Sunday, December 24, 2006


Okay--I was going to play with the Melting Pot--but then remembered that I hadn't even started sewing the handmade paper cards together. I decided that I had best stick to my promise to myself and finish up previous projects before beginning something new. I have been having such fun all afternoon that I took pictures and figured I would post them now, even if I already posted earlier today. (Who knows how sore I will be tomorrow after this extra enjoyment today--chuckle!)

This really is fun to do! I make an insert from white cardstock and cut it to fit the irregular shaped cards. With my Japanese Screw Punch (a fantastic invention--push down on it and it can twist-cut a hole anywhere on a piece of paper--and has 6 or 7 sizes of bits for holes) I make a number of holes along the spine.
Then pick out one of our assortment of wild yarns (or even two!). Leah and I recently found some more fun yarns on sale at Michael's last month to add to the collection. I have a few more in a box, but these were the colors I wanted to work with today.
You weave or sew the handmade paper and the insert together. Can have a few holes or a lot--whatever strikes your fancy. I was using a darning needle with this yarn, but the needle works better with the embroidery thread.
The best thing to use with these bulky yarns are actually floss threaders for bridges (teeth). They come in packets and are pretty cheap. I love the little tricks that crafters come up with using household items--hehe!
I finished up fifteen cards this afternoon while watching TV. Such fun!!
I had to search out a company and order a larger size envelope for our handmade paper cards last year when we got the Arnold Grummer kit. These handmade paper cards are bulkier in the first place and we like to put an insert in them most of the time because they are more difficult to write on inside. At least our first chunkier ones were--hehe! When we put the inserts inside this way--well, we loved sewing them together with yarns/ribbons/raffia/embroidery thread--and we prefer them this way. (I was in a yarn mood today, obviously.) They look like a little book. You could easily add several pages if you used a lighter weight paper for the inside. I want to do that someday--with a nice chunky cover!! :):)But today I just made up the cards. I can pick out an inside stamp at the time I use one--or just write on all four sides of the insert -- whatever. Some of this paper was from the very first time we made paper last summer in 2005. See why I need to tie up the loose ends and finish half done projects!?

Anyways, I was just having such a happy time and am in such a good mood--just wanted to share the joy, I guess. I just plain love Christmas--even if it is brown. :) Just smiling as I am typing away here. Best to everybody and I hope nobody gets coal in the morning--hehe!

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