Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Sad! I was looking on www.imbd.com yesterday and discovered that Flick in the movie "A Christmas Story" has been in porn movies for years! Scott Schwartz (the one who got his tongue stuck on the pole in the schoolyard) is doing porn "flicks". The last movie credit listed was for a "B" horror movie. Maybe he's trying to get out of the porn business? I hope so.

And I saw that Peter Billingsly who played Ralph is in the new Jennifer Aniston movie "The Break Up" in a small role as Andrew. So, I ordered it to see if I will recognize him as an adult.

Had just a lazy Christmas Day yesterday. Watched "A Christmas Story" and "It's A Wonderful Life". Played with Karma and Gracie. Didn't do anything really constructive besides dishes and writing a few letters. I have been going back into my night shift. Last night I was up till 2:45am. Been up till 3-4am recently, so I think staying on days is getting questionable anymore. I will continue to set the alarm. (Confession--I shut it off today).

Caroline called and asked if she could wait to come to clean until Thursday? That was fine with me. I am off to play with something crafty this afternoon...

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