL! ;)

    Deb--Karma makes me laugh every day! :)
    When I got down the the end of that ink bottle I added some water (was getting thick) and have used it on a few art projects. Going to be weird when it is finally gone. Been part of my life for so long! ;)

    AliceKay--You get some great sky shots over the mountains, too!
    Hope you had a nice calm weekend. :):)

    Carolyn--Thanks! I love seeing what you've been up to, too! :)

    Serena--Thanks! This has been an experiment in that artistic looseness I have been trying to find--LOL!
    Almost every dog I've ever known who loves squeak toys rips out the squeaker as soon as they can mange it, even if they are small and it takes them a long time and a lot of chewing and funny! I hope you found one with tough enough plastic. ;)
    Your letter is one of the three I am still working on. Don't worry--this is a crazy busy month. We won't forget each other!! ;)

    Barb--I've been feeling like I am in a forest with these pages! :)
    We're going to eat some of them and Leah has plans for a lot of them because she makes her own trail mixes.
    Oh Lord! If I was working with the sleep issues I would have keeled over by now! I don't know how you did it!
    You can also dry foods in the oven on low, too. ;)

    Tori--Yes, the sleep will all kind of balance out in the end. You know that all too well, also. ;) Have a good week! :)

    Carol--Thanks so much! And glad you love my sunrise pics, too! :):)

    Donna--The Radiant Rains come from a CA company that almost went out of business a while back--luminarte. I fell in love with their little Twinkling H2O paint pots (like sparkly watercolors) and have used them in painting rubber stamps on cards over the years. It's a smaller company and back when I bought my Radiant Rains they came in a bottle of concentrate and an empty spray bottle and you could mix your own to the strength you wanted. But now, since the company came kind of back from the dead by loyal customers, they have a new website called, I believe--and the mists are premixed for you (and less expensive). I hope that helps.
    There are a lot of different brands and any of them would probably work. Now that I am playing with the art journal, I know I want to try another brand...or two. ;)
    Oh and some come in the misters and the daubers which have a sponge top and would work like my sponge and ink.
    Blue knows exactly what he likes, like Karma does, and then they can be quite insistent or demanding--LOL! :)

  21. Such talent you have, Rita, both with words and your paints and inks. I love the way you are always so incredibly positive about life. You derive pleasure from and see a challenge in even the smallest of things and it really is so very refreshing to me. there are so many who have so much and yet they complain incessantly, never realising how blessed they really are. What a delightful, sunny soul you are :)

  22. Tracey--My secret--a timer and doing a little at a time. ;) I know I only have so much time so I plan and focus. Some days I get very little extra anything done, but most days I can fit in a little something. Thanks!
    Have a great Tuesday! :)

    Desiree--OMGosh! Thank you so very much!! That means so much to me. *smiling and blushing* You are too kind. :) :)

  23. Those green "cards" look awesome! I like how you make them so green and vivid and ... somehow life-like! I hope you save these!

    KarmaKat is inspecting her toys... making sure no one else has been playing with them and that they are there and accounted for! Such a cool photo!

  24. Iggy--I suppose I could cut them out of the journal and make card fronts out of them--but I plan to keep the least so far. Leah said what a pretty card the first one would make when she saw it. This art journal experiment just might lead to some interesting card making, though. It has already crossed my mind that I have do some watercolor cards I bought on sale many years ago...hummm...they're in a drawer somewhere...

  25. aaaaaawww!! cute karma!

    i love your new journal page...with the greens & trees. the trees are stencils? very nice!! i really like that!!

    so you're using your new dehydrator? and you made the raisins, raspberries & apple chips already?? wow!! that's great. maybe i'll get motivated to use mine! it's a dust collector. :( just keep telling me how wonderful it all tastes! yum!!

    you have an incredible assortment of inks...paints...pens...i'm drooling over here!!

    take care rita!! feel good!!

  26. Laura--I really liked the green page spread, but don't know what else to do with it. Maybe I should stick to doing the backgrounds first--LOL! I am having such fun!
    Leah is very excited about the dried fruits because she makes her own trail mix. I love the apple chips! Much healthier than eating potato chips, that's for sure. I guess Subway sells apple chips now. I want to taste theirs one day.
    I do have a lot of supplies for a lot of different art and craft things over here. Been collecting for years! I love variety so much...that's the main reason. Everything interests me and I can't I try lots of things! :):)
    Hope you're having a great week!

  27. yummy journal pages, love the colours, that ink sounds intriguing!

  28. Sarah--That gilded ink has gotten a lot of use over the years. I can't even remember where I found it after over 30 years--LOL! Makes me want to google gilded ink and see if they make it anymore. ;)


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