Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have been a month ahead with my telephone bill for months and left it deducted out as back up. Yesterday I got a catalog with the spring jacket I wanted to buy--on sale--and with a 50% off deal on top of that! So, I ordered my spring coat! It is reversible--has the nylon side and the sweat-shirty fleece material on the other side. Not a big deal to most people--but I am excited to be all set this spring! My old fleece jacket is in such terrible shape that it is embarrassing to wear it, anymore. I am excited to have a raincoat and a fleece jacket in one.

I worked off and on all day yesterday to have everything ready for putting the cards together last night. I started before Leah got here and worked until I just couldn't sit in that chair another minute. We weren't going to be able to get them all put together in an hour and a half. So, I suggested that Leah put hers together and finish them, so that she didn't have to be coming over helping me any more. She only needed ten cards, after all--and I need forty! So, she got hers all done and helped as much as she had time for with mine. And she brought me snowflake stamps, too! What a sweetie!

Today--I am so sore--don't know if I will work on them at all today. I need a day off to recover from overdoing it yesterday and then I'll continue on probably tomorrow. :) Soon--soon--I'll be done with them. Then comes the addressing and getting them ready to mail! Soon!!

Tomorrow the Shaklee delivery is supposed to arrive. Monday the Twinkling H2Os are supposed to come. So, I definitely want to have the Christmas cards done before Monday--so I can feel free to play-play-play!!! I have so many things to work on--I'll be very busy for quite some time!!

I've been listening to The Doors, The Moody Blues, and Jimi Hendrix--but the dancing has been only every other day or so and very conservative--hehe! Fun to kind of go back in time with the music memories. Also have been playing my Christmas cassettes! I switch back and forth--hehe!--from Love Me Two Times, Foxy Lady, and Nights In White Satin to O Holy Night, Let It Snow, and Handel's Messiah!! I always say--variety is the spice of life!

Was eight below zero when I got up today! Wind Chill Advisory till noon. Nineteen below wind chill right now. (How do you like that, Dad? You're sure glad you're down in Florida right now, eh?) It's a frigid hello from Fargo today!

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