Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday-6 am

Good Morning!
We're having a heat wave! It's already 34 degrees and supposed to get into the 40s for the next few days. Karma's water dish will melt on the porch--LOL!
Besides Karma begging to go out on the porch several times a day, this is also how I know Karma is anxiously awaiting snow. All year long I am putting ice cubes into my water thermos, but as soon as the temperature dropped to the freeze her toes level Karma comes running when she hears me in the ice cube tray and cries up a storm pacing between the frig and her water bowl in the pantry. She wants me to drop one or two ice cubes into her water dish. First she watches them move and listens to them crack.
This takes patient concentration. Waiting for that last crackle. That last movement.
Then she licks and licks and licks the very cold water off the surface of the ice cubes.
Next best thing to snow, I guess. ;)
Well, yesterday...
Since I was up and alert in the daytime I decided to drive the car around.
Dead again.
Only 18 days later.
I emailed Dagan and Leah. Leah thought that maybe driving it for only ten minutes and letting it run half an hour wasn't enough to charge it since it had been so super dead that it was difficult to jump.
The Plan.
Part One.
Dagan will come over after work tonight or tomorrow night to jump her. Then I need to drive her around for at least half an hour. I need gas--so, I am going to try to actually shut her off at the gas station after driving her and pray she starts up again. Then I need to take her out again the next day for a long drive...and the next day a little shorter...etc.
Part Two.
Monday Leah and her brother, Aaron, are bringing their cars in for winter oil changes and Pita Paseo needs one, too. So, we plan to bring her in and have them check the battery and the alternator. Even if we have to jump her to get her there, you know?
So much for all of us thinking that driving her once or twice a month would be enough. ;)
I played a little more with the first mandala. Outlined it (easier to do before you paint) and doodled a little. This one was a practice run on smudged paper, so I wasn't too concerned. Kept it simple.
But I like it okay and it was relaxing to make.
I think these could be addictive! ;)
Monday's class!
We are learning how to make our own designs from scratch! tada! Don't have to worry about transferring a template--yay!
I made up a simple design and then outlined it with a black micron pen.
So, even if I don't have time to make any additional patterns, I am ready for Wednesday's class, anyways. Nice!
I did gather up my supplies for finishing the birthday cards I started lo so many moons ago--only to discover I can't find the sample cupcake I made up. It was small. It might have accidentally got brushed off the table into the trash. Anyways, I will have to make another cupcake template. You know how anal I am. All the colored cupcake "sprinkles" need to be similarly placed with the colors balanced out. I know. I know. Well, Leah understands. ROFL! ;)
I also got out the envelopes and address book for addressing the Christmas cards.
I worked on a letter that's been in progress for way too long (and still is). Got another letter in the mail yesterday. Already had two others lined up before that.
My timer and I are going to be busy today. ;)
I slept again from 8:30pm till 4am. Not as soundly (up more times) but it was wonderful! I love being on days. :)
Well, I had broccoli for breakfast. Karma almost threw up, but didn't. She seems okay now. (Hairball? She's never had them before?) Timer just went off. Need to get away from the computer again. See you tomorrow and have a delicious Tuesday!!


  1. Karma likes ice and snow? How fun!

    Sorry about the car problems. That's NOT fun.

  2. I slept hardly at all since we had a windstorm that blew things all over the place. The winds were only up to 48mph and still! We didn't lose power, thank heavens.

    I love your mandala, Rita. I think it's quite striking.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the car troubles. That has to be frustrating! Your kitty is too cute...at least you have good company :> The geometric design is lovely and I can see how it would be calming.

  4. Quite a lot of reporting here, Rita. The good news is that you slept reasonably well last night. I hope you do even better, tonight. Karma's obsession with ice blocks is fascinating. I wonder if any other cats are like that? She really is a bundle of entertainment and surprises. Your finished mandala looks wonderful. I love all those tiny details you've added. You must have good eyes and a steady hand. I hope the battery problem with your car gets resolved! You need it to be reliable! Does Karma join you on your drives? I think you're so innovative with setting your timer! I need to do that around here. Have a great Tuesday. It's coming up 4 pm here while you've only started your day there.

  5. Parsley--Yes! Karma loves to eat snow! Loves licking ice cubes and vanilla ice cream. In the winter I can actually scoop her up a bowl of fresh snow and bring it in for her and she's thrilled! She eats her own snow footprints off the carpeting when she comes in from the snowy porch in the winter. She's strange. ;)

    Djan--When you're not used to higher winds they can keep you up at night, that's for sure. Unless they come the right way and bang my dryer flap (LOL!) I have gotten used to sleeping through winds that howl, screech, whistle, and shake the building since I moved to Fargo. But I remember what it was like when I first moved here. Just like when I first moved to Moorhead and listened to trains blowing their horns all night long--LOL!
    I'm glad you didn't lose power. (So annoying resetting everything.) Have a great day, lady!! :):)

    Kelly--It's not like I ever leave the apartment very often, but it is nice to have that old beater car when I do need it for appointments and such. She's my son's old car and almost 20 years old, so I worry whenever she's not working right.
    :( Yes, Karma is interesting company--LOL! ;)
    I'm very good with repetitive and tedious (mindless) tasks--LOL! Very calming to me.

    Desiree--I've not had one before who loved snow and ice cubes like she does. But cats are all so different. I had one once that begged for lettuce every time I fed my iguana some. Just jealous? Who knows the feline mind--LOL!
    Oh, Karma absolutely HATES the car. She howls and vomits and cries. She really doesn't like leaving the apartment for any reason. I don't think I'd ever have to worry about her trying to run away--LOL! Her entire "outside world" is the little screened in balcony/porch and she wants to come right in if she hears any loud noise--like the garbage truck coming to empty the dumpster--LOL! She's like the cowardly lion. :)
    Have a great Wednesday, I guess. You are so far ahead of us here. :):)

  6. Karma just wishes she was a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute so she could be over running at the Iditarod Great Sled Race...

    She could probably out pull some of those dogs...


    I love your "Hex Sign" mandala!! Its gorgeous!

  7. I've never known a cat to love ice except to knock it across the floor like prey! Karma has her own unique personality, love it!!

  8. Iggy--Karma as lead cat on the dog team...racing through the snow...I can see it! I can see it now! Maybe that is what she dreams about in her warm cat bed when her feet are twitching? But then she'd just have to stop and eat snow...and all the dogs would run her over because she'd give them no more warning than she does repeatedly changing direction and tripping me in the morning when I'm trying to get her treat and my coffee--LOL! But...in her dreams...

  9. Dear Rita,
    So glad you've been sleeping better. I love hearing bout Karma's foibles. I've never had a cat who liked ice cubes. But then I never put any in their bowls, so I'm going to buy an ice-cube tray and see what happens.

    Your mandala is more and more intriguing. The details are subtle but truly set off the variety of colors.

    And the new mandala you drew looks to have many, many possibilities.

    Sorry to hear about the car problems. I hope you don't have to bear the cost of a new battery.


  10. Nikki--Yes, I've known quite a few cats who would use an ice cube as a hockey puck--LOL! ;)

    Dee--Ha! I'd love to hear what your cats do, if anything, with ice cubes in the water dish. ;)
    I am looking forward to coloring the new mandala! No idea what I'll do with it till I start. Sounds like our teacher works that way all the time. I love it! :)
    I always pray it is nothing big when it comes to cars. It's Dagan's car. I just borrow it for appointments, etc. I had room in my empty garage and he said he'd get nothing for it in a trade in...so they let me use it. (No worries that I use it too much--LOL!) It is soooo much easier for me to make appointments when I can drive and don't have to take 2-3 buses like I used to. Once the old car dies for good--it's back to the buses for me. I'm saying a car prayer as we speak. ;)

  11. I always knew Karma was special and now I know why. ;-)

    Rita, I feel so very fortunate to have met you through blogging. You brighten my day!!


  12. Karma is so funny. You gotta love her, if even from a distance.

    The mandala looks very cool!

  13. We either put ice cubes in the dogs' water dish or give them an ice cube each during the heat of summer. I'm sure they appreciate the cold treat although they don't have the fascination with them that Karma does. Too cute!

    Yes, a decent drive should help to recharge the battery. Good luck. I hope it won't need a new battery or alternator.

    I like your mandala A LOT! I usually outline before colouring too and then I will go over the outline again if it's been dulled down by the paints. I do the doodles after the painting part.

    Your lined design looks great! I still haven't checked out this week's class yet...been too sick. Hopefully, I'll get a chance over the weekend.

    YAY on another good sleep!

    For a moment, I thought you were meaning that Karma almost threw up at the sight of you having broccoli for breakfast. LOL Poor Karma, I hope she's okay.

    Have a lovely evening, my friend,
    Serena xo

  14. Cats are strange, but I have not heard of one which actually likes to eat snow before.
    Mine likes ice cream, but at room temperature.

  15. Your lovely cat has such a personality! as well as that wonderful colouring. I never heard of a cat doing this before with icecubes. How smart!

    I'm sorry about the car - what a pain. Some cars are as temperamental as some people!

    The mandalas are lovely!
    such a nice peaceful shape.....

  16. Beth--"Special" or weird, she is--LOL!
    I'm so glad! Thanks! :):)

    Rubye--I'm the only other living thing that can get close up and personal with Karma--and even with me she usually prefers a distance...or at least all the control over how much lovin' or personal contact there will or won't be--ROFL!! Most opinionated, moody cat I have even lived with. (Oops! I almost said owned! LOL!) ;)

    Serena--Most of my dogs always loved ice cubes. I think they treat them like frozen bone chunks--LOL!
    I did the doodles last, too. Will be interesting to start on this next one. Just pushing myself today. Tired. So sorry you are sick!! The classes will be there when you can get to them. Just doodle a little or write in your sketch journal. We've got to make it--only a week left! ;) I'm rooting for ya!
    ROFL re: Karma throwing up at the very sight of broccoli for breakfast!! That's soooo funny!! I do eat weird living alone, but Karma doesn't care. She thinks most people food is atrocious. LOL! :)

    Gwen--Karma is weird. Or should I say unique...or eccentric? LOL! She likes her ice cream cold, too. And yet she loves to lay out on the porch when it is 90 degrees and humid? Go figure! ;)

  17. Jenny--Yes, it saved. So I didn't post the second one. :)
    Karma is a character! I'm glad, since I spend so much time alone with her. She's not a boring companion...when she's awake--LOL! And she doesn't demand too much attention...just here and there. ;)
    This car has become quite moody recently. Stubborn about moving, I guess I should say. I hope it can hang in here for a few more years.
    Glad you liked the mandalas. They are peaceful to work on, too. :):)

  18. That's a good idea, set the timer and when it goes off, it is time to get off the computer! I need to do that. Sometimes I have to get off of it (that pesky work, LOL) but I know I spend way too much time online!

    Two for two on the night's sleep! Glad to hear that; let's go for a record!

    I would imagine the cold weather is not kind on the cars either and that would make the battery go dead too if not driven often.

    Too cute with Karma and the snow! I hope she gets a chance to get her "snow fix" soon!


  19. Hey, Far Guy says you either have a short someplace or you need a new battery! Hope you get it all straightened around!

    Chance loves to eat snow and I do the same thing with his water dish..something about cold water he really likes.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  20. Cars!! What a pain!! I hope you have smooth "sailing" from here on out with your Grand Master Plan!!!

    Loving yur mandalas!!! They look very difficult to make, but gorgeous!

    Karma is adorable watching that ice cube! Cats are just cool beans!!!

    I hope you enjoy your heat wave - sounds pretty cold to me, lol!!! Hugs!

  21. Betty--Setting a timer really helps me. My pain level goes up if I overdo, so having a timer keeps me in line. Besides, I spend too much time online even with a timer--LOL! ;)
    Yes, the cold weather is hard on cars, too. But it's not even that cold yet. I hope we find out what the problem is and it can be fixed. :)
    I don't imagine it will be too long and Karma will have snow for months--LOL! ;)
    Happy Wednesday!!

    Connie--I wouldn't doubt it might be a short. Almost 20 year old wires and something is draining the battery. FarGuy might be right. I'll let you know if or when we find out. ;)
    Karma and Chance agree about snow! :):)
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!

    Jeannie--I wouldn't doubt that it needs to be seen before we find out. We charged it before and it has drained. And we thought we had the battery checked or replaced. Oh well. We'll find out soon enough. I just feel badly because it's Dagan's old car and they pay for the upkeep because all I can afford is the gas. :( So I hope it won't cost much. And can be fixed. :)
    I'm surprised at how easy the mandalas are to make, actually. And are fun to color and doodle on.
    Well, the 40s is a heat wave compared to the single digits near zero--LOL!
    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  22. very cool mandala!

    a heat wave at 40!! ha!!

    sorry to hear about your car...what a pain i the...

    i have a feeling if we had snow here...milo would be right out there licking it up!!
    CATS!! gotta love 'em!! :)

  23. Laura--40 can be a heat wave. It's all relative, right? LOL!
    Milo just might be a snow lickin' cat, too. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

  24. Karma is a strange cat. LOL

    I hope your car doesn't need a new battery. They can be pretty expensive these days. Terri had to get a new one for his pickup truck a few months ago.

    I loved your mandala. Very colorful. :)

    I'm glad your sleep schedule is a little more "on schedule". I hope it continues. :)

  25. Alice Kay--Yes, I've had quite a few and Karma is a bit eccentric, even for a cat--LOL!
    I'm still doing okay on the sleep schedule, but never did get the car jumped yesterday. Just blogged about it on Thursday. Such is life. Next week. ;)

  26. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Wow, your new mandala design looks neat! I can't wait to see that one finished. You know I'm the same way with balancing colors. I am not happy if things don't balance out right. I do have to say though, I'm no where neat as organized as you are LOL I am a messy artist.

    Oh I loved the pictures and the story of Karma wanting ice in her bowl. How funny! Simple thrills... like me and yarn hehe I love Karma. You know, wouldn't it be cool to make a mandala into a clock? You know how you can buy those clock parts at michaels? I think I want to try that.

  27. Donna--I haven't started coloring the new mandala I made from scratch yet because I haven't felt well since Tuesday. Soon, I hope.
    I am a neatnick in the kitchen when I am baking and cooking, too. Constantly wiping up after myself and doing dishes as I go. I am most annoying to messy folk--LOL! ;)
    I bet that would look cool--a mandala clock! I bet you could find a clock base to paint at Michael's or JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby, too. I'd have no place to put one. A big incentive to become a neatnick if I wasn't one already--this place is packed to the gills! ROFL!

  28. LOL @ Karma's ice-cube antics!

    Guess the car doesn't want to sit in the garage by herself and is pointing that out?

    Glad you're listening to your timer!

  29. Tori--Karma's probably going to keep begging for ice cubes until there is snow on the porch--LOL!
    Sadly, I think PitaPaseo is going to have to wait patiently for quite a long time.
    I have been good about remembering my timer lately. I don't think I would have made it as well through November if I hadn't. ;)

  30. I'm glad you've been better about remembering the timer. :)


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