Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday 11am

Well, today is supposed to get up to 44 degrees!! A heat wave!!

I am on total R&R today. I finished up the Christmas cards yesterday!! So, yes, the last of them are in the mail as of today!! After a few days I can post what they looked like.

When the mail comes, I am supposed to get season six, part one, disc one of The Sopranos today. I guess this last season has been put out in two parts? Something to occupy my down time. I have been taping the craft shows that are on in the mornings on HGTV, too. And I have Thursday night's shows I haven't seen yet--The Office, ER, etc. So, that will be my day today. I can roll my sore feet on the wooden thingie from Leah. If I get bored--I can always read. But going to be kind to myself today---it will be a healing day.

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