Friday, December 08, 2006


Leah has been going to a reflexologist recently, who says she can help her with her plantar fasciitis (yes--she has it, too!!) and some other foot things. They were talking about rolling your foot over a tennis ball and Leah remembered this wooden contraption that her grandmother used to roll her sore feet on. She went online and found them! So, yesterday a package came (all their packages are delivered here because I am home, of course). She got me one, too!!

I was going to be good and take it easy yesterday--but I was too close to being done with the cards. So, I figured that if I pushed it and finished them, then I could just sit for a couple of days and fill them out, right? So, I did get them done yesterday and worked on addressing them and such last night! I shall continue now for the next day or two while I take it easy. I promise!

This will be very short. Am very sore. Off to my chair to stack up my pillows on my lap to write out cards!

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