Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I washed everything yesterday--even the mattress pad, body pillow, and the blanket from the bed. Karma loves to be made into the bed, but she has never stayed under the covers more than a few minutes. Yesterday she rearranged the blanket and settled in for a very long nap.

Yes-- I had to play just a little bit with the new Twinkling H2Os last night. They are just as bright and colorful as in the photo I posted! I used a bright yellow to paint in the wings, halo, and stars on the three little angel stamps I had ready to make into cards. The camera isn't very good at close-ups--but you can see the yellow is the brightest part of the picture now! And it is shimmery--even if you can't see it well. (Can click to enlarge.) These are going to be really fun to play with and they are easy to use. I want to emboss some stamps and then color them in with the H2Os! I am sure I'll think of a lot of different things to do with them. :)
The dryer was going all day long--until 9:30pm. Pillows take forever to dry! Because I slept so long yesterday, I didn't get to bed till midnight. But--I set the alarm for 7:30am so that maybe I can keep this schedule. I'm trying, anyways.

News! News! After I cleaned the DVD player (in the bedroom now) that wasn't working--it played a movie!! So, it was the dreadful ultrasonic humidifier!! Good grief! You would think customers would have complained enough that they would have stopped making them or revised them so they don't do whatever it is they do with the white dust!? I am so glad it is out of the apartment!

Silver lining--now I can watch DVDs in the bedroom and in the living room. :)

Caroline comes this afternoon to clean. I can tell her that, once we get it all cleaned decently again, things will be back to normal. Thank goodness! I think all this powder has been overwhelming to her, too.

Goals! Between now and New Year's Eve I am hoping to figure out how to get myself off the see-saw eating pattern that I am on. I go above my suggested range for calories and then below. I've been better at hitting the suggested range more often, but I still go above and below regularly like a yo-yo. I don't want to go on to phase two at Sparks until I can fix this bad habit. So, I am hoping I can do this by the first and start out the New Year with that goal met as progress toward my healthy lifestyle. If not--I'll keep trying till I can do it. This is obviously a pattern I have been in for many, many years and didn't realize it. When I am below for days, then my body must want more food and I go above for a couple of days. A bad cycle. I am hoping if I can keep within my suggested range all the time that I won't have the days I feel like I am starving.

According to the articles, when I am so far below my body believes I am starving. And I am talking about having days where I eat less than 500 calories--just plain not hungry and forget to eat. That happens pretty often--and I am regularly under 1000 calories. You'd never believe it to look at me, but it is the God's truth. I never would have ever thought that I was letting my body believe it was starving so that it desperately clings to every ounce of fat out of fear of future starvation--hehe! Interesting concept. I am out to test it--if I can get out of this crazy food cycle. Believe it or not, it is really hard to make yourself eat when you aren't hungry! Everyone knows it is hard to not eat when you feel like you're starving and craving food--and I go thru that too with my yo-yo--but when I am not hungry food doesn't even appeal to me. Strange, eh?

Christmas and New Years--ahhh! I am already gearing up for the new year. Making out a new form for my weekly schedule/chart for January. Waiting for my new calendar insert to arrive from Levengers. Thinking about plans for 2007. I always take time on New Year's Eve night to do some angel cards, the burning bowl ceremony, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Occasionally I have had people over, but I am more often alone. I am going to start to write things down on little pieces of paper for my God Jar. Those are what I burn in the burning bowl. Things I am grateful for. Goals I want assistance with. Prayers. Blessings. Whatever I want to send off to the Universe in the smoke. That is what the burning bowl ceremony is about. (I think it has Native American origins, but I am not positive.)

I just love this time of year!!! :) :) I am going to go work on things for my God Jar...

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