Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve-9:30am

Went shopping with Dagan on Friday. He got off work early and we started at 2pm! We went over to K&Krafts and I got the UTEE-Flex crystals that you add to the embossing powder to keep it flexible. Then we went to PetSmart--everybody needed food! I got fish food, bird seed, and cat food. Also picked up this fake cave for my poor plecostomus who is getting too large to hide under the small pieces of slate that I have stacked against each other in the tank. Looked bigger in the store. Well, it is bigger than what the pleco has right now. I put it in the tank yesterday, but I am not sure if he's been in there yet? Nice that it already has fake algae on it--hehe! It will blend right in--ha!

Now that I've gotten the hang of stealing pictures off the's the Melting Pot that I have been talking about.
It is just too difficult to try to explain how this works and what it looks like. You pour in the embossing powder (and the flex crystals if you want it to be less breakable when cooled) and melt it in the pan. Can use this nifty little device for melting candle wax, crayons, soap, etc.
This demonstrates how you can pour it directly on to a nonstick, heat resistant mat. Leah and I have oven liners. They are larger than what they sell at the craft stores and cheaper--tada!
You can press rubber stamps (with or without ink) into the warm puddle or cut out shapes with cookie cutters or scissors--but you have to act quickly before it is completely cooled. I was lying in bed thinking about what I could press into it and what I could pour it into....and thinking about the cookie cutters we have for the polymer clay projects that I could use....
You can also pour the liquid into actual molds. This example is a handmade mold made with special clay for that purpose. I don't have that kind of clay and don't know if I am interested in making my own molds or not?
Anyways, that is the new toy! Why I woke up thinking about things I could do with it--I don't know? I only had three and a half hours of sleep. Yup. Suddenly been up till 3-4am the past couple of nights?? Oh well.

I forgot to mention that my jacket arrived on Thursday! I was able to wear it out shopping with Dagan on Friday. That was a real surprise because I had just gotten a postcard telling me that it had been backordered for 4-6 weeks?

After I got done at PetSmart about 3:30pm Dagan took me out to eat at Johnny Carino's--kind of a Christmas dinner for me, he said. I was there once before with Dagan and Leah. This is just THE best Italian restaurant in town now! Absolutely delicious! We beat the crowds and I got home early.

Truth be told----I've been actually spending time playing "The Office" solitare on the computer the last three days. It's addictive! But it is such a waste of time--especially for me. I use up my good hours in no time--and have a tendency to sit here longer than my hour which makes me extra sore. Silly. No--dumb! Duh! I have to cut that out!!

I have also caught up quite a bit on emails and have been on Sparks more often in my teams message boards. That's good. But today I am going to stay away from the computer and get crafty--hehe! Enough addictive solitare! :)

Well, while you are all celebrating with family, I will be playing with my new toy today and watching Christmas movies on this brown, brown Christmas. I guess I have to find some movies with some snow in them! Have a wonderful day!! :):):)

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