Thursday, December 14, 2006


Today is an overcast day. Supposed to get up to 40 degrees. Brown and dry out there--still waiting for snow.

I watched some more of The Sopranos yesterday and some craft shows I had taped. After doing a lot for a few days--now I have been on the downswing. Tonight I will probably go with Leah to return the ultrasonic humidifier and pick out a nice, regular old water and fan replacement. We are also planning on heading over to Michael's to see if they have a Melting Pot Leah could get with the weekly 40% off coupon. Leah will come over after she's done with the second job at maybe 7pm. She'll call and see how I feel--give me time to change clothes and put Gracie in her cage, etc.

Just a nice quiet day in Fargo. :)

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