Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Told you--hardly any snow to speak of--just a dusting. This is where Leah and I will be sitting tonight working on cards. All this excitement around here!!!

If they approve the plans, Leah would be leaving on January 2nd for India!! She would be gone 8 weeks, home for 3 weeks, and then gone for 9 weeks again. That's as far as they could make plans since their fiscal calendar goes to the end of May. Leah should find out this week, possibly within a day or two. If she absolutely hates it there, the plans can be changed, she said. Leah is the main person and will be there the most!! Congrats to her!! (So they were paying attention to the good job she has been doing after all--hehe!) Leah wouldn't be there alone during the first two months. They'd probably get her a furnished apartment with two bedrooms so that when the other lady is there she will room with Leah. The first month would be one lady and the second month will be another one. Leah would be in Chennai, India. The company would pay for her room and board--and for her flights to and from.

Leah didn't come for cards last night. Dagan is going to Henning tonight to watch his half-brother, Brian, play basketball, I believe. So, Leah switched to tonight and Wednesday night for cards. Who knows--we might even get done tonight? We are getting closer. I am looking forward to her coming over so we can chat. This is just so ovewhelming! She is braver than I am, that's for sure! The teaching people would do me in--let alone teaching them from another culture--and let alone it being in that other country--hehe!! I am so proud of her for following her heart.

I am still on days, obviously. Been up since 5:15am. I wonder if I could actually get used to this?

Leah would be working the late night shift over there. They have to work all night so that they can talk to the Americans during the day over here. Maybe that will help with the jet lag when she comes back?

Well, that is all I know right now.

P.S. Snow is supposed to be coming--but I'll believe it when I see it--hehe!

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